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Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular Trampolines 10ft 12ft and 14ft


12ft x 7ft Salta Green Rectangular First Class Trampoline

This rectangular trampoline is 12ft and superb for families with a medium to large garden. The quality is excellent within this Salta First Class range.

At the time of writing, this is COLLECTION ONLY from Madfun.co.uk but should be available from other trampoline retailers in the UK.

Designed to be incredibly strong, the durability of this trampoline is enhanced with the power coat applied to the frame. The ladder included has also been given this same black coating giving it strength with the ladder itself giving easy access to this 12ft TrampolineOpens in a new tab..

The full jump space of this trampoline provide a total area of 50 (Sq. ft.) or 4.6 (Sq. m) with a exceedingly good maximum user weight of 28 stone which is 180kg. Due to this great overall strength, every member of the family can bounce for joy both children and adults alike.

Salta have also provided an awesome 5 year warranty on the frame itself with the following –

  • Spring Warranty – 2 Years
  • Pad Warranty – 3 Years
  • Net Warranty – 2 Years
  • Bed Warranty – 2 Years

Adding to the high strength of the frame, this also includes a high quality heavy duty polypropylene jump bed which will give long durability and life.

The bounce itself is also strong being provided by 84 x 8.2” (21cm) springs attached to the bed and frame.

Why Chose the Salta First Class Range of Trampolines

Salta are a very well-known and respected brand in the United Kingdom.

They manufacturer their range of trampolines using their extra thick blackOpens in a new tab. powder coating as we have mentioned above. Their coating provided excellent protection but also looks fantastic and gives their range a stylish look.

Thick safety padding has been provided which attaches to the frame and the bounce mat which provides an excellent bounce but also protects whoever is using the trampoline from the metal springs which could cause injury.

At the top you have the top rail which attaches to the bottom frame using Salta’s square fixing detail and comes with solid screws.

Salta have some very well thought out features including their dual, conical, gold coloured galvanised springs. Many brands do not include galvanisation on their springs but Salta do, this gives excellent comfort and higher jumping to be achieved but also with a softer landing.

Ultra Violet light will not deteriorate their safety netting as its UV-Resistant as well as being made from a small mesh design which should not cause irritation to children’s skin when colliding with the net.

The First Class range from Salta all include a ladder which as previously mentioned, has been coated with their thick black powder coating but no additional cost.

Size12ft x 7ft
Jump Area50 (Sq. ft.) or 4.6 (Sq. m)
Ladder Included?Yes
Cover Included?No
Shoe Store Included?No
Number of Springs84
Spring Length8.2" - 21cm
BedHeavy Duty Polypropylene
Pad Thickness30mm
Frame Diameter42mm
Maximum User Weight28 Stone or 180kg
Frame Warranty5 Years
Spring Warranty2 Years
Pad Warranty3 Years
Net Warranty2 Years
Bed Warranty2 Years

Who are Salta Trampolines?

Salta are a wonderful Trampoline brand within Europe and have been designing and providing family’s garden trampolines for many years.

With the Salta brand you have a company that believes in continuous improvement in designing and developing their range being experts in this industry. Being experts in trampolines, their range has grown to be very respected and a pleasing design for your garden.

Customers are very happy indeed with safety being a major factor in the development of their range. The money and time they have invested is excellent with easy to follow instructions included with each of their trampolines.

Adding to this, for easy assembly assistance they have a range of videos available to support you and your family in the thrill of receiving and assembling your trampoline before hours and years of fun and exercise.

We only show high standard trampolines on Simplyfun but if you are looking for an exceptional range then bear in mind this 12ft trampoline but also any of the Salta trampolines available that do come in a range of different shapes and sizes to fit your garden.

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12ft x 7ft Salta Black Rectangular First Class Trampoline

This is a high end 12ft x 7ft rectangular trampoline from Salta, exceedingly high strength and very durably due to the powder coated frame.

Included with this trampoline is a ladder which is also coated in the same black powder which provides easy access for children to access the fun to be had on this outstanding outdoor toy.

The warranty for this from Salta is excellent with the frame having a long 5 year warranty which is above average with the other parts having –

  • Springs – 2 Years
  • Padding – 3 Years
  • Netting – 2 Years
  • Bed – 2 Years

One of the most important features we see is the maximum user weight which with this comes in as an exceptional 28 stone which equates to 180kg.

