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Plumplay Trampoline Reviews 8ft 10ft 12ft 14ft

PlumPlay Trampoline Reviews

The Plumplay Trampoline range include this fantastic Magnitude
This is the magnificant Plumplay trampoline with a range of features in both design and safety.

The Plumplay Trampoline Review

Plum, also known as PlumPlay offer a fantastic range of garden trampolines from 8ft right up to 14ft so there is something for any size of garden. Plum have been in business for over 25 years so that’s a very significant amount of experience when it comes to designing, implementing and providing outdoor toys to you and other families throughout the United Kingdom and Worldwide.

You maybe looking at what range of cheap trampolines are available in the UK, we advise to look at high quality instead such as the Plum range as you tend to get what you pay for and we believe safety is much more important than price.

Plum’s trampolines have amazing features and very strong specifications with a very good range of maximum user weights and patent designs that no other trampoline manufacturer are allowed to use or implement.

Trampolines are a excellent way for children to have fun outdoors and receive very important exercise so Plum are proud of their range and the safety features included with each and every trampoline.

Many other companies may outsource design but Plum have an in-house team who constant work on the research and design of their range with a great look to their trampolines and overall giving the best bounce experience children and adults on the higher spec ranges of these awesome outdoor trampolines.

One of the patents Plum have to their name is their 3G safety enclosure system. This provides no space between the trampoline and the enclosureOpens in a new tab., also preventing children from coming into contact with the metal springs so much safer than standard trampoline designs but also providing as much jump space as possible, all looking great at the same time.

Plum have three main styles of trampoline, these at the time of writing are the Space Zone 2, the Magnitude and Whirlwind. Their Space Zone 2 is a more entry level model whereas the Magnitude is their pride and joy with the illusion of space due to the enclosure bowing inwards however the Space Zone 2 is a more traditional design with the whirlwind being based around a more quirky look and bright foams for that overall fun factor.

The Plum Whirlwind Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

We haven’t mentioned the Plum Whirlwind trampoline on Simpylfun much, however it’s available directly off of Plums Trampoline website at Plumplay.co.uk and it looks pretty quirky. It actually comes in a range of sizes which are 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and a large 14ft. With yellow uprights than bend to the right, it almost looks like it has been given a tornado shape, but you can be rest assured Plum have engineered this trampoline to be very safety and not just given it a different look for fun, escuse the pun.

This garden Plum trampoline will last your family years and has the neon swirl enclosure which is the proper name given, to protect whoever is bouncing on this trampoline from the springs giving this a great safety level.

The frame is the expected galvanised steel which you find on all of Plums range of trampoline with again as you may know already, the springs are zinc coated for a longer life and gives them this weatherproof protection.

The Plum Play Space Zone 2 Trampoline with Enclosure Netting

Plum have a great range of trampolines, the Space Zone 2 being their lowest cost option but with the same exceedingly high quality features and safety specifications.

Plum have taken great pride in the many years they have been in business in developing state of the art trampolines with safety a major priority and all models abide by the European Safety standards.

So, the Ultima 4 is their baseline model an amazing for children to play on and comes in sizes 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft so no matter what size garden you have and the age of your children, they have a Space Zone which will suit your family well.

Trampolines are a tremendous outdoor toy (PlumPlay sell a great range of other outdoor toys) but trampolines themselves offer a fantastic way for children to receive aerobic activities and cardiovascular health. Also, improving their balance and coordination but at the end of the day, a trampoline is just Simplyfun – boom boom.

The Plum Ultima 2 offers an array of features including their very strong galvanised steel frame which will last many years. This in comparison to standard steel is hands down much strong, superior and will not degrade and become a safety hazard due to increased weakness.

Plum have gone that extra mile and given their trampoline springs a zinc coating which again, gives a longer life to this very important part of a trampoline but with zinc coating, rust will have a very hard time which means rust free trampoline frames and springs.

Plum have been very busy and have their own patents as we have mentioned on previous reviews. The first to discuss here is their very efficient 3G safety enclosure system. What this does and achieves is to give the enclosure a curved design which gives the maximum space for children to play but also results in them keeping out the way of the springs which if they caught on them, could cause injury and distress.

A trampoline as we know is for jumping so a sufficient bounce but also cushioning is required to limit any GeForce on children’s feet, ankles, legs and body. Plum have their durable jump mat which gives a very good performance.

