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What Stunt Scooter?

Stunt Scooter Reviews


What is the Best Stunt Scooter?

Here’s the best stunt scooters we have found, see our reviews and images on this great range of scooters –

Albott Stunt Scooter Pro for 360 Spins

The Albott scooter comes in a range of fun colours, consisting of Black, Blue-Green Hollow, Blue-Pink Hollow, Gold, Blue and Purple.

The handlebar height is fixed as this is a stunt scooter with the handlebar height being 82.8 Centimetres and 2 wheels. The wheels are made from the popular Polyurethane with each wheel being 110 Millimetres and the wheels consisting of Sealed Bearings.

Albott have included Dual Suspension on this scooter which is designed for both street and stunt park riding.


This scooter is suitable for beginners to aid in developing stunt skills to be able to advance to intermediate and then advanced or professional levels.

Age wise, this is for ages 8 years of upwards and has a maximum rider limit of 100kg so a sturdy, strong scooter for a range of stunts with outdoor play.


A highly spec’d scooter, this has 110mm 88A Cast PU & 6061-T6 Aluminium Core Wheels with ABEC-9 High-speed Chrome Bearing to providing a comfortable scootering experience.

Additionally, it has a widened 6061 Aircraft grade aluminium box-shaped foot deck which has dimensions of 505mm x 113mm and provides sufficient space for keep the riders balance and safe to perform their stunts.

For safe stopping, it has a Manganese Steel Flex Fender Brake which is very durable and silent as well as steel bars to provide even more overall strength.


There is hidden internal compression hidden inside this scooter along with strong 3 bolt collar clamp as well as very strong CNC machined threadless steel forks which working together give this kick scooter an incredible strong and reliable structure.

Bike TypeFreestyle
Brake TypeRear Braking
Frame MaterialAluminium
Height47 Centimeters
Weight4.3 Kilograms
Maximum Height Recommendation180 Centimetres - 5.8 Feet
SeasonsAll Year Round
Skill LevelBeginner
SuspensionDual Suspension
Wheel Size110 Milimeters
Included in the Box1 x Stunt Scooter, 1 x Instructions, 1 x Assembly Tool
Batteries Included?No
Maximum Rider Weight100kg
Product Dimensions‎67 x 12 x 47 cm; 3.84 Kilograms

Where to Buy –

Amazon.co.ukOpens in a new tab.


Mongoose Stunt Scooter

Next we have the Mongoose Rise Stunt Scooter with over 2500 ratings on their Amazon page.

There are several different styles of this Rise Scooter which are Rise 100, Rise Elite 100, Rise Elite 110 and Rise Expert 110.

You have a vast range of different colours to choose from when ordering your Mongoose scooter, these relate to the different styles available –

  • Rise 100 – Orange
  • Rise 100 – White
  • Rise Elite 100 – Grey
  • Rise Elite 110 – Blue/Yellow
  • Rise Expert 110 – Black
  • Rise Expert – Teal/Black
  • Rise Pro 100 – Green
  • Rise Pro 100 – Oil Slick
  • Rise Pro 100 – Red


Where to Buy –




Ridge Stunt Scooter XT PRO

Ridge Scooters XT PRO 100 Neochrome Series

Scooters make the perfect gift for anyone young, whether they’re a child or a teen. The perfect scooter to buy for yourself if you’re a scooter enthusiast or as a gift for the rowdy teen in your life is the Ridge Stunt Scooter XT PRO.

A Healthy Type Of Exercise

One of the issues that appear to be arising in current times is a lack of physical activity, given the advent of technology. Hence, a majority of the younger generation is devoted to their laptops and phones.

As a result, youngsters who eat but do not exercise may become overweight. If your little one dislikes exercising, a scooter is an excellent option to get them outdoors.

The Ridge Scooters XT PRO 100 is a part of the stunt scooter’s Neochrome collection and has an exterior painted in full neochrome anodized paint, giving it a halo effect that attracts kids to play.