So onto a more in-depth look at this large rectangular trampolineOpens in a new tab.. Remember, you will ideally require an additional 3 feet of space around each edge to allow stretching of the net, away from hazards. Therefore this 12ft x 7ft would ideally require 18ft x 13ft of space in your garden.

The actual total jump area comes to 50 (Sq. ft.) or 4.6 (Sq. m)

Why Choose the Salta First Class Trampoline?

This exceptional trampoline comes built from the highest quality materials, adding onto this it has been given an extra thick power coating to its streel frame. This provides a great look but also helps to keep a strong and solid structure.

Safety is paramount with any trampoline brand so Salta have included thick safety padding which has been attached securely to both the frame itself and the bounce mat. This means whoever is bouncing on this trampoline cannot reach the springs which could cause injury.

At the top of the frame you have the top rail which is secured to the bottom frame via a square fitting which includes solid screw connections to provide additional structure strength. When assembled this means the frame is very sturdy and will not move while your family are jumping but also keeps this trampoline very quiet as well.

Salta have designed into this a dual, conical, gold covered range of galvanised springs which provide superb comfort for high jumping so provides a softer landing than lower quality trampolines.

As you would hopefully expect from a trampoline of this quality, the Heavy Duty Polypropylene bed is UV resistant so will not weaken or tear under sunlight. This is the same for the netting which has been made from a small mesh design and gives a soft feel for when children’s skin comes into contact with it.

For info, this Salta Trampoline is also available with greenOpens in a new tab. pads in the UK.

Size12ft x 7ft
Jump Area 50 (Sq. ft.) or 4.6 (Sq. m)
Ladder Included?Yes
Cover Included?No
Shoe Store Included?No
Number of Springs84
Spring Length8.2" (21cm)
Bed MaterialHeavy Duty Polypropylene
Pad Thickness3cm
Frame Diameter4.2cm
Top Rail Height89cm
Maximum User Weight28 Stone or 180kg
Frame Warranty5 Years
Spring Warranty2 Years
Pad Warranty3 Years
Net Warranty2 Years
Bed Warranty2 Years

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13ft x 8ft Salta Black Rectangular Trampoline Premium with Enclosure

A very stylish rectangular trampoline, this 13ft x 8ft Black Salta trampoline comes with a protective safety enclosure and netting as standard. When it comes to features, it starts off with a galvanised frame for strength and longer life, finished off with a black gloss powder coating.

A total jump area of 80 (Sq. ft.) or 7.5 (Sq. m) this is a great trampoline for medium to large gardensOpens in a new tab., the bounce produced by the 84 springs which are 7.2” (18.3cm) in length.

These springs are connected to the bounce mat which is made from the very popular heavy duty polypropylene material which is resistant to UV light. This overall structure of the trampoline can take a maximum weight of 23 stone or 150kg which is one of the strongest trampolines you will find.

As you tell, this means all your family members can use this trampoline both children and adults but please only one person at a time to bounce on this trampoline to avoid collisions and possible injuries.

The netting itself which comes as standard by law has a self-closing entrance to give safety when children and using this trampoline. Children can enjoy this for hours of fun as well as the exercise benefits of jumping on this or any other trampoline.

When assembling you will notice the Salta click and push system combines with bolts which result in a strong form frame and very rigid.

The springs are gold coloured and work together to provide a superb bounce, higher than many rectangular trampolinesOpens in a new tab. and also a softer landing.

UV (Sunlight) resistant safety netting with a self closing system within the soft but strong mesh so when children collider into it, it gives a soft cushion.

The safety padding are wide and also provide an additional skirt which hides away the top rail which gives the trampoline that added stylish finish to the eye.

This is the 13ft x 8ft sized trampolineOpens in a new tab. but comes in a total of three different sizes so affordable for many families.

