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Kick and Electric Razor Scooters

Kick Razor Scooter Reviews

The Razor S Sport Scooter for Kids

This great looking Razor kick Scooter comes in either Blue, Pink or Red which we chose blue for our review.

The handlebar height is 61cm with the handlebars being fixed and a 2 wheel scooter. The wheels themselves are made from Polyurethane so anyone who has this scooter, it would be interesting to hear how long you found the wheels lasted on concrete.

At the time of writing, there are over 1600 ratings at Amazon which a summary of these you can find below as we have gone through all of their reviews to provide you with a useful summary.

The Razor scooterOpens in a new tab. itself is made from steel which gives it fantastic strength and stability when being ridden and it will keep this strength no matter how much it’s used.

A high grip deck which can take up to 100kg in rider weight even though this is advertised for kids, it can easily take a teenagers weight going by those specs.

The scooter itself is foldable and very easy to carry and aimed at children over the age of 6 and around 10 as a maximum age.

This is an S Real Steel model with 80% of the scooter being made from metal and 20% of plastic. Its full weight is 2.43 so easy to carry for short distances, maybe down to the park or school run. No matter what the time of year, this can be ridden all year around by both boys and girlsOpens in a new tab..


Razor S Sport Scooter for Boys and Girls

This awesome Real Unisex Kick Scooter is ideal fun for children of a variety of ages. It has been designed for both street and stunt use and made from the highest quality materials.

As it foldable, it’s very easy indeed to store and carry around so you can simply take it in the car on journeys or just down your local park or school run with no hassle.

Due to the best materials, this Razor scooter will last years and take on whatever terrain and use you throw at it. If you are looking for one of the best scooters on the market for your children’s age then this is a very good contender.

Who are Razor?

Razor are one of or the most well-known and popular scooter brands available in the United Kingdom and worldwide. They have been in business providing the best scooters to families since the year 2000 when they took their kick scooters and became a household name for many families.

Since they began back in 2000 they have now sold over 34 million scooters as well as 13 million electric scooters and become the name in scooter designs, features and innovations.

They do not just sell scooters but cover the outdoor toy range in motion including electric skateboards, hoverboards and turbo-powered heel wheels so a fantastic range each providing amazing outdoor fun.

Steel T-Tube Scooter Stability

This Razor Scooter is made from very strong and durable Steel T-Tube which provides both strength and stability and superior too many other brands. These features are still in effect no matter what terrain of street quality you ride it on.

The foam handles form the grip which are comfortable and provide an easy to control scooter at all time while you are in motion.

Easy Fold Store or Carry

When you receive your Razor Scooter it comes folded, simply pull the level and press the deck and the scooter unfolds. You can fold the Razor back down to store away in a cupboard and minimise space or to carry to the park, school or short journeys in hand or in the car.

The deck itself is designed to take up to 100kg in weight so can easily take the pressure of an adult’s foot when unfolding the scooter.

Rear Fender Brake

We are seeing how the Urethane wheels fair over time on concrete but Razor advise this material can take on the most demanding terrain and surfaces. The material provides sufficient grip and durability over time so this is a promising piece of information from Razor.

Each of the Razor scooters including this S Sport has been engineered to be fun to ride and slick. It also provides a reason for children to be more active and get outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine instead of sitting in front of a games console. Age wise this is for ages of 6 and above with the fender brake at the rear allowing safe slowdown to stop while they are riding outdoors and keeping active.

At the time of writing, this fun scooter has over 1606 ratings at Amazon spanning over 200 individual reviews. What we have done is browse each one to see what Razor customers have fed back and here is a summary of the pro and cons from families already having fun with a S Sport Scooter –


  • Sturdy enough for an adult of 90kg
  • Does not rattle like some scooters
  • Built to a high standard
  • Folds down very easily
  • Brake works well
  • Easy to assemble
  • Handlebars are a good height


  • Not a stunt scooter
  • Handlebars a little narrow
  • Folding mechanism is a little unprecise
  • Flimsy axel nut
  • Handlebars not height adjustable
  • Metal brake can bend if used for tricks
BrakingRear Braking
SizeOne Size
StyleS Real Steel
Frame MaterialAluminium
Material Composition80% Metal, 20% Plastic
Weight2.43 Kilograms
Material TypeAluminium
Number of items1
SeasonsAll Year Round
SportScooters & Equipment
Wheel Size15 Centimetres
Batteries Included?No
Maximum Rider Weight100kg
Product Dimensions59.5 x 11.5 x 15.5 cm; 2.76 Kilograms

Where to Buy –

Amazon.co.ukOpens in a new tab.



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