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Zero Gravity Trampolines 8ft 10ft 12ft 14ft

Zero Gravity Trampolines 8ft 10ft 12ft 14ft

Zero Gravity Trampoline Reviews and Info

Zero Gravity are a trampoline brand (8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft trampolines) that have a high quality range of trampolines with fantastic specification and features. This company has steered away from the lower quality cheaper end of the market and are a brand that has exceptional quality standards for their outdoor toy range.

They have over 10 years’ worth of experience now incorporating a range of technology such as their weldless frame which they have a patent for so no other brand can copy this design of theirs. Their trampolines encompass the whole range of children’s ages and size of gardens so you will find a trampoline that will look fantastic in your garden and give your family years of joy and exercise.

Zero Gravity Trampoline Reviews

Let’s talk about the superb range of Zero Gravity TrampolinesOpens in a new tab., these are available at a range of UK retailers such as Madfun.co.uk

The 8ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline and Enclosure with FREE ladder

8ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline & Enclosure (ZG08U4) | MadFun

This is the smallest trampoline Zero Gravity offer, with its Grade “A” Permatron bounce mat and easy to drop safety enclosure using state of the art design. With an included Ladder, this could be a wonderful 1st trampoline for your garden if you are looking for a 8ft trampoline option.

The Ultima 4 comes built from the highest quality materials using great experience in building trampolines.

The safety enclosure as mentioned is state of the art and comes as standard as all new trampolines in the UK are required by law to include an enclosure and netting. Zero Gravity have chosen to seat the netting on the edge of the jump surface which is then held and supported by the arced uprights.

This gives it an outward bowed look and pleasing and sophisticated look, the enclosure itself can be taken down in minutes if the weather changes or to show the trampoline is out of bounds to children.

The enclosure comes down using the quick release system and very good to prevent unsupervised play.

It’s very important a weather resistance bed is used, the bed for this UItima 4 uses a material called Permatron which holds is structure under UV light so not effected by the sun’s rays. This material keeps is durability, does not disintegrate and keeps its flexibility.

Safety is always at the top of a trampoline brands minds when designing their range so you will be pleased to hear this comes with a 20mm thick EPE foam padding protecting children from the steel frame. This again does not disintegrate under UV light or the range of weather we have in the UK, this is far from a cheap material and has a 1 year warranty.

10ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline with Enclosure and FREE Ladder

10ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline & Enclosure (ZG10U4) | MadFun

The Zero Gravity range of trampolines are all very similar so this 10ft Ultima 4 is the same design as the other sizes but with different spec’s in the size attributes as you can appreciate.

This 10ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. has a total jump area of 50 (Sq. ft.) or 4.6 (Sq. m) which produces its excellent bounce with the 45 springs giving a total maximum possible user weight of 15 ½ stone or 100kg.

The max weight for this means children as well as adults can enjoy the thrill and exercise of this trampoline all year round, weather depending.

This comes with a FREE ladder from Madfun.co.uk with Zero Gravity providing a year’s warranty on the frame, springs, bed, padding and net. This is much higher on some other trampoline brands so have a look around Simplyfun if you would like a trampoline with a longer warranty period.

As with the other size variations, this comes with the high quality Grand “A” Permatron trampoline bed which connects to the springs and then to the frame. Around the edge of the frame and bed you have a superb 20mm thick padding to protect all jumpers from the metal frame and springs themselves and avoid injury.

The enclosure that’s included as default due to UK law uses Zero Gravity’s state of the art easy to drop system to enable you to remove the netting in a short space of time.

A 10ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. is a great option if you feel your children may grow out of a 8ft sized option in a short space of time. For safety in the garden, Simplyfun and trampoline brands recommend a 3 foot (1 meter) space around the complete edge of the trampoline.

This means when the netting is pushed upon by the bouncer, they are unlikely to collide with any nearby hazards.

Minimising hazards is a must with a trampoline so the frame uses a weldless technology again from Zero Gravity themselves and their own patent. The bedding is immune from deteriorating from the sunlight and all weathers so will not produce tears or disintegrate over time.

Each of the Zero Gravity range abide and have passed the stringent EU EN71 Certifications for safety before being allowed to go on sale to your and the 1000s of other families around the UK.

With this 10ft Zero Gravity trampoline, this was performed using a 500kg user weight and cycled through 2.5 cycles. The minimum is 1 million cycles but this 10ft trampoline passed easily and literally no cracking the steel frame.

With the package you will receive, you have a easy to follow guide to assemble this trampoline with a superb customer service number available to take any queries you may have on (01264 771247)

The 12ft Ultima 4 Zero Gravity Trampoline and Enclosure

Moving on we have here the 12ft sized version of the Zero Gravity Ultima 4 trampolineOpens in a new tab., this comes with a total bounce area of 79 (Sq. ft.) or 7.3 (Sq. m) so we are not getting to some significant jumping space.

The bounce is created again by the excellent Grade A Permatron bed with a total of 72 springs giving a maximum user weight of 15 ½ stone (100kg). Again as with the other sizes, this can take all children as well as many adults but please only one person on the trampoline at one time.

All the parts of this trampoline so the frame, springs, bed, padding and netting all have a 1 year’s warranty.

A free ladder again comes with this Ultima 4 and the state of the art quick release enclosure for when the trampolineOpens in a new tab. is not to be used.

If you children are growing in age, then this is when a 12ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. can be a better choice than a smaller option. The materials have a long life even though the warranty is short and as already discussed the bed will not reduce its durability or disintegrate under the UV ray of the sunlight.

All the trampolines in the Zero Gravity range have been tested with a 500kg user weight and put through a cycle test of 2.5 million cycles without the frame cracking. The minimum was 1 million so this is a significant impressive test this design had to go through before being release on sale in the UK.

This means by law it comes with its safety enclosure and netting and awarded the EN71 certification.

14ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline with FREE Ladder

An immense size, this 14ft trampoline from Zero Gravity comes with a free ladder so children can climb onto this large garden trampoline easily and less likely to fall backwards to the ground.

It’s hard to comprehend how large 14ft (4.3 meters) is when standing in your garden so please do measure your garden and accommodate a 3ft space all around the edge so you will need a total of 20ft (6 meters) in your garden.

With a very large 113 sq. ft. / 10.5 sq. m bounce space, this is an incredibly large trampoline with years of joy to come. As you can tell, this is for medium to large sized gardens with a total of 84 springs producing a fantastic bounce with again a maximum user weight of 15 ½ stone (100kg).

We are surprised Zero Gravity’s maximum weight hasn’t been designed to be heavier the large the trampoline goes but this states max weight should still be easily adequate for all or most families.

The materials for all their range is high standard but this is still the case with this large round garden trampoline. With safety passed via the EN71 certification, you have peace of mind your family can bounce all year round (depending on the weather) with the enclosure keeping them safe.

This bed is made from the same materials as the other sizes to s highly durable Grade “A” Permatron material. This holds is structure under the suns UV rays so will not fray or tear under the weather elements Mother Nature throws at it over its years of use.

The enclosure itself has a state of the art design and Zero Gravity’s Easy Drop system so it can be taken down very quickly, maybe for strong winds or to just show children their trampoline is out of action for the moment and not to be used.

The netting which attaches to the frame sits on the edge of the jumping area which means the springs are outside of the netting so out of reach of children when the trampoline is in use.

Design has been very well thought out using their Patent Weldless frame which uses brackets to join the frame together. This helps keep its strength and without rust effecting it as would happen on a standard frame using standard joints which could weaken.

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