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Kids Electric Scooter Guide

Kids Electric Scooter Reviews

Can a 10 Year Old Ride an Electric Scooter?

There are a range of electric scooters for children with recommendations that children over the age of 8 and over being able to ride an electric scooter. Additionally, looking at the maximum weight limit of the scooter which can be around 60kg or 80kg depending on the scooter.

This minimal age is due to children requiring balance and coordination skills that have developed and are much more aware of their surroundings and finally, able to react to their environment to avoid hazards.

Can a 13 Year Old Ride an Electric Scooter?

Children can ride an electric scooter with the minimum age being 8 years of age upwards. There are many models of e-scooters available for a wide variety of ages.

However, In the UK, adult’s children such as 13 year olds are not allowed to ride electric scooters on roads or pavements as the law sees e-scooters the same as mopeds.

This is because they are not to be ridden on pavements or roads as they would require to be road legal, taxed and insured which to date is not possible with these powered vehicles. Additionally, the rider is required to be 16 years of age or older as well as wearing suitable safety equipment such as a safety helmet.

Can a Child Ride an Electric Scooter on the Pavement?

We have discussed electric scooters previously but to date, children are also not allowed to ride an electric scooter on pavements or roads. This is due to the law classing them as a powered vehicle similar to mopeds so requiring insurance.

What age is an electric scooter for?

Electric Scooter brands recommend children to over 8 years of age before riding an electric scooter. This is to make sure they have developed important skills to control the scooter from balance, coordination and special awareness.

However even though electric scooters are made for children, they are still illegal to ride on pavements and roads as the law sees them as a powered device similar to a Moped.

Should I get my children an electric scooter?

This is totally down to a parent’s decision as any scooter or electric scooter could lead to common injuries when falling off from cuts, fractures and broken bones or even head injuries.

Of course this is the case to any outdoor play such as trampolines but scooters are still great fun and continue to build a child’s life skills including balance, coordination and even social skills.

Electric Scooters with a Seat

AGP Pink Electric Scooter with Seat

Searching for a kid’s electric scooter with seat? Here is the fantastic Pink E-Scooter from AGP (Advanced Global Productions) with excellent features and specifications.

As you can see, this is their Pink two wheel scooter with adjustable handlebar as many scooters come with. However, here is where this scooter rocks compared too many competitors.

You have a top speed of 12km/h (7.4mph) driven by a powerful 120 watt motor. It has an amazing range of 10-15km before it requires recharging which takes 3-5 hours.

The maximum rider weight is 70kg which in stone is 11 stone with a minimum suggested ago of 6 years old or upwards. The scooter itself weighs 10 kilograms with no assembly required and the scooter itself made from a combination of Alloy Steel and Rubber.

At the time of writing, there are 179 ratings via 75 reviews at Amazon with 4 out of 5 starts. Here is a run down of the overall ratings from current scooter users –

  • 5 star – 56% – 42 reviews
  • 4 Star – 18% – 13 reviews
  • Total – 55 out of 75 reviews give this 4 stars of above.

AGP’s Product Description

You can read their full product description here, however here is our summary of their in-depth information they provide on their scooter.

This scooter is a 120w – 24v electric scooter with removable seat and comes with a battery and charger. Their E-Skoot brand is a sit on and ride range with parent’s responsibility and discretion on the age of the child riding this scooter.

Dimensions –

  • Length – 71cm
  • Width – 38cm
  • Height – 52cm

It has a twist throttle and free tool kit with instructions plus a side kick folds down to easily stand the scooter when not in use and adjustable handlebar to cater for different age ranges.

No slip handles provide comfortable control with a hi tension strong frame steel and 6” rubber tyres which provide a quiet a smooth ride and front drum brake which the rider operates via the front level situated on the handlebars.

This pink scooter gives the rider 12km/h speed and a range of 10-15 miles so please plan any journeys to take into consideration when the battery may drain and not be stranded requiring a recharge.

