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Kick Scooters for Kids

Kick Scooters for Kids

2 and 3 Wheeled Scooters

What are Kick Scooters used for?

A kick scooter for children can be used for outdoor play, short trips with their parents to school or a friends house or days out with their family. Adult kick scooters can be used for short journeys such as the shops but are growing in popularity as a means of transport for commuting to and from work.

Saying that, I have a friend who was using a kick scooter for commuting to work and in a short time had to stop as it was effecting their leg and hip due to the repetition.

They can be used for longer journeys but this is where an electric kick scooter maybe more beneficial.

What is the difference between a scooter and a kick scooter?

There are different types of scooter. Road scooters are used as legal two wheeled powered vehicles and are required to abide by UK road laws including MOT and insurance.

A kick scooter can be 2 wheeled scooter is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors with the rider pushing the scooter along using one leg and kicking away from the ground so the scooter moves. They are so much fun and easier to ride than a bicycle.

There are 3 wheeled scooters but these are for very young children to use while they develop their balance and confidence.

Electric Scooter vs a Kick Scooter?

Finally, an electric kick scooter is the same as a kick scooter but once they reach a particular speed then the electric motor starts and assists the rider in keeping a constant speed without the need to keep kicking away with their foot to the ground.

With a kick scooter, it can be beneficial to pay that little bit extra so that you invest in a scooter that has significant suspension to make the ride comfortable but also to minimise the impact on your joints including foot, ankle, knee and hips.

Are Kick Scooters Good for Adults?

A kick scooter for adults is a good way to travel short journeys, the shorts, commute to work and easily help burn a few calories in the process as well as improve your cardiovascular fitness.

However, for longer journeys they could be useful but you could also fatigue. On a longer term scale, you could find you start to have issues with your ankle, leg, hip due to the repetitive motion of kicking the ground to move yourself and scooter.

If you are looking to use a kick scooter for short or long journeys then an electric scooter can be a much better option to take on the hard work. Of course, this would mean you would not need to use as much of your own body strength to get your scooter and yourself moving.

At the end of the day, a kick scooter for adults is a great idea but for short distances and an electric kick scooter for longer distances.

ANSIO Scooter for Boys and Girls

ANSIO 3 Wheel Kick Scooter Full View

At the time of writing, the ANSIO kick Scooter is the best seller at Amazon and comes in a tremendous range of colours including, Black, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange and many more. At the time of writing there are over 1700 ratings but see below for our images, video and our own review of this popular scooter.

This is a 3 wheel scooter with the handle height being 90cm from the ground and the wheels are made from plastic and features LCD flashing lights. Finally, this scooter is aimed at children from the age of 3 to 9.

This isn’t a folding scooter, however it is very easy to assemble and disassemble by removing the handlebars which makes it much easier to carry but also store as well.

To accommodate the different age ranges and heights of children, the handlebars can be set to one of 5 different height settings which range from 66.5cm to 90cm.

ANSIO recommend the maximum child weight this scooter is for is 40kg which works out as just under 6.3 stone with the recommended riding speed of 5kmph so 3.1mph.

Customer Reviews

Let’s take a look at what current customers of ANSIO (via Amazon) think of this scooter. What we have done is read every review and summarized below all of the feedback those who have purchased this scooter think of it.

Before we get into it, at the time of writing 78% of customers have given this 5 Starts with 15% giving it 4 stars. That only leaves 7% who gave this 3 stars of less which shows what a great scooter this is.


  • 9 Year old son thinks it’s fantastic and loves how to wheels light up
  • 3 Wheel stability and lights are good for darker evenings
  • Very Sturdy
  • Great Value for money
  • Love it, ordering another 2 for Easter gifts
  • Turns well
  • Used to travel to and from school
  • People compliment how great it looks
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ride is smooth


  • Wheel rubbed off after a few rides, did not last a month – A few families reported this
  • Faulty flashing wheels
  • Flew off due to it being lightweight compared to their old scooter
  • Falling apart, rubbish quality
  • Handlebar came off the base with a few months of use
  • Smell of cigarette smoke from the box as well as the parts, storage must change at their warehouse
  • Wheels missing

Our Review

The Ansio 3 wheel scooter is very similar to other 3 wheel kick scooters on the market in the UK, along with wheels that light up when children ride along.

The scooter comes in two parts, the desk and the handlebars. They simply slot into the hold by pressing down one of the buttons and it clicks into place. The connection between the handlebars pole and hole is then covered by the attached plastic cover that goes up and down and again, sits in place.

With the handlebars, the rubber does come off so can be replaced and the height adjusted with three different height options via also a button system. When a chose height is decided on, you close the bracket to give it extra stability and so the handlebars don’t suddenly drop down if the button is pressed by children.

