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Which Pink Trampoline?

Pink Trampolines with Safety Net

Pink Trampoline Reviews and Insights at Simplyfun

Pink Trampoline is Best?

6ft Pink Plum Trampoline


Plum offer their 6ft Pink Trampoline and Enclosure, directly from their website.

Their 6ft trampoline is an ideal first trampoline for children under the age of 6 as this is designed to be a gentler bounce due to children’s bodies still developing.

Plum have engineered this trampoline to be a great outdoor toy and produce an excellent bounce, giving them great fun but also growing their confidence and life skills such as balance and coordination.

Additionally, you have a safe and secure trampoline via the included safety enclosureOpens in a new tab. with hours of fun to be had and peace of mind for parents.

Plumplay have put great thought into this option, with the lower frame height which is just 36cm off the ground to small children can easily climb on and off of this trampoline easily and safetly. If they do take a fall then they are not far from the ground at all, also please try and stand your trampoline on grass which easily gives a more cushioned surface compared to concrete and tarmac. Even tree barking can be an improvement to a hard surface.

Due to this trampoline being smaller, you have smaller springs which in turn give a more predictable bounce which means this is also safer to. However, small children using this can still achieve a great bounce which will light up their smile and laugher.



Of course, any trampoline brands first point of call is safety which means this comes with an included safety enclosure and netting which is also a UK law for brand new trampolines.

The netting has a slight stretch as all safety netting so please allow a significant space around the edge so when children to push into the netting, they do not collide with any nearby hazards both soft or hard. As you can appreciate, this enclosure and netting prevents any children bouncing on this Plum trampoline from falling off and to the ground.

Padding is also a very important of any trampoline, this being included so you will be pleased to hear the padding covers the metal springs and the frame to help protect children’s fingers and toes from coming into contact with either. The PVC padding is also weather proof and will last due to high durability.

Plumplay are one of the most respected trampoline brands in the UK and all their complete range use only the highest quality materials. They provide an outdoor toy that will last your family years and all parts are strong and designed to be protected from rust.

Where to Buy –

Plumplay.co.ukOpens in a new tab.

8ft Pink Trampoline

There are many 8ft pink trampolines available but we found this excellent option.

This 8ft Sportspower Pink trampoline comes with a strong steel enclosure and netting as you would expect with the added top ring to give it added durability and shape.

Sportspower are an excellent company would provide a range of fitness equipment, including trampolines as you can see. They have included their Easi-Store folding design and a great option for children to have fun outside and get fit to.

They also have included the Quad Lok style frame itself which is very easy to setup and quick to. This also means it’s easy to take down when not in use and has excellent springs which again are very strong and produce a lovely bounce.

This pink trampoline will last you many years and has been given a rust resistant coating of galvanisation which is normally used in more expensive trampolines so its great to see it added to this Sportspower outdoor toy.

Age wise we recommend the age of 6 upwards due to children’s development, under 6 and their bodies will not cope with the force produced by the bounce mat.

Features –

  • Steel enclosure top ring giving excellent durability and strength but also safety
  • Folding down enclosure that can be taken down very quickly, in seconds in fact
  • Please allow a 3 foot perimeter around the edge to avoid all objects and hazards
  • Allow a height of 8m above so this should not be placed near power or telephone lines
  • Adult assembly only (2 adults and allow 2 hours to complete)
  • Please note – The trampoline cover is sold separately.


  • Depth: 2.44 M
  • Height: 2.46 M
  • Width: 2.44 M
  • Age Range: 6 Years of older
  • Assembly: Self Assembly
  • Experience Level: Beginner
  • Maximum Weight (in kg): 75
  • Warning Message: Warning: Adult supervision at all times
  • Adult Assembly – 2 Adults and allow 2 hours
  • For domestic and outdoor use only

Where to Buy –

Very.co.ukOpens in a new tab.

Salta 10ft Pink Trampoline

We have here the 10ft Pink Salta after looking for a very high quality, safe, trust worthy trampoline from a trampoline brand that’s well known and respected in the UK.

Strength of the frame is important so Salta have a galvanised frame for not just strength but durability to so it will last you years without needing to replace your trampoline.

The frame itself has been finished off with a stylish black coating which is pleasing to the eye and will continue to give it that new look for quite some time.

The full jump area of this Salta Trampoline is 50.3 (Sq. ft.) or 4.7 (Sq. m) with a maximum weight when in use of being 18 stone (120kg) so all children can jump on this but also many adults to. This maximum weight should be for one individual and not a combination of two or more children to eliminate collisions and keep children safe.

At the top of the included safety enclosure you have the top ring which keeps the enclosure shape and netting in place. The netting used for the enclosure is a soft fine-meshed mesh that is kind to childrens skin when they run or fall into the netting.

Please allow 3 feet around the whole edge of this 10ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. to reduce the likelihood of anyone colliding with nearby hazards such as sheds, garages, trees, bushes, walls and so on.

Safety is optimised via the included padding which is 20mm thick and 29cm wide and covers the springs so they are completely out of harms way.

The trampoline bed is made from a heavy duty material called polypropylene with 54 springs connected to the frame and bed producing a great bounce.



When it comes to the warranty, the frame has a 2 year warranty and parts as follows –

  • Springs – 1 Year
  • Padding – 1 Year
  • Net Warranty – 1 Year
  • Bed Warranty – 1 Year

Unfortunately this does not come with a ladder, cover or shoe store but we do recommended investing in a ladder so children can climb and off safety but also a cover to keep it in the best condition and away from the weather and wild animals and insects.

Finally, the netting has a double zipped entrance which seals easily when the jumper is on the trampoline and seals it shut so will help to avoid any falls from height to the ground.

Where to Buy –

Madfun.co.ukOpens in a new tab.



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