Around the edge you have sufficient padding which are waterproof and attached to the arms incase children were to collide with the enclosure. There is also adding padding over the springs as well as the frame so when you incorporate with the 3G curved system you have a fantastic play area outdoors and very safe for all ages ranges when jumping all over the place and having fun.

Maximum User Weight
12stone - 75kg
15stone 7 - 100kg
20 stone or 125kg
15st 7lb / 100kg

PlumPlay’s Magnitude Trampoline in Sizes 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft

Plum have their amazing Magnitude which is their superior trampoline which as above comes in four different sizes, the smallest being 8ft and the largest being 14t.

As you would expect with this exceptional company providing outdoor toys, it comes with the well-established galvanised steel which is incredibly strong compared to standard steel which can become weakened in a short space of time due to rust.

Whichever trampoline size you choose from in the magnitude range, all sizes are suitable for all ages of children but as we have mentioned throughout Simplyfun, we do not recommended more than one child or adult on a trampoline at once. This is to eliminate injuries via collisions which are a substantial number in the UK each year and often require hospital visits, so please be careful.

Saying that, when it comes to safety as you would expect from such a reputable company they have taken this very seriously. To the point that PlumPlay have their own patent when it comes to their safety enclosure. You don’t just get a standard safety enclosure and netting when you invest in a Plum Magnitude trampolineOpens in a new tab., you get their superb 3G curved system.

This 3G enclosure system is designed to curve which maximises the amount of space children can jump but also, due to the curve keeps the metal springs out of harm’s way. It’s very difficult for children to come into contact with the spring area, even though they are also covered in a safety protective padding.

Strength in design is one of Plums leading factors in their popularity in not just the UK, but worldwide. Another patent on top of the 3G system already mentioned above, is their Tramp Klamp system. This is a very good alternative to trampoline joints which can become weak over time. The Tramp Klamp system is a bracket based design which encases the frames joints away from Mother Nature to seek to eliminate rust as well as using the already galvanised steel frame.

A superior trampoline already to many low cost alternatives, what you also have are zinc coated springs. This prolongs their life but also helps to provide a better bounce when attached to their durable jumping mat.

When assembling this trampoline you will find the excellent leg locking system which is a push button design and helps minimise assembly time and complexity. With the spring loading too provided, the Plum Magnitude is just a joy from building to the hours, days, weeks and years of fun to be had for your children.

Each trampoline no matter what make or style has a maximum user weight that has been tested, so this is a very important number to bear in mind. Always make sure whoever is jumping on the trampoline is under the weight limit of each trampoline. If this user weight is exceeded you can have the bounce mat bottoming out and hitting the ground which could cause injury to children but also put undue pressure on the trampoline and break one of more of the parts, which again could lead to injury.

Here is a list of the maximum user weights for the Plum Magnitude –

Maximum User Weight
12stone or 75kg
15stone 7 - 100kg
20 stone or 127kg
20 stone or 127kg


The Great Plum Magnitude Trampolines with Enclosure

Why the Plum Magnitude Trampoline?

The Plum Magnitude trampoline and enclosure are one of the most well know and popular trampolines available in the UK and from Plumplay.

We discuss here on why the Plum Trampolines are a very good make of trampoline as a whole.

The amazing 8ft Plum Magnitude and included Safety Enclosure main image with zipped entrance in the netting

The Plum Magnitude comes in sizes 8ftOpens in a new tab., 10ft, 12ft and 14ft with its infamous bowed enclosure giving it the sense of space. The maximum user weight for each is not as high as such companies as JumpPRO but they are designed so children of any age can bounce on their Plum trampoline for hours each day, every day of the year.

Plum have high confidence in their trampoline range with each of the Magnitudes with a superb 5 years warranty. This is significantly more than most trampoline Brands, with a heavy duty polypropylene bed, any Magnitude trampoline is an amazing investment for your children and family.

Let’s talk about the 8ft Plum Magnitude and its included Enclosure

The 8ft Magnitude is a great option for your children’s first garden trampoline, especially if they are at the younger age of childhood. If they are older, then this is where maybe a 12ft or 14ft foot would be a better option but no matter what size you chose, their features are all very similar.

Plum as a company have a range of patents for parts of their design, they have their 3G curved enclosure which helps to increase the space available to bounce but keeps the springs out of children’s reach.