Overall, a good scooter but the plastic wheelsOpens in a new tab. means they become worn down very quickly and even though we only used this over the weekend for review purposes it had that battered look within a short space of time.

Finally, my nephew found that lean to steer tricky as he is used to scooters where the handlebars turn so it may suit smaller children who are learning to control a scooter but if your children are over 5, then we would actually advise to look for a 2 wheel scooter with standard steering and leave the 2 wheel style scooters for under 5 years of age.

Age Range3 to 9 Years of Age
SizeVaried Handle Bar Height
StyleRemovable Handlebar
Frame MaterialPlastic
Material TypeStainless Steel
Wheel Size11 Centimeters
Included ComponentsIM
Batteries Included?No
Maximum User Weight40 Kilograms
Package Dimensions60.71 x 26.16 x 14.99 cm; 2.86 Kilograms

Where to Buy –

Amazon.co.ukOpens in a new tab.

The TENBOOM Kick Scooter with LED Light Up Wheels

We have here the great looking TENBOOM scooter with its light up wheels, that light up brighter the faster you go.

This kick scooterOpens in a new tab. comes in a variety of colours which are Black, Blue, Deep Rose Red, Light Blue, Pink and Rose Red. We have chosen the colour black as you can see from our scooter review below.

Wheels that Light Up

The TENBOOM scooter is a two wheel scooter with adjustable height handlebars and light up wheels as mentioned above. These work via LED and light up using the motion sensor installed within the scooter that come on when moving and stop when you stop riding. Kids love the look of these lighting up when the scoot around their neighbourhood and look even better on days where there is a little more cloud so not as much sunshine. The aluminium handlebars are strong, have sponge grips for comfort for small hands and suits either boys or girlsOpens in a new tab. of any age from 4 to 7 years old.

Easy to Fold and Carry

As you would hope from a scooter, this is easy to fold down and light to carry for school runs, parks or just to load into your car for day trips out. It takes literally 3 seconds to fold this scooter and comprises of aluminium T-tube and the kickboard so a safe scootering experience for fun outdoors in the fresh air.

Safe and Secure Scootering

TENBOOM have designed a very strong scooter frame made of metal with the footbrake at the rear to provide a quick, easy and safe stop when required. The handlebars include soft foam grips so children can hold on safely and comfortably. This means they have full control over their scooter instead of an uncomfortable grip which could lead to adjusting their hands and be unsafe, so comfort is the key here.

Adjustable Height T-Bar

As this scooter is designed for ages of 4 to 7, the T-Bar Handlebars are height adjustable and has three different levels to choose from. However if you look at Amazon it does suggest this scooter is actually a good fit for children up to the age of 13.  This does mean you do not need to buy a new scooter to cater for children as they get older and can continue to have fun with this one for years to come.

Great Present for Children

No matter if you have children, grandchildren, niece, nephew or just good friends this kick scooter is a great gift for children of so many ages. They can ride this outdoors, receive fresh air, exercise and have tremendous fun and also grow their coordination and balance skills.

Additional Reason to Buy a TENBOOM Scooter –

  • Great for Outdoor Fun and Events such as a Family picnic
  • Build Relationships with Children with outdoor play
  • Fun Sport for healthy development
  • Folding Scooter so easy to transport
  • Three Height Adjustable Handlebars
  • Kick stand for easy parking
  • Maximum Rider Weight – 11lb
  • For Ages 3 to 10 Years of age
  • Scooter Weight – 4.3lb
  • Improve life skills such as balance, coordination, motor skills and great exercise

Frame MaterialAluminium
Material TypeAluminium
Batteries Included?No
Package Dimensions‎64.5 x 23.7 x 11 cm; 2.59 Kilograms
First On Sale21 December 2020
Amazon Rating4.4 out of 5
Customer ReviewsOver 323 Ratings

We have looked through the 323 ratings (57 reviews) from families who have previous purchased this TENBOOM Scooter, here is a summary of what we found –

At the time of writing 71% of reviews gave this a 5 star with 13% gave it 4 star. That’s an overall total of 84% of 4 start or above.


  • Excellent quality
  • Very sturdy
  • Used every day, very happy
  • Kids love the flashing lights
  • Adjustable height for when the children grow
  • Folds down and fits under our pushchair
  • Adult used it who is 85kg
  • Great to transition from a 3 wheel to 2 wheel scooter


  • Purchased for a birthday but the spring button was faulty so was sent a video on how to fix It, refund received in the end.
  • Plastic parts break easily
  • One side of the handle didn’t fit
  • Be careful of little fingers in the kickstand spring
  • Very little space for two feet
  • A couple of people have faulty scooters that were for Xmas

Where to Buy –

Amazon.co.ukOpens in a new tab.

