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Kids Trampolines with Enclosure

The Zero Gravity trampoline seen here is a great option for your first Kids Trampoline

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Kids Indoor trampoline

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Kids Trampoline with Enclosure

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Small trampoline for Kids

There are a few things to take into considering what choosing a kids trampoline for your back garden for children to enjoy pretty much all year around.

You have a few shapes to choose from which include round, rectangular, square, and oval and at times you can find octagonal trampolines

A garden trampoline can span in general from 6ft to 14th however you can find even smaller and a little larger such as 20ft but in general if this is your first trampoline then 10ft, 12ft and 14ft and the most popular sizes for your garden.

When it comes to safety with a children’s trampoline please take the following notes for food for thought when investing and looking to place your trampoline in your garden.

The size of the trampoline say for example being a 10ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. with enclosure will need more space than you may first realise. It is recommended that you cater for a good three foot if not more around the edge of the trampoline for when children fall into the net and it stretches.

So for a 10ft trampoline from one side to the other, its recommended you have at least 16ft available in your garden but more is good so you yourself can get around the trampoline and access your fence, grass and so forth.

There are a great amount of professional trampoline manufactures in the United Kingdom who sell to families in not just the UK but worldwide. Highly recommended companies include Jumpking, Springfree, JumpPRO, Plum, Salta, SuperTramp, TP and Zero Gravity and even more that are not listed here.

Let’s look at a great range of kids trampolines that are available from different companies, bearing in mind these are just a small example of what’s available to you.

The 10ft TP Genius Round Blue Trampoline

10ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline & Enclosure (ZG10U4) | MadFunOpens in a new tab.

TP Trampolines have a different look to many different styles with this blue round trampoline having a great quirky colour scheme. As you can see it has a well-designed entrance and exit in the safety enclosure net for children to get in and out.

This well designed trampoline includes a significant amount of safety foams and padding throughout the trampoline to help prevent any nasty collisions when bouncing. This TP 10ft version comes with a ladder, cover and shoe store.

We think this is terrific as many manufactures or retailers chose not to include these important accessories with their trampolines. The ladder for example gives great assistance for children to be able to climb onto their trampoline without over stretching or risking hurting themselves when climbing on.

The trampoline cover protects the bounce mat and metal springs when not in use, helping to prevent water from getting to the frame, springs and bounce mat and eliminating any deterioration over time. A cover protects from rain, snow, twigs to dirt dust and even insects or at least helps to minimise the effects of these being in contact when the trampoline is not being used.

The Smythstoys 6ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

here’s a smaller than normal trampoline for kids, the 6ft trampoline from SmythsToysOpens in a new tab. with included safety enclosure as every new trampoline has to come with an included safety netting and enclosure by UK law.

You may have come to this page by searching for a kid’s trampoline, however please bear in mind this 6ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. is not to be used for children under the age of 3. This is due to the small parts that a trampoline consists of and a choking hazard.

Exercise for children outdoors is incredibly important and it seems less and less children each year are venturing outdoors or even to their garden for aerobic exercise, outdoor play and generally being active children which is where a kid’s garden trampoline comes in extremely handy.

Made from high quality materials and safety taken into consideration a great deal, this 6ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. is great for small children.

The safety enclosure ensures children do not fall off onto the ground with 15mm thick padding included around the enclosure upright bars incase they fall into the bars which again could be a nasty shock.

The frame itself is a strong galvanised steel as you do more often than not find on higher spec and larger trampolines. So it’s great Smythtoys have used galvanised steel on this trampoline which not just provides a stronger frame but longer life with less likelihood of rust to reduce the strength of the frame over its lifetime, especially as it has been given a rust resistant finish to extend its life.

Moving on, the base of this trampoline has 3 wide legs to give it stability as children jump up and down. The springs are strong and have bene given a zinc coating that again as with galvanised steel, protects them from rust. The bounce mat is again as you would expect with larger trampolines in that it is made from a UV resistance material so will not weaken or deteriorate in quality.

It’s highly recommended that only adults assemble this trampoline which you should allocate around 2 hours. The maximum user weight is 50kg which works out at 7.8 stone. If a child heavier than this was to bounce on this then it is likely they bouncemat would hit the ground and could cause injury to the child using it but also possible damage to the trampoline itself.

One 6ft Trampoline and included safety enclosure
6 padded safety enclosure bars holding the netting
A galvanised steel frame aimed and being resistant to rust
Three wide legs for stability
15mm padding to reduce the likelihood of injury if any collisions occur with the frame
Zinc coated springs for extra strength and longer life
Please place on grass if possible and not concrete of asphalt
Maximum user weight is 50kg or 7.8 stone
Assembled Dimensions: 183Wx200Hcm. Maximum user weight: 50kg

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