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Outdoor Playhouse Fun

Wooden Outdoor Playhouses

Here are some of the most amazing, fun outdoor playhouse ideas for children to play with in the garden.

Wooden Outdoor Playhouse Review Page

The Many Benefits of Outdoor Playhouses

If you go to many back gardens in this country you will see one of a number of things. One of these is the outdoor playhouse which is fast becoming as important to the back garden as grass itself.

In a world where kids are spending to much time in front of the television and computers the wooden playhouse is a vital part of family life.

There are of course many more reasons for getting a wooden playhouse for your garden. Here are some of the most important reasons.

Getting the Kids Away from the Television

Firstly as mentioned above kids today spend way to much time in front of the television or on the computer.

They spending too much time on their bums especially at an early age so getting them outside into the fresh air and sunshine is a good move.

Many models cost less than a computer so there really is no excuse to get your kids outside especially during the holidays.


Increasing their Exercise Levels

Following on from the previous point getting the kids outside will serious increase their exercise levels and that can help them big time in the long run.

We are always hearing these days about obesity well getting outside playing with a wooden playhouse can increase their exercise and help keep their weight down giving some really good long term benefits.

Growing their Imaginations

As well as increasing their physical well being the wooden playhouse gives their imaginations a chance to grow. As with anything in life the more you use it the better it gets and this can really help with their creative spark.

While not everyone in life will be creative we all need the ability to visualise things that we want to happen and play out scenarios in our heads even as adults and that all starts with the imagination as children.

See it as an Investment

Many believe that spending money on a outdoor playhouse like this is just spending money which in this day and age is irresponsible.

It is however to be looked upon more like a long term investment. Think about it and you will see that while you spend the money today your kids get the benefits of it for years to come.

That means years of exercise, developing their imaginations and reduced time in front of the computer and television. It can even lead to more friends.

So if you are thinking of getting a wooden playhouse or just looking for something to make the garden more child friendly then consider the benefits above.

Buying a wooden playhouse is one of the best things you can do as a parent. It is something your kids will love you for forever more.

Childrens Outdoor Playhouse Reviews..

Hallmark – Bramble Cottage Playhouse, Two Storey

The Beautiful Bramble Childrens Outdoor Playhouse available in the UK at Madfun

All Playhouses produced by the reliable and trusted Company Hallmark are manufactured to the European safety standard EN71.

Their craftsmanship and their design give incredible value for money.

The buildings they create can be used as outdoor rooms or studios but here we mention the excellent Bramble Cottage Playhouse that stands on two storeys.

You can get all the information you will need from the internet website of Madfun who are selling this item.

The Bramble is a large Childrens Playhouse complete with a second floor and a tremendous amount of headroom inside.  It has no less than ten windows thus giving it a very light and airy feel to the place.

All the windows are very safe being made using the child friendly Styrene glazing.   The windows at the top at the front all have shutters and the front windows on both levels have window boxes.

The outside measurements of the Playhouse are 8’ by 6’ and the Ridge Height is 7’10 inches.   A sizeable item as already mentioned with the Eaves at 5’7 on the right and 6’8 on the left side.

The Hallmark Bramble Cottage has a roof made of solid sheet complete with high quality felt.  The walls are 12mm shiplap and made tongue and groove.  It has a solid sheet floor.

Depending on your ability with DIY Hallmark will offer to deliver and assemble the Playhouse for you at an additional cost.

If you are adept at building then the cottage playhouse can be delivered to you free of charge to most UK areas within 14 working days of placing your order.   Asking Hallmarks help will add a few days on to the delivery date.

Whatever you choose, when it is built you can rest assured that the kids are enjoying themselves all within the safe confines of your own garden.  Visit the MadfunOpens in a new tab. website now and you won’t regret it.

Tree Top – Jessica Playhouse

Through their internet website MadfunOpens in a new tab. have the privilege of selling the beautiful Jessica Playhouse from Tree Top.

The latter are the UK’s leading ‘deluxe’ playhouse manufacturers.