The frame itself has an excellent 3 years warranty which is above average, here are the rest –

  • Frame – 3 Years warranty
  • Springs – 1 Year
  • Pad – 1 Year
  • Netting – 2 Years
  • Bed – 2 Years
Size13ft x 8ft
Bounce Area80 (Sq. ft.) or 7.5 (Sq. m)
Ladder Included?No
Cover Included?No
Shoe Store Included?No
Number of Springs84
Spring Length7.2" - (18.3cm)
BedHeavy Duty Polypropylene
Pad Thickness25mm
Frame Diameter42mm
Top Rail Height89cm
Maximum User Weight23 Stone - 150kg
Frame Warranty3 Years
Spring Warranty1 Year
Pad Warranty1 Year
Net Warranty2 Years
Bed Warranty2 Years

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12ft x 8ft Salta Black Rectangular Comfort Trampoline

Here’s the large 12ft x 8ft rectangular trampoline from Salta, their Comfort edition and ideal for medium to large gardens. This comfort edition will look fabulous in your garden and fit in well with the colour scheme and last your family years of use.

A lovely looking trampoline with a galvanised steel frame for that added strength compared to a standard steel frame along with an additional attractive black coating for that finished look.

The galvanisation aims to reduce or eliminate the likelihood or rust which would reduce the strength but galvanisation helps with this tremendously.

With a total jump area of 80 (Sq. ft.) or 7.5 (Sq. m), the bounce on this trampoline is produced by the 80 x 7” (17.8cm) springs connected to the heavy duty polypropylene bed.

At the top of the trampolines frame, you have the steel top ring which holds the netting and also keeps the overall elegant shape of this rectangular trampolineOpens in a new tab.. The netting is in fact a soft fine meshed mesh which has an excellent tightness and keeps children safe from falling off the trampoline.

All UK new trampolines by law come with an enclosureOpens in a new tab., look at the different materials used but with this Salta trampoline you have a very good, safety, strong and tight safety meshed netting.

Around the edge you have a 20mm thick and 20cm wide protective safety padding which protects the jumper from not just the metal frame but from the springs to so out of harms away. The springs themselves are double galvanised and hidden as mentioned so little fingers or toes won’t catch on them when outdoor fun is being had.

Added safety has been incorporated into the meshed netting with a double sided zipped entrance/exit which when sealed prevents the jumper from falling off through what otherwise would be a hole in the netting but is now sealed with the zip.

The trampoline itself has a maximum user weight of 18 stone (120kg) so as you can tell, will allow children of any age and many adults being able to enjoy the thrill and exercise benefits of this Salta trampolineOpens in a new tab..

Warranty is pretty standard with –

  • Frame – 2 Years
  • Bed – 2 Years
  • Springs – 1 Year
  • Padding – 1 Year
  • Netting– 2 Years
Size12ft x 8ft
Bounce Area80 (Sq. ft.) or 7.5 (Sq. m)
Ladder Included?No
Cover IncludedNo
Shoe Store IncludedNo
Number of Springs80
Spring Length7" (17.8cm)
BedHeavy Duty Polypropylene
Pad Thickness20mm
Frame Diameter42mm
Top Rail Height89cm
Maximum User Weight18 Stone or 120kg
Frame Warranty2 Years
Spring Warranty1 Year
Pad Warranty1 Year
Net Warranty2 Years
Bed Warranty2 Year

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The JumpPRO 9ft x 6ft Xcel Black Rectangular Trampoline with Enclosure

This JumpPRO 9ft x 6ft Rectangular trampoline giving a total bounce are of 8ft x 5ft, so this is not the largest by far. It is a great rectangular option for small gardens and who would like an alternative to a round trampoline, this could be if you children perform gymnastics.

The great look has been completed with a black powder coating along with protective padding which when combined gives this trampoline a sleek look and looks very good in any garden.

Strength in any trampoline frame is very important so JumpPRO have taken this into consideration and given galvanisation as well as the black powder coating to prolong the life of this trampoline. However, we noticed JumpPRO only offer a 1 year frame warranty which is surprising considering galvanised frames are very strong in comparison to standard steel and limit rust on the structure.

The design of this JumpPRO trampoline is fantastic and as close as you are going to get to a professional trampoline. They have incorporated a sweet spot in the centre so when jumped in this area, will offer the highest bounce. What you will find is you should land very close to where you leap into the air and not have the bounce back effect that a round trampoline would have.

Climbing onto a trampoline can be tricky depending on their height so we are pleased to let you know that this comes with an included ladder. When on the trampoline, children enter via the zipped entrance than can be zipped shut when the trampoline is in use to seal the netting.

JumpPRO we have found outshine other trampoline brands with their maximum weight limit for each of their trampolines. This is still the case with the max weight being a significant 150kg or 23 stone, this means this JumpPRO is not just limited to children but can be enjoyed by adults to.