Each of the Magnitude trampolines are also assembled using Plum’s Tramp Klamp system which encases the joints so rust cannot take hold which in turn keeps the trampolines strength for years to come.

The frame on each magnitude has been galvanised which means this is also incredibly strong and again, helps to prevent rust buildups. In turn this leads to longer trampoline life and keeps the integrity of the steel used.


  • Strong Galvanised Steel frame which encases the joints so protecting them from rust.
  • Plums patent 3G safety enclosure which prevents children reaching the springs but also keeping the jump space at a maximum
  • Zinc coated springs for durability, lift length and giving the best bounce possible
  • Plums leg locking push button system locking the legs in place
  • Spring loading tool for easy trampoline assembly
  • Comes flat packed with very easy instructions to follow
Jump Area28.3 (Sq. ft.) or 2.6 (Sq. m)50.3 (Sq. ft.) or 4.7 (Sq. m)78.5 (Sq. ft.) or 7.3 (Sq. m)113.1 (Sq. ft.) or 10.5 (Sq. m)
Ladder IncludedNoNoNoNo
Cover IncludedNoNoNoNo
Shoe Store IncludedNoNoNoNo
Number of Springs42607280
Spring Length5.5" (14cm)5.5" (14cm)7" (17.8cm)7" (17.8cm)
Pad Thickness20mm20mm20mm20mm
Frame Diameter38mm38mm38mm38mm
Top Rail Height60cm72cm89cm89cm
Max User Weight120kg of 75kg15 stone or 100kg20 stone or 127kg20 stone or 127kg
Frame Warranty5 Years5 Years5 Years5 Years
Spring Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year
Bed Warranty2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years
Pad Warranty2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years
Net Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year

The 12ft Whirlwind Trampoline from Plum

Very stylish, here is the 12ft Whirlwind Trampoline and Enclosure from Plumplay.

As you can see from the images, this Plum Whirlwind trampoline enclosure has uprights that have been given a significant change in design to give the impression of a whirlwind.

Plum have spent many years indeed designing and manufacturing trampolines, this has been designed for performance with safety still as paramount as any other trampoline they provide to you and other families around the world.

The materials used for this are exceptional and the overall look to be a talking point for now and in the future. The neon swirls used on the enclosure have also been designed to protect children from the springs as they arc inwards.

A 12ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. such as this is a medium to large trampoline so please measure your garden first, giving enough space around the edge for the netting to stretch and no hazards to be in the immediate error. This space varies from trampoline to brand to brand but a minimum of 3 foot all around is highly recommended.

The frame itself has been galvanised and the springs themselves given a zinc coating. This galvanisation on the frame give it superb strength and look to keep rust at bay whilst the zinc on the springs gives extra durability throughout their life but still giving a strong bounce.

Both of these parts are weatherproof so this Plum Whirlwind trampolineOpens in a new tab. is a great investment and will give your children years of fun and exercise in the garden. Outdoor play is so important, not just for the cardiovascular benefits but overall health as well as skills including balance, coordination and overall strength building.

Features –

Galvanised frame providing years of use via solid steel and protected against rust

Plums Tramp Klamp system to secure the legs and frame joints in place giving very good overall stability

High quality zinc coated springs that are protected from the jumper via the enclosure uprights

A jumping mat connected to the enclosure via small eyelets giving a final springsafe design.

Plums 3G safety enclosure that has a patent and protects children’s fingers via the curves in the enclosure itself.

Where to Buy –


The Plum 10ft Space Zone 2 Trampoline and Safety Enclosure

This is the Plum 10ft Space Zone 2 Trampoline with Safety Enclosure - Main image

The 10ft Plum Space Zone 2 trampoline is a very popular trampoline, this 10ft sized Plum trampoline comes with a safety enclosure as standard. With an extremely strong galvanised trampoline frame, this is significantly enhanced compared to standard steel which can easily gather rust and lose its strength. The galvanisation applied will give this 10ft Plum trampoline a very good long life before it would require replacing.

Plum as a trampoline company are one of the best you will find in the UK with a range of patent design features that only they can provide in their trampolines. One of these is their 3G curved enclosure which is designed to protect children from the metal springs to keep them safe but also very clever, it provides the maximum jump space available at the same time.