AGP provide a return warranty within 7 days as long as it is in its original packaging and in a unused condition. Finally, the advice the law states these are for use on private ground and for recreational purposes and not for public highways.

Where to Buy –



HOMCOM 120w Folding Electric Scooter

Another fantastic scooter hear with seat, which comes in a choice of pink or black with adjustable handlebars, solid rubber wheels, metal frame and rear braking.

HOMCOM have done a superb job in the design of this pink electric scooter which weighs 12.24 kilograms, comes with a 24v rechargeable battery and amazing fun for children aimed at the ages of 7 to 12 years of age.


This scooter actually has two batteries which take 6-8 hours to charge and provides a ride distance of 6-8km with a speed of 10kmh which is 6.2 miles per hour. This is a short distance to other electric scooters but sufficient for school runs and fun for the weekend.

Again, not the fastest electric scooter but at the same time this scooter comes with a seat which is a sought after feature for many children and families.


Depending on your children’s age, the handlebar height can be adjusted. Additionally, the seat can also be adjusted to match the required height of the handlebars for comfort, proper balance and control while riding their scooter.


The easy to fold design means you can fold down this scooter quickly and easily. You can then load it in your car, carry it on public transport with minimal space taken when it is in its folded state.


The rear brake is hand operated providing the best braking response. When braking, this automatically cuts the power to the electric motor. With 15cm solid PU tyres, you also have a low maintenance scooter removing the need to replace any flat tyres.

FULL DIMENSIONS – 81.5L x 38W x 84-94H cm


HOMCOM are a brand that look to provide the highest quality scooter to provide fantastic outdoor play but also provide a useful powered device for local travelling. The frame is made from the highest quality steel and comes with a comfortable seat which as mentioned above, is adjustable in height.

When charging is complete, you have a scooter that can travel 6-8km so a significant distance.

Please do not, at the time or writing it is illegal in the UK to ride an electric scooter on public roads, pavements and cycle paths. A scooter such as this is to only be used on private land with the owner’s permission.

Features –

  • Strong steel frame with included adjustable comfortable seat
  • Level operated brake for safe slowing down and stopping
  • A high speed of 10kph (6.2mph) covering 6-8km on a fully charged battery
  • Adjustable height handlebars (and seat as mentioned above)
  • Rechargeable battery system provides a durable life
  • Kick stand to stand the scooter when not in use, this is retractable
  • Designed for children of the age of 7 or older
  • Folding scooter so it can easily be carried or stored away
  • Easy assembly

At the time or writing, there are 301 global ratings (82 reviews) for this foldable scooter with an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5

  • 5 stars – 58% so that’s 175 ratings
  • 4 star – 9% so that’s 27
  • So a total of 202 out of 301 ratings giving this 4 or 5 star combined.

So out of 82 reviews, 54 gave this a combined 4 and 5 star


  • Loved it and so did our Granddaughter
  • Replacement on its way – very pleased
  • 54 LOVED IT related reviews J



  • Cheap and dangerous junk – powerful words from one customer of this scooter who purchased via Amazon
  • Daughter spent an hour on it and it stopped working
  • Same as above after going through a puddle
  • Back wheel worn away quickly on one side
  • Tightening would not make the seat more stable – now no longer uses it
  • Stopped retaining its charge after a few months
  • Customer service ignored emails
  • Would have rather purchased an e-scooter from Halfords
  • It started hissing
  • Seat keeps coming off
  • Belt snapped after one use – Customer posted video

Where to Buy –

Amazon.co.ukOpens in a new tab.


Folding Electric Scooters

HOMCOM Kids Foldable Electric Scooter

This great electric scooter for kids comes in either Black or Blue, made from a combination of Polypropylene and Alloy Steel and weights 10 Kilograms.

The actual dimensions are :

  • Length – 74cm
  • Width – 36cm
  • Height – 91cm


This electric scooter is battery operated with the frame made from heavy duty steel with Polypropylene part with a strong stable and durable overall design.