Who are JumpPRO?

JumpPRO have a superb range of trampolinesOpens in a new tab. that come in 3 different shapes, great choice and very affordable with high quality to. Each of the JumpPRO trampolines come with a ladder along with a PVC sleeve which covers the protective foam on the enclosure. This gives a cushion but also helps protect the foam from children picking away at it so it will keep its look much longer.

JumpPRO are proud of the above as this is usually found on more expensive trampolines but they found a way to incorporate it and keep this trampoline and their range within budget. Altogether you have a fantastic trampoline that can be used for gymnastics and will last your family years with fun and exercise in your garden.

Size9ft x 6ft
Jump Area38.92 (Sq.ft) or 3.62 (Sq.m)
Ladder Included?Yes
Cover Included?No
Number of Springs48
Maximum Weight23 Stone or 150kg
Frame Warranty1 Year
Spring Warranty2 Year
Pad Warranty1 Year
Safety Net Warranty
Bed Warranty

The 10ft x 7ft JumpPRO Excite Trampoline in Green with Safety Enclosure

There a number of rectangular trampolinesOpens in a new tab. available also known as professional trampolines, but this 10ft x 7ft JumpPRO is on the lower price range but still offers the tremendous benefits of a rectangular trampoline that won’t empty your wallet.

Firstly, it comes at an affordable price as we just mentioned but with a super sleep design that has a maximum user weight that anyone in the family child or adult can use this trampoline. With the maximum weight this trampoline can take being 150kg, this means adults in the family can enjoy the outdoor fun.

We do however recommend than even though the maximum weight is 150kg that this does not mean having two children bouncing on a trampoline at the same time is a good idea. There are thousands of trampoline injuries each year throughout the UK so please bear in mind its best to have one child or adult at a time.

You get an awesome 52.75 (Sq.ft) or 4.90 (Sq.m) jumping space once you are on the trampoline. However this JumpPRO does not come with a ladder or cover but we recommended a ladder so children can climb onto the trampoline with ease and not risk falling backwards if they do not make it up.

Also, a trampoline cover will reduce the wear and tear of the bounce mat, padding and overall structure when covered so the sun, rain, animals but also keep it clean from dirt, dust and overall help prolong the life of this trampoline when not in use.

The frame is a silver coloured galvanised frame which has become pretty much a standard in the UK , the galvanised steel increases the frames strength significantly. When a trampoline is build using standard steel, rust will set in very quickly which can result in a weak structure and damage which could mean the trampoline becomes a safetyOpens in a new tab. risk for your family, galvanised steel reduces or eliminates this.

Having the padding as a green colour this will help blend the trampolineOpens in a new tab. in your garden, please look to stand it on a level surface and ideally on grass for any falls that may occur. If this is not possible, look for some softer based materials to place around the edge of the trampoline on the ground.

A rectangular trampoline itself is classed as a more professional shaped trampoline compared to round. However this rectangular model incorporates a sweet spot at the centre which has been makes to allow you to know where the highest bounce area will be. Overall, on a rectangular trampolineOpens in a new tab. the energy produced by the jumper will be distributed and they land pretty much where they originally jumped. With a standard round trampoline, the way the springs work together means the trampolinist is steered into the middle of a round trampoline.

JumpPRO have gone that extra mile in thought on their design and have incorporated the springs on the outside of the safety net, this means they are out of harms way and children are not able to land on them when jumping and performing acrobatics.

The last feature to mention is the zipped entrance which provides that extra level of safety when on the trampoline and the netting can be zipped shut.

Size10ft x 7ft
Jump Area52.75 (Sq.ft) or 4.90 (Sq.m)
Ladder Included?No
Cover Included?No
Number of Springs52
Maximum User Weight23 Stone or 150kg
Frame Warranty1 Year
Spring Warranty1 Year
Bed Warranty1 Year
Padding Warranty1 Year
Netting Warranty1 Year

Who are JumpPRO?

JumpPRO are a trampoline company that take immense pride in their trampoline range in both quality and value for money for your family. Their expertise is superb with a combined 40 years of experience from their team who constantly strive for new designs and safety for the trampoline market in the UK and Worldwide.

Their high quality range spans from listening to customer’s feedback and their wishes so now have a great variety of trampolines in round, rectangular and oval that all come in a variety of sizes to fit whatever size garden you have.