Moving on, each of the very strong springs is zinc coated which assists in a superb bounce experience for your children. The Space Zone 2 as can see is just excellent, following on from the original Space Zone which has been an amazingly popular trampoline for many years.

When it comes to patent design features you also have the Plum Tramp Klamp bracket system which again, other companies are not allowed to copy or incorporate. What this does is encase joints away from the element which again assists in reducing or eliminating rust.

When it comes to jumping, Plum have provided an extremely durable jumping mat for a great bounce along with weatherproof pads which cover and cushion the springs and frame. If children were to run into the frame, this cushioning with help to reduce or eliminate injury.

Please allow around 2 hours to assemble this trampoline, it comes flat packed for delivery and included is a spring loading tool which assists in stretching the springs from the jump mat and connecting to the frame with ease.



Safety is paramount with any trampoline so you should know that all new trampoline sold in the UK are by law, to provide a safety enclosureOpens in a new tab. and connected netting.

We all appreciate toys need to go through vigorous testing before being allowed to go on sale for families to invest in. The EU Standards are tough and this Space Zone 2 trampoline passed the requirements with ease. This was to provide a cycle test of 1,000,000 bounces which it achieved very easily.

Please be aware, trampoline manufactures and retailers both advise only one youngster to bounce on a trampoline at once. The maximum weight limit for this 10ft PlumOpens in a new tab. Space Zone 2 is 100kg which is the same as 15 ½ stone.

This means it has easily enough strength for one children, two at a push but as advised this is not recommended for safety purposes which means pretty much possible collisions. However due to the max weight being between 15 and 16 stone, many parents an adults can enjoy the fun on this trampoline and not push the trampoline to its limits.

Where to Buy

Galvanised Steel Frame
No ladder or cover included
Zinc Coated springs
There are trampolines with a higher weight
Patent Plum 3G Curved Enclosure
Rust Free Protection
High quality durable bouncemat
Spring loading tool provided
100kg 15 1/2 stone Max User Weight
5 Year warranty on the frame
10ft Round
Pure Black
Max Jump Area
50.3 (Sq. ft.) or 4.7 (Sq. m)
Number of Springs
Spring Length
5.5" (14cm)
Bed Material
Heavy Duty Polypropylene
Safety Pad Thickness
Frame Diameter3.8cm
Top Rail Height
Max User Weight
100kg or 15stone 7lb
Frame Warranty
5 Years
Spring Warranty
1 Year
Bed Warranty
2 Years
Safety Pad Warranty
2 Years
Safety Net Warranty
1 Year


The 8ft Plum Space Zone 2 Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

An example of the 8ft Plum Space Zone 2, side image

One of Plums smallest trampolines but very popular indeed, we have here the Plum 8ft Space Zone 2 trampoline along with safety enclosure and netting which by law, is to be included as well as any new trampoline in the UK.

There are some fantastic features of the Ultima 4 which will give any parent peace of mind that children are enjoying this trampoline with safety a hugely important part of their mission to provide trampolines throughout the UK and Worldwide.

Starting with, the galvanised steel frame which is a superior alternative to standard steel which is very prone to rust, deterioration and weakness which can be very bad for safety if the frame starts to buckle. With galvanised steel, this is pretty much eliminated and stay rust free but also prolongs the life of the trampoline frame due to its increased strength.

Plum provide a great range of outdoor toys, so many children are not able to play outdoors but when they can, they absolutely love a trampoline. It’s not just the fun but also the good endorphins exercise gives off which children do not realise they are receiving. Exercising on a trampoline provides a stimulus for muscle growth and strength, cardiovascular benefits, coordination and balance improvements.

To provide a better bounce and also long lasting springs, Plumplay have given each spring a zinc coating. These can then be attached to the bounce mat using the included spring loading tool, each trampoline on average can take around 2 hours to assemble with 2 adults required.

So back to the features. You have a very durable jumpmat which will keep its strength and smoothness even under sunlight whereas lower quality mats from some companies can cause the UV rays from sun to deteriorate the material and cause disintegration.

As you know, the springs and the trampoline frame are made from metal so colliding with this would be painful and possible cause injury or catching themselves on the springs. So Plum have very sufficient padding covering the springs to protect children if they do come into contact with them. Additionally, there is padding all over the frame so if they run into the metal, again minimising or hopefully eliminating any injury or upset.