The Ridge Scooters XT PRO 100 Neochrome Series Stunt Scooter is reasonably priced in the mid-range category and will undoubtedly turn your youngster into the coolest kid on the street.

It helps kids exercise and engage in physical activity while still having fun.

Best Scooter To Improve Balance

One of the most important things kids will learn when riding this scooter is maintaining their balance.

This ability is required not just for maneuvering the scooter but also for riding bikes and other machinery.

The extra-wide 10cm foot deck on this scooter is a nice feature since it gives riders lots of opportunities to show off their talents.

Another fantastic feature is the strengthened steel fork, which can withstand battering and still function well.

The clamp system is quad, and it even includes heavy-duty clamps. You may grind it to the utmost, and it will accept it.

Even as kids get older, having a good balance is still a crucial ability, so learning it in a form that is fun and encouraging is beneficial.

Easy to Handle

Ridge Scooters are compact and easy to handle. They can park among the multitude of automobiles and make their way out of them with ease.

They can also avoid severe traffic and traffic congestion, saving time and aggravating the situation. Ridge Scooters do not have gasoline engines; thus, they overheat and cause accidents.

The absence of such engines also reduces wear and tear on the vehicle. They are also lighter in weight, making them easier to handle.

Safety And Fun

No matter who you’re getting this scooter for, you would want a guarantee that they will be safe while riding it, and this is something the Ridge Stunt Scooter can guarantee.

It is unquestionably more secure than triple clamp systems. This scooter features 370mm width and aluminum T-shaped bars with two-point gussets, a characteristic common on more costly scooters.

The wheels are 10cm long and have an aluminum core with a matching aluminum fender break. The scooter weighs roughly 3kg and stands 84cm tall.

The T-bar grip features rubber on the surface, making it harder and tighter to hold while yet feeling pleasant in hand.

This scooter can transport up to 100kgs and has 85A PU wheels with ABEC 9 bearings. The headset has no threads and is kept in place by a robust quad clamp.

Good Price Point

Scooters are far less expensive than other types of vehicles. Fuel and gas prices are rising rapidly, and the scooter reduces the cost of gas, petroleum, and diesel fuel; and what kid isn’t eager to cut back on their spending and costs?

Furthermore, after purchasing this scooter, you will discover that it has a lesser price than other scooters that may be more expensive but have fewer functions.

As a result, you save a significant portion of your income while remaining fiscally responsible. It becomes their shopping, high school, and all-around traveling companion.

The scooter is reasonably priced, and you can choose between T and Y-shaped designs.

Brand Ridge Stunt
Frame Material Aluminum
Material Type Aluminum
Battery No
Manufacturer Ridge Stunt
Package Dimension 66cm x 37cm x 79cm
Weight Capacity 100 kgs
Amazon Rating 4.6 out of 5
Customer Review 249 Ratings



  • It has a broader deck to provide a larger footprint and enhanced stability for feet
  • The fork has been strengthened for increased robustness
  • It has a more rigid quad clamp arrangement than conventional clamps
  • The handlebar is lightweight and portable
  • With T-style and Y-style bars and a highly beautiful neochrome color scheme


  • It cannot spin 360 degrees
  • Delicate features

Where to Buy –




What is the difference between a kick scooter and a stunt scooter?

Stunt scooters are designed differently to kick scooters as they are designed to be stronger, more durable, take on knocks and scrapes with the ground and keep on going via a Skate park or neighbourhood.

They can be thought of as a BMX bike but as a scooter, being able to perform stunts but are also very good for travelling. You still use your feet to kick away the ground when using them as a standard scooter, but kick scooters are generally lower in price and a good strength but not designed to take on the stunts a stunt scooter is designed to be able to perform.

What age are stunt scooters for?

There are a vast range of stunt scooters available in the UK, you can find one to suit children of the age of 4 upwards.

Why are stunt scooters so small?

Stunt scooters generally use a metal core for their as they will be taking on a significant more impact than a kick scooter. The metal wheels are also smaller as they are designed for stunts and not traveling as their main purpose, whereas a kick scooter has larger wheels to cover distances easier and faster.

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