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Plum 7ft Junior Trampoline with Enclosure

Plum 7ft Junior Trampoline Review

If your children are under the age of 6 then this 7ft Plum Trampoline is recommended as they are specifically designed for younger children.

Children who are under 6 are still developing to be strong enough to take the bouncing pressure of a standard garden trampoline such as a 8ft trampoline from any trampoline brand.

This 7ft trampoline itself is one of the many in their range and comes in green and blue with the included enclosure with blue uprights giving it its shape.

It maybe that this is their first trampoline, if that’s the case then this is a fantastic option for them to start bouncing and the exercise they gain as well as fresh air being out in the sun.

Plum have incorporated their Springsafe technology into this as well as a lower frame height which still keeps Youngers safe and from falling from the trampoline. As they grow, gain experience and confidence then you can upgrade but a junior trampoline is much safer for the under the age of 6.

Features –

The frame itself has been galvanised to help prevent rust as well as giving the frame a much longer life compared to standard steel frames.

The steel legs have been covered with a vibrant free and gives a very stable structure also being rust free. You can either have this in blue and green it does also come in pink and purple depending on your preference.

The frame is lower to the ground at a height of 40cm so younger children can easily climb on and off of this trampoline with safety. As time progresses, their confidence in this will also grow and also in their height in their bouncing height.

The springs used in this junior trampoline are long in length and give a great bounce with each spring coming with a coating of zinc which again, helps prevent rust and give each spring a longer life as rust will not take hold.

The enclosure has been well designed and as mentioned includes Plum’s springsafe which covers the springs and keeps little fingers out of harm’s way from the spring and the metal frame. The enclosure has been finished off with a fibreglass top rim which gives a lovely finish and prevents it from sagging.

Padding has been included around the edge and has been sewn to the bouncing mat using a strong elastic webbing which again covers all of the mechanics of the trampoline so no injuries will occur.

Specifications –

  • Brand – Plumplay
  • Recommended Age – 3 Years or older
  • Colour – Blue
  • Maximum User Weight –
  • Self Assembly Required – Yes
  • Safety Enclosure Included – Yes
  • Number of Springs – 36
  • Height of Frame – 40cm
  • Height of Enclosure – 152cm
  • Safety Padding – PVC

Where to Buy –

Plumplay.co.ukOpens in a new tab.


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