The stringent safety standards a trampoline manufacturer has to perform on their products is very tough. However, Plums Space ZoneOpens in a new tab. 2 passed with flying colours before being released on the market for families to enjoy.

The Ultima 4 was put through a tough 1,000,000 bounces which is way over the required amount to pass. There was literally no cracking to the frame and now enjoyed by 1000’s familes around the UK. This trampoline comes flat packed in 2 boxes with easy to follow instructions, once built it has a 60cm height from the ground.

Depending on how old your children are, they may struggle to get onto it or find it easy but either way we recommend purchasing a ladder to get on and off, but unfortunately Plum to do not supply one as standards but this is quite common through trampoline manufacturers.

Is a Ladder Included
Is a Cover Included
Shoe Store?
How Many Springs
Spring Size
5.5" (14cm)
Trampoline Bed
Heavy Duty Polyproplene
Safety Pad Thickness
Frame Diameter

Maximum Weight it can take
12stone or 75kg
Frame Warranty Length
5 Years
Spring Warranty
1 Year
Bed Warranty
2 Years
Pad Warranty
2 Years
Safety Net Warranty
1 Year

Who Are PlumPlay Products?

Plum Products have been providing superb trampolinesOpens in a new tab. and their Outdoor Toy range for over two and a half decades, yep that is over 25 years now and going strong. Their passion is second to none and a household name for many families who have invested in one of more of their range for children in so many families.

The enjoyment of a trampoline from PlumOpens in a new tab. is exceedingly not just fun but provides important exercise and health benefits for children. Plum have spent a considerable amount of time and resources coming up with innovative designs and safety features.  This provides safe outdoor play with peace of mind you have in invested in a product that gives the best outdoor experience in your garden for your children and family.

Plum have a range of Patents they have come up with, their 3G Safety Enclosure System enabling children to have the maximum space available when jumping but the enclosure having a sufficient curve that the metal springs are out of harm’s way and very hard for children to reach them.

Safety is so important when it comes to trampoline play so the safety enclosureOpens in a new tab. that Plum provide is the main defence from children falling off. The enclosures themselves are pleasing to the eye and great designs. The Plum Magnitude for example bows outwards and gives the illusion of a little more space whereas the Space Zone trampolines have a more elegant look. Lastly, the Plum Whirlwind has a great funky swirl which looks a little like a tornado and comes with bright foam and overall, all their ranges are just great fun.

Where to Buy –

PlumPlay.co.ukOpens in a new tab.


12ft Plum Space Zone 2 Trampoline and Enclosure

We have here the large 12ft Plum Space Zone 2 trampoline along with all the Plum trampolines, come with safety enclosure by default which all new trampolines sold in the UK should come with.

Strength is extremely important with a trampoline, not just for children’s safety but to prolong the life of the frame without having to invest in a new trampoline. The trampoline frame for this Space Zone 2 has been galvanised to overall protect it from rust which would easily cause a frame to weaken and become a safety hazard.

Additionally, prolonging the springs is very important to so Plum have coated these with a high quality zinc coating which also give the trampoline a great bounce experience for hours at a time. The quality and safety does not end there, Plum have their own patent for their safety enclosure with this model which is their very well respected 3G curved enclosure which looks to maximise the bouncing area.

Jumping on a trampoline is fantastic exercise for all ages, outdoor play seems to lowered over the last few years so to help improve children’s cardiovascular health, mobility, balance, strength and coordination this Plum 12ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. is a fantastic choice for medium to large gardens.

A total of 78.5 (Sq. ft.) or 7.3 (Sq. m) space for jumping, this trampoline uses a total of 72 very strong springs connected to a heavy duty polypropylene trampoline bed. A little higher than most, this Space Zone 2 can take a maximum weight of 125kg for one user which works out as 20 stone.

As you can tell this could mean many adults in your family can also enjoy a bouncing experience as long as you only have one person on this trampoline at a time, not just to keep the maximum weight below the limit but also to eliminate the possibility of any collisions which is easy to do when two or more bouncers at one time use this trampoline.

What we love which you don’t see, is the 5 year frame warranty. This is much higher than most trampoline brands and variations whereas many others even though the frame maybe galvanised, only have a 1 year’s warranty.


When it come to the frames structure and assembly, Plum have another patent design which is their Klamp Tramp bracket system which encases the joints to give even more protection from rust. This again, adds a longer life to their frame which can be another reason they offer the 5 year warranty and not a shorter length of time.

