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How Do You Know What Size Trampoline to Get?

How Do You Know What Size Trampoline to Get?

Theres a very large range of trampoline sizes you can buy for your garden with the most popular sizes ranging for 4.5ft to 14ft, however you can find larger such as 16ft, 17ft or even 23ft. As you can imagine, you would need a very large garden for one of these.

For younger children such as under the age of 6, PlumPlay for example recommend a trampoline between the sizes of 4.5ft to 7ft, these are relatively small and fit very well in small gardens.

If you have children of the age of 6 or older, this is when an 8ft trampoline as a minimum size can be more beneficial. The larger your children then it’s worth looking into a larger trampoline with 10ft and 12ftOpens in a new tab. trampolines being very popular.

You can measure your garden to make sure a trampoline will fit using a hosepipe or string attached to something that will stick into the ground. You can then look at the space available in all directions to measure out what would be the diameter of the trampoline you are looking to buyOpens in a new tab..

Please bear in mind it is a very good idea to give a 2 meter space around the edge for the safety netting to stretch so children to not hit any objects outside of the trampoline. This is also to prevent them falling onto anything that could cause injury when getting on and off of their new trampoline.

Is an 8ft trampoline too small?

An 8ft trampoline is ideal for a child between the ages of 6 and 10 years of age. However if your children are older than 10, an 8ft trampoline could be too small.

Additionally, if your children are under the age of 10 and you only have a small garden then an 8ft would be a good choice. Its very important only one youngster is allowed on the trampoline at once especially trampolines that are 8ft as their bounce area is limited and collisions could easily happen.

An 8ft trampoline due to the maximum weight limit means it is lower to the ground. If a child that is too heavy due to age bounces on it, the bouncemat could touch the ground which could injure children with a sudden jolt to the ground.

If you have enough space in your garden and you are not sure, it could well be beneficial to order a 10ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. instead. This is also a good longer term choice as children grow very quickly as we know and could outgrow their 8ft trampoline easily if they are past the age of 6, 7 or even 8 and growing up quick.

What is the best size trampoline for a 12 year old?

At Simplyfun we would suggest a 10ft trampoline was the minimum size to look to invest in for a 12 year old, whether they are a boy or girl. With a maximum weight starting at 100kg, this makes is idea for children of the age of 10-12 upwards.

An 8ft trampoline which tends to be the most popular initial size for the garden for fun play are aimed over the age of 6 of over. A trampoline size then depends on the age of your children so most certainly take a look at the 10ft range of trampolines upwards.

10ft Trampoline Maximum Weight –

  • Zero Gravity Ultima 4 – 100kg
  • Plum Space Zone 2 – 100kg
  • Plum MagnitudeOpens in a new tab. – 100kg
  • Salta Green – 120kg
  • Springfree Medium – 100kg

We Recommend the 10ft Plum Magnitude Trampoline with Enclosure. The Magnitude is PlumPlay’s Best Seller and comes with their patent3G Safety Enclosure system which keeps children away from the trampolineOpens in a new tab. springs as well as their Tramp Klamp system which protects joints from rust.

With a maximum weight of 100kg, this can easily be used to the immense fun for children of the age of 12 and give enough room for bouncing. Features include a galvanised frame, zinc covered springs and push locking system for the legs.

It can be confusing not knowing what trampoline to get with the number of different sizes and shapes available for your family garden.  What size do you get? What shape? What features to look for and what company to choose?

Let’s go over a few ideas to steer you in the right direction in making your decision on what can be one of the most thrilling toys your children can enjoy.

How Much Space Do I Need for the Trampoline?

An 8ft trampoline tends to be the minimum size families go for when buying a outdoor trampoline. There are smaller sizes but 8ft tends to be the size for children of the age of 6 upwards, then investing in a larger trampoline depending on the age of your children.

So how much space do you need? An overall guideline is no matter what size trampoline you invest in, allow 1.5 meters (5ft) of space around every size of your trampoline. Here are some examples of the maximum space needed in your garden, allowing 5ft around the edge.

  • 8ft trampoline –– Total of 18ft / 5.4 meters
  • 10ft trampoline – Total of 20ft / 6 meters
  • 12ft TrampolineOpens in a new tab. – Total of 22ft / 6.7 meters
  • 14ft Trampoline – Total of 24ft / 7.3 meters

This area of total space should be on a flat surface or if the surface is slightly slanted, no more than a 3% gradient as advised by Springfreetrampolines.co.uk

The area around the edge that you have allocated a the additional space should have no debris, objects, hazards such as brick walls, sheds, greenhouses, cars, vans or trees and bushes. This area is to be clear and allow the netting to stretch but also space if children were to fall from the trampoline to the ground when getting on and off.

Additionally, your children are of course a particular height as well as a trampoline having a maximum height. When bouncing, children can reach a good height from the boucemat. Therefore, please allow a 6m height clearance from the ground. So this means no obstacles above the trampoline such as trees, power or telephone lines.

The Different Type of Trampoline Available

Even though we think of trampolines with springs, there are also a range called Springfreetrampolines. These take away the metal springs we know of and replace with a very robust structure using a flexible composite range of rods that are now underneath rather to the side like conventional springs. This means children are not going to possible catch or pinch themselves on metal springs which could be extremely painful.

Trampoline Safety and Features

All new trampolines in the UK need to pass the Europeans Safety standards before they are allowed to be sold to you and your family. There are unfortunately thousands of trampoline injuries in the UK each year but they are still the most popular outdoor toy and good funOpens in a new tab. and a good workout for children.

However, it’s still worth taking into consideration and food for thought a range of safety features you can find in a trampoline and what to look out for when choosing what trampoline to purchase.

Considerations to think about –

  • Is the metal frame strengthened with galvanised steel?
  • Are the springs zinc coated?
  • What patent designs are incorporated such as Klamp Tramp and the 3G system from UK trampoline manufactures
  • Does the design mean it is rust free?
  • How quick and easy is the trampoline netting enclosureOpens in a new tab. to take down?
  • Does the trampoline come with a ladder and tie down kit so it does not blown over



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