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Which is Better Electric scooter or Petrol Scooter?

Which is Better Electric scooter or Petrol Scooter?

With the advancement in technology in recent years, the appearance of the two wheel electric scooter has now given people more choice, even though electric scooters are still illegal for travel in the UK. However, we are hoping the laws will soon change and guidance will be provided from the government to allow e-scooters to be used on the roads the same as petrol scooters.

However, in this article we will talk about the differences between an electric and petrol scooter so you can make your own decision.

Fuel Cost

Firstly, a petrol scooter will cost you money on fuel whereas an electric scooter does not require petrol but does require to be charged up on the mains electric to charge the battery which of course costs money.

The bigger picture is, e-scooters can be see or heading to becoming much more environmentally friendly compared to petrol which of course produces fumes, carbon dioxide and are really not good for the environment at all or even those of us directly breathing in petrol fumes.

An e-scooter runs on its battery, some being lithium-ion that do have a significant cost associated with them. Switching back to petrol, with the price of fuel in present times then running a petrol scooter is becoming more expensive than ever.


Fuel mentioned above is much more for a petrol scooter, however a robust electric scooter can cover the same milage as a petrol fuelled option. The overall picture is that electric scooters are much more economical than petrol so lets hope the UK Government with their environmental plans take these amazing powered devices into considerations soon with many people helping the environment by switching from petrol to electric.


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