Included in the design are 2 x 12v rechargeable batteries to provide a riding distance of 8 to 10 kilometres. This is via charging the batteries which takes 5 to 8 hours which provide a maximum speed of 12kph depending on the gradient of their journey.

Suitable for ages of 7 to 14 years of age, this has an overload protector that will automatically power off the charger once full capacity has been accomplished.


Safety is paramount so children over the age of 7 are recommended as they have more balance, coordination and self-aware skills. Even still, this HOMCOM electric scooter has a easy to stop front brake as well as a non-slip textured handle and finally being easy to hold on and control. When at rest, it can be stood up on its own by the included retractable kickstand.


To protect the scooter from overloading and burning out, it will automatically detect when it has a continuous high current and shutdown the electric motor. This could be when the rider is on a constant uphill or there is destructive use.

It will then push out the reset button and the electrics will shutdown and you will also not be able to charge it. To continue using the scooter, push the reset button back in which will also result in being able to charge the battery.


Unfolded –

  • Length – 74cm
  • Width – 36cm
  • Height – 73-91cm (Height adjustable handlebars)


Folded –

  • Length – 74cm
  • Width – 15cm
  • Height – 29cm

With a 50kg/7.8 stone maximum user weight capacity

At the time of writing there are 34 reviews with –

  • 5 Start – 59% so 20 reviews
  • 4 Start – 14% so 4.7
  • Total – 25 reviews for 4 and 5 star combined



  • Not to heavy but sturdy enough
  • Easy Assembly
  • Great for kids
  • Lasts 45 minutes to an hour


  • Very poor battery life – charger gave up after 7 charges
  • Same issue for another customer and seeked a refund
  • Amazon customer video showing – Power cable to long, rattling and loose handbars and very low grip on the wheels
  • Break not working
  • Safety bolt snapped

Where to Buy –

Amazon.co.ukOpens in a new tab.


Riding Times Girls Foldable Pink Electric Scooter

This kids folding electric scooter is for children from 4 to 12 years old and comes with a 120w motor and 7m/h which is 4.3 miles per hour.

It takes 2 hours to charge with a rear brake as you would expect to provide safe slowing down and stopping. Delivered as Pink and a frame made from aluminium, you have handlebars which are 39 inches with wheels of 5 inches and made from the popular Polyurethane.

The maximum weight of the child riding this can be up to 110lb so 7.9 stone or 50kg. As you can see from the included images, this has a 4.3 mile maximum range so can easily be used for fun to and from school, the park of a family walk.

Features –

Easy to START and STOP –

You place the front foot on the front sensor with the rear foot that kicks the scooter forward. Once the scooter reaches 2.5mph then the electric motor will start to assist and help speed the scooter up to its 4.2mph maximum speed. As with all scooters, the rider uses the rear foot on the rear brake to slow down and stop.

Safety and Durability –

The 120w electric motor produces a speed of up to 4.3mph which is a sufficient speed for young children and takes under 2 hours to fully charge when the battery has 15% left which the scooter will alert you to.

Folding Scooter –

This Riding Times scooter folds easily and weighs 4.7kg (around 10lbs) so still a manageable weight to carry as well as easily fitting into any cars boot for those special family trips out and about.

Great Present –

This would be a wonderful present for children, from Riding Times who are very passionate on developing their range of scooters. This scooter itself is for boys or girls from the age of 4 up until 12 years of age with a maximum weight of 110lb. It has been awarded the CE/FCC/RoHS/WEE and UL safety certifications.

Customer Service –

Riding Times offer the standard 30 day money back guarantee as well as a 12 month warranty or full replacement if there is a fault with your scooter. Their customer service is reported to be very good and any queries answered within 24 hours.

We were going to provide a summary of the Amazon reviews of this scooter but the majority are not in English even though this is published for sale on Amazon.co.uk so to us, that’s not ideal for future buyers to research.