When you do come to assemble this, pulling the springs over the frame from the mat is very easy with the included spring loading tool.

The mat itself provides a great bounce with padding added through the trampoline covering the springs and the frame.

Any trampoline to date has to pass very strict EU standards which means a minimum of 1,000,000 bounces without the frame cracking, this 12ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. passed very easily.

Upon delivery this Plum trampolineOpens in a new tab. comes flat packed.

Jump Area78.5 (Sq. ft.) or 7.3 (Sq. m)
Number of Springs72
Spring Length7" (17.8cm)
Bed MaterialHeavy Duty Polypropylene
Pad Thickness2cm
Frame Diameter3.8cm
Top Rail Height89cm
Max User Weight125kg or 20stone
Frame Warranty5 Years
Spring Warranty1 Year
Bed Warranty2 Years
Padding Warranty2 Years
Safety Net Warranty1 Year

Where to Buy –

10ft Plum Magnitude Trampoline with Enclosure


All of Plums trampolines including this 10ft Plum MagnitudeOpens in a new tab. come with a high quality galvanised frame which will prolong the life of the 10ft trampoline and enclosure due to the galvanisation which gives the frame added strength.

As well as the increased strength compared to standard steel used on lower quality trampolines, this also reduces the amount of rust that could accumulate on the frame leading to weakness and possibly buckling.

The 10ft Plum Magnitude Trampoline side image with enclosure and zipped enterance

Additionally, the trampoline springs themselves have been given a coating of zinc which again will give them a longer life and also a great bounce experience for children to enjoy.

Many of the top 10ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. brands have their own designs and patents for their designs, Plum have their 3G Curved enclosure which keeps the springs out of reach but also a superb curved look to the trampoline and still maximising the jumping space available.

Also in their design which is also a patent is their Tramp Klamp system which eliminates rust by encasing the frame joints and protecting them from rust as well as using the galvanised steel we have already mentioned.

When you go to assemble this trampoline you will find the very sturdy push button leg locking system as well an included spring loading tool to attach the springs from the bed to the frame easily and without stress.

Key Features –

  • Plums Tramp Klamp patent system that combines the galvanised steel frame with the joint encasing to eliminate rust. This will extend the life of the frame and reduce the likelihood of structural damage and weakening.
  • Plums 3G Enclosure which provides the maximum amount of spaceOpens in a new tab. available for bouncing but keeps children out of reach of the springs.
  • High quality springs now with a coating of zinc to extend their life and give a great bouncing experience.
  • Trampoline legs that are locked into place with the PlumOpens in a new tab. push button locking system
  • Included spring loading tool for easy assembly
  • Delivered flat packed with easy to follow instructions.
  • Plum have a fantastic reputation for safety, features and fun. For information, this trampoline is 76cm off the ground which is 2.5 feet.

Plum – The Trampoline Company

Plumplay have over 25 year’s experience in designing, manufacturing and providing trampolines to not just the UK but worldwide. Their passion is tremendous with their excellent range of outdoor toys to provide literally hours of outdoor play for children of all ages.

One of Plums continuous goals is to provide a range of outdoor toys that provide healthy playtime where children receive important fresh air, life skills to coordination to social interactions.

With their growing years of experience, their team are constantly researching and developing their range of toys to give the best joy and thrills and exercise to.

All of their trampolines come with their patent 3G enclosureOpens in a new tab. system which has been well designed to give as much jumping space as possible but at the same time, keeping the springs out of arms reach to minimise any injuries if a child is caught on them.

Their range all look superb with their very popular Magnitude having an outward bow shape which also gives the impression of space. However, look around and you will find their Whirlwind trampoline which has an exceptional quirky look.

Where to Buy –

Madfun.co.ukOpens in a new tab.

Jumping Area50.3 (Sq. ft.) or 4.7 (Sq. m)
Number of Springs60
Spring Length5.5" (14cm)
Bed MaterialHeavy Duty Polypropylene
Pad Thickness2cm
Frame Diameter3.8cm
Top Rail Height72cm
Maximum User Weight15stone 7 or 100kg
Frame Warranty5 Years
Spring Warranty1 Year
Bed Warranty2 Years
Safety Netting Warranty1 Year
Padding Warranty2 Years

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