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The JumpPRO 12ft Trampoline Excel Black Round Trampoline and Enclosure

The JumpPRO 12ft Trampoline Xcel Black Round Trampoline and Enclosure

JumpPRO 12ft Trampoline Review

We have something different here, the JumpPRO 12ft trampoline has a huge maximum user weight compared to other brands of trampoline. This 12ft trampoline has a huge maximum weight of 150kg. This isn’t to say its suitable for more than one child at the same time as its advised only one child at a time on a trampoline for safety reasons, collisions are very easy to come by when two or more children are on a trampoline at once.

However, it does mean this trampoline can take the weight of many adults with the 150kg being 23 stone. It is always recommended to follow the maximum user weight or a trampoline can bow in the middle and hit the ground as well as put undue stress on each part of the trampoline and cause it to bend or break which could also lead to injury.

Saying that, it’s a fantastic maximum weight and will means everyone from your family should be able to enjoy this 12ft garden trampolineOpens in a new tab..

Moving on, safety is always a paramount concern with a trampoline company so its great to report that this JumpPRO trampoline also comes with an included ladder. This means children who find the height of a trampoline daunting to climb onto, can use the ladder to assist them in climbing onto the trampolineOpens in a new tab. safetly. It can also be used for existing however many children may slide off or jump off the trampoline.

With a 5 years warranty we are just blown away by this JumpPRO trampoline which gives peace of mind as well as how JumpPRO believe in their outdoor toys and products they sell. A cover is not included which is pretty standard so we recommend purchasing one to keep the elements as well as animals off your trampoline and give as much life length to the bouncemat, springs and padding as long as possible.

With this 12ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. you actually have around 11ft of space for jumping by the time you take into consideration the springs and padding area. The frame itself is a the very popular galvanised steel with the metal having a power coating applied for added protection and durability.

The JumpPRO Trampoline Company

JumpPRO supply trampolines to families in the UK in three different shapes and exceptional high quality as you can see. They all include a ladder which very few trampoline companies provide as standard but also use PVC sleeves to protect the foam which they use on the enclosure for safety and possible collisions.

The PVC also helps prevent children picking away the foam and giving it a longer life but also giving it a great look which will last years. This feature is usually found on more expensive models but JumpPRO have pulled out all the stops to have it incorporated on their range of trampolines.

Where to Buy –

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