Where to Buy –



HOVERFLY GKS LUMIOS Electric Scooter for Kids 6-12

The GKS scooter LUMIOS may be called both an electric scooter as well as a kicking scooter. Position one shoe on the front controller, push the scooter over 2.9km/h (1.8mph) and press the other shoe on the pressure sensor to fly to 12km/h.

Experience a smooth ride: the GKS electric scooter LUMIOS is simple for your youngster to handle, and it speeds thanks to the assisted engine quickly.

Lift your shoe off the back pressure sensor to slow down, and then place your weight on the brake pedal to come to a safe halt.

An Electric Scooter that every kid should have, the GKS LUMIOS Kids scooter is outfitted with a 60.50Wh perfect battery for this product, UL2272 Security Certified, 140 Watt 6″ Engine with maximum Frequency of up to 11km/h, metals like aircraft & VO super Fire Retardant Deck, Units cleared an impartial quality control inspection.

New LED light Front Tire Design: At night, the bright Front Tire will be the area of interest. At the same time, the LED lights make nighttime driving safer.

3 Adjustable Height: The GKS LUMIOS may grow with your kid, allowing them to use it for many years.

The control bars may be easily adjusted to heights ranging from 32.5″ to 38″. The GKS LUMIOS electric scooter is ideal for children aged 6 to 12 and weighing up to 154 pounds.

It’s wonderful since it comes in light pink, which is appropriate for a little girl, and its top speed is limited to a more reasonable 12kmph.

The bike is visually appealing, with light-up tyres and safety sensors to guarantee that it can only travel fast when properly balanced on the scooter.

This is a much safer method than throttle scooters since it decreases the possibility of the rider losing their balance at high speeds.

The battery life is adequate, the weight is reasonable, and it can assist children weighing up to 55kg, which is more than most 12-year-olds. An excellent item that is well worth the money.

Height Adjustable

Grow alongside your children! The handlebars may be easily adjusted to heights ranging from 32.5″ to 38″.

Battery Upgrade

Using the new 20% bigger battery, you can travel up to 4.8 miles for each charge. The GKS LUMIOS has a 150W motor with a safe, top speed of 7.5mph.

Front LED Wheel

When your children see their new lighted electric scooter, they will be overjoyed. The front wheel now has a beautiful led built-in that glows brightly and sticks out.

Where to Buy –


Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter, Blue

The Strength Core E90 raises the bar for electric scooters once further, with an amazing 80 minutes of continuous riding duration and 50% greater muscular power.

Its unique hub motor provides a more efficient, maintenance-free ride, while the steel frame, reduced weight, and higher torque elevate the performance to new heights.

  • Speeds of up to ten miles per hour (16 km/h)
  • Continuous usage for up to 80 minutes
  • In-wheel hub motor with kick start
  • throttle with a push button
  • Front brake controlled by hand
  • Front urethane puncture-proof wheel and rear airless puncture proof wheel
  • Kickstand that retracts
  • Maximum rider weight: 54kg; recommended for kids 8 and up

Local regulatory limitations, such as license, plate, safety helmet, and driving limitations, may apply to the use of this item on roads, footpaths, cycle lanes, or other public places.

E-scooters, for example, are not permitted on any public road or area in the United Kingdom. Please double-check before purchasing and using this item.

  • 8 and up 120-pound maximum rider weight (54 kg)
  • Revolutionary Power super Core new technology includes an 80-watt, maintenance-free, good torque working motor that provides steady acceleration to speeds of up to 11 mph (13 km/h) with a single throttle press
  • The rechargeable 12V sealed lead-acid battery allows up to 60 minutes of continuous usage.
  • Rear-wheel drive improves stability and grip for a safer, steadier ride
  • For a smooth ride, it has a full metal structure and spike and a flat-free, tubeless rear tyre
  • A hand-operated rear brake and an adjustable kickstand are among the other elements

Since 2000, when the scooter industry launched the kick scooter, a worldwide craze, Razor has always been the worldwide leader in scooters.

