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The 12ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline and Enclosure with FREE ladder

The 12ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline and Enclosure with FREE ladder

The Fantastic 12ft Zero Gravity Trampoline that comes as standard with a safety enclosure and a FREE ladder to for safety

This is the stylish 12ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline Edition with a free ladder included, along with the strong enclosure and netting which is to be included on every new trampoline sold in the UK by law.

There’s absolutely hours of fun to be had for children when jumping on a trampoline so any trampoline brand has to make sure their trampolines are safe to use. This is why we think its excellent that this 12ft trampoline comes with its own ladder. For children who find the standing height of a trampoline awkward to climb onto, a ladder to assist is only going to be a good thing. When the fun has been had, the ladder can also be used to climb down off the trampoline without the risk of injury if there are any sudden bumps to the ground.

Safety is paramount for any trampoline so you will be pleased to hear Zero Gravity have been hard at work to make this a very safe trampoline. As mentioned, UK law dictates that all new trampolines sold in the UK should come with a safety enclosure and netting.

What they have done with the enclosure is to place the netting on the very edge of the bounce area, the netting is then held in place to give it its shape via the arced uprights. At the top of the enclosure is the top right that finishes off the overall structure of the enclosure and netting.

The enclosure here on this 12ft trampoline with the enclosure has a quick release system designed by Zero Gravity which easily assists in the enclosure being removed very quickly. This could be due to a weather change or to make it apparent the trampoline is out of bounds to children.

This is not a cheap trampoline as Zero Gravity steered away from this line of quality and only produce and sell exceptionally high quality trampolines to you and your family.

To give the trampoline even more strength, they have their weldless frame which looks to eliminate rust. Rust on a trampoline frame is a very bad thing as it can in a short space of time, reduce the strength and weaker the frame. This would lead to the buckling and in turn, very unsafe as you can appreciate.

Bouncing is the main reason to use a trampoline, a lot of bouncing to its important that a very durable long lasting bounce mat is used. This trampoline uses a material called Permatron and holds is structure under sunlight so Ultra Voilet light, whereas lower quality materials can start to deteriorate over time.

Permatron will keep its smooth surface and stay flexible with a 1 year warranty on the trampoline bed itself.

Additionally, you have a range of padding for safety all around the trampoline covering the springs to keep them out of harms way. Also, 20mm EPE thick foam protecting children from the steel uprights which make up the enclosure. Colliding into one of these without padding would not be good at all so the padding gives a much better cushion for protection.

Where to Buy –

Top Grade Permatron Jump Mat
Frame only has a 1 year warranty
Safety Net very easy to take down
Free Ladder
100kg Maximum User Weight
UV Resistant bounce mat
EN71 European Safety Standard Vigurous Tested
Excellent Customer Service
Zero Gravity
12ft Round
Yellow and Blue
Jumping Area
79 (Sq. ft.) or 7.3 (Sq. m)
Is a Ladder Included?
Number of Springs
Bed Material
Grade 'A' Permatron
Pad Thickness
Maximum User Weight
100kg / 15 stone 7lb
Frame Warranty
1 Year
Spring Warranty
1 Year
Bed Warranty
1 Year
Pad Warranty
1 Year
Net Warranty
1 Year


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