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Rectangular Gymnastics Trampolines for Sale

What are the Best Gymnastics Rectangular Trampolines?

The 9ft x 6ft JumpPRO Rectangular Trampoline Xcite with Enclosure

Here’s the first professional gymnastics style rectangular trampoline we have for you, the lowest cost option from JumpPRO who provide some of the strongest trampolines due to their large maximum user weight.

This 9ft x 6ft trampoline can take a maximum weight of 23 stone which equates to 150kg. This is pretty strong indeed to can accommodate any children and adults to, please though only make sure one individual uses the trampoline at one time.

With it being so easy for two or more people to collide, trampoline brands recommend one at a time to avoid any injuries. Also, if the maximum weight is exceeded then this can end up bottoming out the trampoline pad but also look to tear or and also break the springs or overall put undue stress on the frame itself.

Saying that, this is the same with any trampoline so lets get onto talking more about this trampoline.

It has a total jump area of 38.92 (Sq.ft) or 3.62 (Sq.m) which works out as 8ft x 5ft jumping space. The sleek look means this looks terrific in any garden with its strong galvanised frame which has been added to reduce or look to eliminate the likelihood of rust which can damage and weaker the frame and springs themselves.

The padding is green as you can see so allows this to colour coordinate and blend into the garden well. Hours of fun, outdoor play and exercise can be had with this trampoline with children gaining not only cardiovascular exercise but an increase in strength as well as skills including coordination, balance and gymnastic moves.

As you may have seen, a rectangular trampoline is the shape used by gymnastics and professionals which means the bounce is different to a round trampoline. You do not tend to have bounce back on a rectangular shapes whereas a round shape will tend to guide you back to the centre, this is not the case with a rectangular version.

However, this trampoline has a sweet spot that when you bounce here you will receive the highest bounce.

For safety, this JumpPRO Xcite has the springs enclosed and hidden on the outside of the netting away from children’s fingers and toes which could result in injuries if they were in reach. Added safety has bene incorporated via a zipped entrance in the netting which allows entrance and exit and to seal the netting when in use.

Size 9ft x 6ft Rectangular
Jumping Area
38.92 (Sq.ft) or 3.62 (Sq.m)
Is a Ladder Included?
Is a Cover Included?
Number of Springs
Max User Weight
150kg or 23 stone
Frame Warranty
1 Year
Spring Warranty
1 Year
Padding Warranty
1 Year
Safety Net Warranty
1 Year
Bed Warranty
1 Year

7ft x 5ft Salta Pink Rectangular Trampoline Comfort Edition

An extremely stylish striking in colour pink rectangular trampolineOpens in a new tab. with very strong galvanised frame for superb durability and looking to have resistance to rust which that would be detrimental to standard steel.

The total bounce area available for this is 15 (Sq. ft.) or 1.3 (Sq. m) and can take a maximum weight of 15 ½ stone which is the same as 100kg. This means all children can use this trampoline for the fun and exercise hours at a time as well as many adults to (but not all at the same time to remove the likelihood of collisions)

This Salta trampolines frame will last you many years and all for an affordable price range. This trampoline will fit easily in most gardens and abides by the very strict safety standards that all trampoline brands are use when designing and manufacturing their trampolines.

The frame has been finished off with a black glossy coating overtop of the galvanised steel so this gives it a modern look and to keep its look for the years ahead.

At the top of the trampoline is the steel top ring which allows the safety netting to provide the eye catching shape using a soft fine mesh that will keep its tightness when children bounce into it.

Safety continues with a 2cm thick and 2.9cm wide pink protective padding around the edge. This not only protects children from the frame but even more importantly, from the metal springs. The springs are 5.5” (14cm) in length and connect to the high quality heavy duty polypropylene material which has been used for the bed.

There are so many trampoline related injurie reported each year, it’s great to eliminate any catching of fingers or toes on the galvanised conical springs due to them being completely shielded from children.

Finally when it comes to safety, you have the netting mesh with a double sided zip so this can be opened or closed for when the trampoline is in use and seal the netting shut.

If this pink colour is not good for you then you will be pleased to hear that this Salta Comfort Edition comes in both black and green as well as a range of many other sizes.

Size7ft x 5ft
Jump Area15 (Sq. ft.) or 1.3 (Sq. m)
Ladder Included?No
Cover Included?No
Shoe Store Included?No
Number of Springs44
Spring Length5.5" or 14cm
Pad Thickness2cm
Frame Diameter3.4cm
Top Rail Height62cm
Maximum User Weight15 1/2 stone or 100kg
Frame Warranty2 Years
Spring Warranty1 Year
Pad Warranty1 Year
Net Warranty2 Years
Bed Warranty2 Years

Where to Buy – 

Madfun.co.ukOpens in a new tab.

The BERG 9ft x 6ft 2” Grey Ultim Favorit 280 Rectangular Trampoline

Here is the BERG 9ft x 6ft 2” rectangular trampoline from their Favorit range with its 38.65 (Sq. ft.) or 3.59 (Sq. m) jumping area and 11st or 70kg maximum user weight limit using 44 x 7.5” Springs.

BERG have designed this trampoline to balance between the safety it offers as well as durability and the price. This rectangular trampoline offers the jumper what’s called the jumping line compared to jumping point as found on round trampolines.

What this means is that with a rectangular trampoline, children can bounce with safety in a larger number of ways compared with a significant amount of the trampoline bounce area being used. This means gymnastic and acrobatic moves can be performed due to the length compared to a round trampoline.

As this is not the largest by far, this can stand in small or medium sized gardens and not take up the whole space, at least in a medium sized garden. Please allow a three foot space around the edge to allow for the stretching of the safety enclosure netting which comes as standard with not just this BERG trampoline but all new trampolines in the UK.

BERG have included their GoldSpring Solo which consist of the springs providing superb flexibility and strength for a lovely bounce all day long. Jumping on a trampoline offers exceedingly good cardio and fitness benefits from strength increase to balance and coordination improvements in children.

The springs themselves are attached to the bed using triangle eyes which have been stitches 8 times for strong, solid and a long life.

As with many trampolines that offer high quality, this offers a galvanised frame for again, strength and durability and to help eliminate the likelihood of rust and corrosion. Lower prices and lower quality frames may come with standard steel so it is very much worth investing in a trampoline with a galvanised frame.

Underneath you have spring brackets which make sure that when the trampoline is lifted from the ground the legs do not fall out of place. This means when you are assembling this trampoline, it can be moved without the legs falling off.

Around the edge you have the padding which is 36-38 cm wide and covers the springs so they are away from little fingers and toes. Additionally, the padding offers a softer fall rather than colliding with a metal frame.

BERG are very confident in their product, so their frame has an immense 5 year warranty with the springs, netting, padding and bed all having an excellent 2 year warranty. This is significantly better than most other trampoline brands.

Size9ft x 6ft 2
Jump Area38.65 (Sq. ft.) or 3.59 (Sq. m)
Number of Springs44
Spring Length7.5" or 19cm
Pad Thickness20mm tapered to 10mm
Top Rail Height60cm
Maximum Weight Limit11st / 70kg
Frame Warranty5 Years
Spring Warranty2 Years
Bed Warranty2 Years
Pad Warranty2 Years
Net Warranty2 Years

Where to Buy –

Madfun.co.ukOpens in a new tab.


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