It has sold 34 million scooters since 2000, including 13 million electric scooters, to become the world’s specialists in scooter innovation.

Razor believes that enjoyment lasts forever, from conventional scooters to electric skateboards and hoverboards to turbo-powered heel tires.

Increase The Power Of Your Ride

The Strength Core E90 raises the bar for electric scooters once further, with a whopping 80 minutes of continuous riding duration and 50 percent greater muscular power.

Feel The Force

The Razor Power Core E90 has rear-wheel drive, which provides more traction, stability, and control. Start the engine and squeeze the throttle to experience smooth movement and travel at high speeds to 10 mph (16 km/h).

Efficiency And Durability Come Together

For ultimate durability, the Razor Power Core E90 has a full metal structure and fork and a flat-free, airless rear tyre.

The 85-watt Power Core hub motor provides a more effective, maintenance-free trip with no adjustment, chain, and moving belt to modify.

Quality Without Compromise

This perfect and super easy-to-ride electric scooter provide the reliability, safety, support, and style that you’ve expected from this industry leader in young lifestyle recreational items.

While numerous items are available, select Razor, a brand that the entire world recognizes and trusts. Accept no substitutes.

Where to Buy –


Xootz Kids Elements Electric Folding Scooter

The Xootz electric scooter in the market, with a top speed of 8km/h, will deliver a couple of hours of a high-speed joyride for energetic youngsters aged 6 and above.

Children should be able to dash in and out of hurdles at the local park by using the simple thumb control located on the item’s padded bars.

They’ll enjoy being pushed around at high speeds thanks to the strong inbuilt 70W belt-driven motor. When combined with the large storage 12V rechargeable battery, this e-Scooter has a distance of more than 8km on a single battery charge (weight and terrain dependent).

It is elegantly incorporated into the scooter’s deck and maintains the center of gravity low, providing far more steady and controlled riding.

With the element, every trip down the street or through the neighborhood is a breeze due to its PU wheels.

When it comes time to stop or slow down, the built-in foot brake gives more than enough stopping force for a safe and controlled ride. The element and its folding bars make commuting and storing a breeze.

The element can be folded into a smaller package and secured into place, making it easy to pack and travel for your next family day out or vacation. The Xootz element electric scooter will keep children amused, outside, and active.

Durable And Secure Motor System 70W

Travel at up to 8km/h with the 70 watts geared powered motor and adjust the speedwell with thumbs control. The high-quality engine and throttle allow your youngster to go at a safe speed while being in control all the time.

Battery With A Long Life

The rechargeable battery allows the rider to cover up to 10 kilometers on a full charge. Enjoy the Xootz electric scooter. Never fear of running out of power.

It Folds Down To A Small Size That Is Ideal For Storage Or Transportation

The scooter’s fast-fold technology allows it to collapse into small size in moments. Your youngster can easily transport their scooter after locking down the handlebars and bending the steel bar.


  • A strong 70W gear-driven motor, including an 8km/h peak speed, Folds effortlessly for travel and storage
  • Using the built-in thumb throttle, you may accelerate and maintain control
  • Handles that collapse and have cushioned foam cushioning
  • Rechargeable battery with larger efficiency and a duration of up to 10km

Key Things About The Scooter

  • The Element electric scooter folds conveniently into a small size for transport and storage
  • With the economical and strong 70 W belt-driven motor, you may reach speeds of up to 8 km/h
  • The large capacity 12 V battery allows you to ride up to 10 kilometers on a single charge
  • LED light-up front PU wheel for a pleasant ride
  • Because there is no motor resistance, you may still use this as a regular push scooter after the battery runs out
  • The simple to use thumb accelerator throttle allows you to maintain complete control at all times
  • Made for Mums Award champion in the Finest Scooter area

Where to Buy –





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