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Simplyfun’s Privacy Policy

This page covers the Privacy Policy of Simplyfun.co.uk, an online review and affiliate website within the Outdoor Children’s Toy industry. Here below we cover the use of any personal data from the visitor.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) requires we advised on the use of any data accessed or handled by Simplyfun.

We very much appreciate the importance of the storage and processing of your personal information and the keeping of the data in a safe, secure and private manner.

This privacy policy is our commitment to you and other customer’s details and information in the secure manner you would expect. This is in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

What data and information does Simplyfun collect and how is it used

As Simplyfun is an informational based blog and affiliate website, we do not at this present time collect any personal information such as name, address, phone number as examples as there are no ordering processes.

When we begin a newsletter part of our business, we may collect your name and email address via a secure online service with no data collected being stored locally on any device belonging to Simplyfun.

Does Simplyfun share any data sent to us?

Simplyfun may receive data from customers in response to an article, discussion or affiliate offer even if this is not required by us. This information will be never shared with third party companies such as merchants and retailers we have direct relations with over items reviewed on our website.

We will NOT sell any information that maybe sent to us on any communication means from email to Social media.

We will NOT share any personal information to third party retailers, merchants of advertising networks.

How do we protect your information?

As we do not process any transactions, no data is passed to any secure online payment processors.


Overtime we may establish links from our website to other companies that enable you to move to their website from Simplyfun. These links pass no personal data from Simplyfun to these companies. Please note these third party companies are not under our control and do not contribute to any articles or reviews on Simplyfun.

When you click through to any of these sites, a technical cookie is passed which is common practise over the internet. This may lead to affiliate commissions to Simplyfun from these companies, again no personal information is ever passed to a company with an affiliate commission business relationship.

Simplyfun cannot accept any responsibility for any issues arising from connection to a website away from ours. The services and how they may collect data and completely independent to our website and business.

Simplyfun is committed to the protection of any data going forward, if you have any questions over our Privacy Policy then please feel free to get in contact via Contact@Simplyfun.co.uk