Hours of fun can be had by children using their imagination as kids do in this excellent outdoor building.

The Jessica measures 5’ by 7’ excluding the veranda and is a top quality wooden playhouse.   There are four windows with two at the front and one on each side.

All the windows have the benefit of safety Perspex glazing and the fact there are four windows means a great deal of light can enter the Playhouse.

This is ideal if the kids want to spend time drawing etc inside if there is inclement weather outside.

The Jessica is built using Deal Redwood tongued and grooved shiplap cladding.  This enhances the appearance of the playhouse even more if that were possible.

For an additional cost Tree Top and Madfun will arrange for specialists to install the playhouse upon delivery.  This is ideal if you are not the greatest DIY enthusiast.

Also each playhouse is pre-treated with a base coat of spirit based treatment and a topcoat is recommended however this can also be carried out before delivery again for an additional cost.

Finally the playhouse needs to stand on concrete alternatively it can be arranged for large timber bearers to be included to stand the house on.

Delivery itself can be made within 21 working days from the date of purchase to most UK postcode areas.   If you need the item painted and delivered etc as above then a few additional days will be required in which to carry this out.

Waltons – Snug Playhouse

The Waltons Sung PlayhouseOpens in a new tab. is on the more affordable end of the market for playhouses. It is a lovely little playhouse that is perfect for those who either have a budget or are short of space. It is the perfect size for small gardens and back yards allowing your kids to play for hours in safety.

It has 3 fixed windows and a door allowing full access to the playhouse. The windows have styrene glazing for safety. The height is 1.39m at the ridge with the eves being 1m. The roof is made of a OSB resin board along with the floor. Both of which are treated but you may wish to treat again in coming years.

This wooden playhouse meets very tough safety guidelines so you can rest assured that your children will play in safety while having great fun at very little cost. This playhouse is more like an investment in the future with the capacity of several years of use. The playhouse comes with instructions and is delivered direct to your home. If needed it can be constructed for you.

This really is one of the most affordable and useful wooden playhouses out there and one that your kids will have hours of fun playing in. It is a purchase you cannot lose with so order today.



Shire – Bunny Playhouse (4’ by 4’)

The Shire BunnyOpens in a new tab. Playhouse is one of the most affordable while being also one of the most colourful on the market today. It is 4 feet wide by 4 feet deep and comes with one fully opening window and door. It is the perfect gift for any child where space is at a minimum.

These days we all want our kids to have fun in their childhood while remaining safe and happy. This is the answer with the bright colours your kid will love to play for hours in the safety of their back garden.

The window pain is made of styrene which is used for its safe properties. It is made of whitewood pine and is painted and treated to give a lasting quality. The framing is 35mm by 35mm with walls of 12mm in depth. The floor is 12mm and the roof 11mm OSB.

All in all if you want a summer attraction for your back garden that will give your kid hours of fun and help them to expand their imagination then this is perfect. It is affordable easy to construct with the instructions that are provided and is totally safe. What is more it will last you for years making it a true investment.


Waltons – Stockade Tower Playhouse (4’ by 4’)

When looking for a playhouse for your children it is important to think about what you want and can afford. This is the Waltons StockadeOpens in a new tab. Tower Playhouse which is the perfect wooden playhouse if you have a good size garden. It doesn’t matter too much if you are not rich as this is the best value for money playhouse there is. To look at it you simply will not believe the price.

This particular wooden playhouse is 4 feet square but with a ramp up the the playhouse this will seem more like a tree house without the tree.   The eaves height is 6 foot with the ridge at the top of the roof being 7 foot 8 inches in total. The platform height is 2 foot 2 inches.

The very best thing about this playhouse is the fact that your kids will love it, play in it for house and it will help them expand their imaginations as the tree house could be anything from a fort to a space ship. While they play you can rest assured that this playhouse meets all the very best in European safety standards.

You can order these online and get them delivered directly to your door. They come with instructions although it is possible to arrange for the wooden playhouse to be constructed for you. This Waltons outdoor playhouse is a must for any family garden.



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