The features and safety have been very well thought out but what sets them apart from most other trampoline brands is their extremely high maximum user weight for each of their trampolines. Their max weight limit means adults can also join in with the trampoline fun and outdoor play and not limited to children.

The European laws trampolines must have passed to date encompasses a vast range of standards which included and not limited to EN 71-1: 2014+A1: 2018, EN71-2:2011+AI:2014, EN 71-3: 2019, EN 71-14: 2018

Where to Buy –

Why are Rectangular Trampolines More Expensive?

Rectangular trampolines tend to be more expensive compared to round trampolines due to their shape and the additional springs required to give them their strength. With a rectangular trampolineOpens in a new tab., a range of gymnastics can be performed to can be required to absorb a higher bounce.

Round trampolines are usually strong due to their circular shape which results in a cheaper price for trampoline brands.

A rectangular trampolineOpens in a new tab. when in use, results in no bounce back when where you jump from can easily be where you land whereas a round trampoline guides you back to the centre of the bounce mat.

Are Rectangle Trampolines Good?

A rectangular trampolineOpens in a new tab. is usually used more for gymnastics and a range of acrobatics and work better for these activities due to how the springs work with each other.

With a rectangular trampolineOpens in a new tab., they do not result is much bounce back so when you jump you can easily land where you jumped from or very near. However, with a round or circular trampolineOpens in a new tab. you are guided back to the centre no matter where you jump from.

The maximum amount of jump space can also be larger on this style of trampoline, also their maximum user weight can easily be much higher than a circular trampoline.

When it comes to shape, a rectangular trampoline could just be more viable for your garden if a round trampoline will not fit well.

Are Square or Round Trampolines Better?

Image of a Round vs Rectangular Trampolines

Generally a rectangular trampoline will provide a much stronger and higher bounce than a round trampoline. This is why gymnastics use a rectangular trampoline for the amazing acrobatics they perform in schools, clubs as well as professionals on Sports TV. The rectangular trampoline gives a much more controlled bounce and rebound.

However does that make them better? It depends on your requirements so let’s look into the differences. There are a large range of rectangle trampolines for sale, we have provided a list of trampoline retailers at the bottom of this page.

The Trampoline Frame

A rectangular trampoline is used indoors more and made from a steel frame, however as you may have seen that many garden trampolines now come with a galvanised frame which helps reduce the rust over its lifetime but also gives improved strength to the frame itself.

If a garden trampoline was to use standard steel for its frame now then in a short space of time it would suffer from rust which would dramatically weaken the structure and be a very worrying health and safety hazard.

As you can appreciate that is certainly not something you want as this could risk your children to injury. With 13000 trampoline injuries in the UK each year as it is, if frames were to rust then this number could be much higher. As trampoline manufactures are galvanising their steel they usually offer a year’s warranty.

However if a rectangular trampoline comes with galvanised steel as round garden trampolines do then the frame strength between reach shape is going to be on par with each other.

Trampoline Safety with Both Round and Rectangular

Children love to jump high, the higher they just the most thrill and excitement they get. So find out if a rectangular or round trampoline bounce height could be one of the specifications you look at before purchasing.

However, whichever shape of trampoline you do look to purchase then please look at the height of the trampoline itself and add on a couple of meters in height to make sure there are no overhanging obstacles such as trees, power or telephone lines.

Overall, the larger the trampoline the larger the bounce so a 14ft round trampoline is going to have a much higher bounce than a 8ft however a 14ft rectangular trampoline is going to have a higher bounce height than a 14ft round shaped.

How the bouncing works on a round trampoline is by jumping, you will be sprung into the air and land in what would feel like a random place on the trampoline. However, a rectangular trampoline is going to give you a more stable jump. This means wherever you jump on a rectangular shaped trampoline, you will shoot into the air on the space and land pretty much where you originally were. The reason for the stable jump on a rectangular is because only the springs near the jumper are used which controls your body better

However on a round trampoline, due to its shape then all of the springs are used and due to the centre of gravity being slap back in the middle, you tend to land in a completely different place to where you originally jumped and tend to steer back towards the middle of the trampoline. Over time you may find the springs on a round trampoline wear out faster than a rectangular trampoline.

It’s worth bearing in mind for safety reasons if you want any child on the trampoline to bounce to high. Firstly the higher they go the more likely they are to lose control but also as they come down, the G Force on their knees and overall body is going to be significantly higher. There are 13,000 trampoline accidents each year with a proportion of these being some kind of dislocation as well as ankle sprains.

Even if you have not been on a trampoline, you generally get the idea of understand that on a round trampoline the bounce near the edge is nowhere as powerful or high as if children were to bounce in or near the middle which is good if safety is of course a concern when investing in one of these awesome outdoor toys.

It may be annoying to children but as mentioned, jumping on the edge of a trampoline draws them back to the middle which could also be seen as a safety item as they are less likely to collide with the trampoline frame or even the springs depending on the design of the trampoline itself.

The Price of a Round vs Rectangular Trampoline

This does depend on what size trampoline you are considering, for example the lowest price 8ft round trampoline at Madfun.co.uk is £229 so a very affordable price. However the lowest price Rectangular trampoline is the 9ft x 6ft JumpPRO and is currently £399.

This may not seem a huge difference depending on your finances but it does work out as around 50% more expensive for the cheapest rectangular trampoline even if the size is not much different in feet or diameter.

You are going to get a slight price difference all the same due to the shape of a rectangular trampoline, you want enough jump space but it not to be cramp so need to be longer in one direction than the other to give it its rectangular shape.

A more substantial reason is the materials used to construct a rectangle trampoline to give it its higher price. For example, the JumpPRO uses a galvanised frame as with the Zero Gravity 8ft Ultima 4 but the JumpPRO has an additional power coating.

Due to the design and the added strength and how a rectangular trampoline guides the jumper to stay where they jumped, it also means the trampoline can usually take a higher maximum weight limit. This is a prime example for the JumpPRO in that its only a 9ft trampoline compared to a Ultima 4 8ft but this has a 150kg weight limit which is 23 stone, a huge difference in maximum weight capacity.

Marketing also plays a part in the price as customers looking for a trampoline generally look for a round shaped option. So as a rectangular option is less popular so a higher price, trampoline manufactures and retailers tend to sell them at a higher price as they are not as popular.

Maximum Weight for a Round vs Rectangular Trampoline

The Maximum weight a trampoline can take is one of the most important areas to look at when choosing a trampoline, no matter what shape it is. If your child or adult is heavier than the trampoline is designed for, the matt will stretch too far and could tear as well as possible bottoming out and touching the ground which could cause shock to the feet, knees and overall body.

A round trampoline in the UK has a starting maximum weight of 75kg or upwards, however depending on the trampoline this could be 85kg or over 100kg in weigh so an adult could use it to.

Here are some examples of the weight different sized trampolines can take

Round Trampolines –

  • 8ft Zero Gravity – 75kg – 11st 8lb
  • 10ft JumpPRO Xcel – 120kg – 18 stone
  • 10ft Salta Pink – 120kg – 18 stone
  • 12ft JumpPRO Xcel – 150kg – 23 stone
  • 12ft Salta – 120kg – 18 stone
  • 14ft Zero Gravity – 100kg – 15 stone 7lb
  • 14ft Plum MagnitudeOpens in a new tab. – 127kg – 20 stone

Rectangular Trampolines –

  • 7ft x 5ft Salta – 100kg – 15 stone 7lb
  • 9ft x 6ft JumpPRO Xcel – 150kg – 23 stone
  • 10ft x 7ft Supertramp – 90kg – 14 stone
  • 10ft x 7ft Salta – 120kg – 18 stone
  • 12ft x 7ft Salta – 180kg – 28 stone
  • 14ft x 8ft – 180kg – 28 stone
  • 23ft x 10ft JumpPRO – 180kg – 28 stone

As you can see, the maximum weight a rectangular trampoline can take is a good percentage higher than a round trampoline.

For example, many rectangular trampolines can hold up to 28 stone such as the 12ft 7x Salta trampoline. This extra weight is due to how the springs on a rectangular only work so there’s much less energy used to can hold the added weight. On a round trampoline they all work together which dives downwards and means less weight can be held on the trampoline.

The main reason a rectangular trampoline is usually purchase is for gymnastics, clubs, schools and events. Whereas a round trampoline as become the standard for back gardens however Oval trampolines are also available for odd shaped gardens for gardens that have a tricky space and a round trampoline won’t fit.

Saying that, if you have a rectangular garden then of course a rectangular trampoline would make perfect sense.

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