Folding Kick Scooters

FONTE KS1 Kick Scooter

This great looking stylish FONTE kick scooter comes a choice of three colours being blue, black or pink. Additionally it has 2 flashing wheels with the handle bar being height adjustable and a rear brake.

The scooter itself is made from aluminium and suitable for ages from the age of 3 to 12. The wheels are both 120mm and have high performance bearings which can take a maximum weight of 110lb (7.8 stone or 50kg).

Folding scooters are very popular so it’s great to see this is a foldable scoter that literally takes 2 seconds. It’s lightweight and easy to carry for those school runs, to the park or to just put in the rear of your car or store aware.

Safety and Comfort Riding

Every scooter manufacturer takes safety very seriously, including of course FONTE who have produces this fun scooter. The handlebars are made from strong aluminium with sponge handles for comfort and provide a non-slip surface so children’s small hands are comfortable while riding. Using the rear mudguard brake, they can stop easily and quickly so they do not lose control while at the park, back garden or out and about.

Varied Handlebar Heights

Not every scooter has a varied handlebar height but this has 4 adjustable height settings. These are 23.6 – 27.5 – 92.5 and 31.9 inches so a height to suit whatever age your children are when they ride this kick scooterOpens in a new tab. but also as the grow in height as well.

Glowing Wheels

A great present for children on their birthday or Christmas, they will be thrilled to see the wheels that light up and no batteries or charging is required. The design to power the wheels is environmentally friendly with PU flash mute shockproof wheels that provide children a smooth ride and just overall fun in the fresh air.

The actual name for this is the KS1 kick scooter, as we have discussed above it comes with LCD wheels which light up as children ride along. A very easy to fold down scooter with a lightweight so it can easily be carried around for a short distance or travelling.

The handlebars give four different options to adjust the height depending on their age and height. A very sturdy and durable scooter for children to ride and play safely.

When you open your package you will receive inside from FONTE –

FONTE advised their mission is help parents to explore the world with their children with happiness and commitment to safety.


Easy to Fold – This scooter folds down within 2 seconds as well as unfolding and lightweight so it’s easy to carry straight away.

Rapid Breaking – The rear break allows children to slowdown easily and safety without losing control and accidents to occur.

Awesome Glowing Wheels – LED wheels that do not require batteries of charging light up when children are riding their scooter, the faster they go the more the wheels light up.

At the time of writing there are 89 ratings at Amazon for this, covering 18 reviews so not a large number but let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons from families already enjoying this scooter


  • Lightweight
  • Wheels light up
  • Quiet wheels and glides
  • Good Value and Quality finish
  • Good colour and perfect height
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Robust enough to bash about
  • Non Slip step
  • Very agile and quiet
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • No need to deal with batteries


  • Space for legs is small
  • Lights don’t flash that much


Frame MaterialAluminium
Weight2.27 Kilograms
Wheel Size120 Millimetres
Batteries Included?No
Maximum User Weight50 Kilograms
Product Dimensions60.96 x 8.89 x 20.32 cm; 2.33 Kilograms
Date First On Sale29th July 2021
Amazon ReviewsOver 85

Where to Buy –

Amazon.co.ukOpens in a new tab.

BELEEV Scooter for Adults – 2 Wheels and Foldable

The BELEEV Adult kick scooter comes in a wide range of colours which consist of Aqua, Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Red and White.

This is a 2 wheel scooter for adults and has a handle height of 40.9 inches but with the handlebar also being adjustable and wheels made from Polyurethane which is a type of plastic.

As with children’s scooters, this also has –

An Adjustable Handlebar – There are 4 different heights available with this kick scooter so allowing a comfortable ride no matter what height of the rider and fun for everyone. This particular scooter is suitable for the age of 14+ so easily useable by teenagers and adults.

Safety and Comfort Features Combined – As with all scooter brands, safety is absolutely paramount in the design and manufacturing process. The BELEEV scooterOpens in a new tab. allows you to enjoy a smooth ride with its durable and sturdy desk which has a maximum weight limit of 100kg.

The rubber handles provide extra comfort and grip with the T-Bar lock keeping steady and safe during its use. You certainly will feel the sturdiness and no wobbly moments on pavements or uneven paths. To slow down quickly, there are reliable branks to stop easily and quickly.

Easy to Fold and Carry – Being a light scooter, this model allows you to fold it down and carry with no assembly or disassembly required. You can take it straight out the box and get riding right away, all you need to do is kick the folding mechanism and press with your foot and push the T-Bar forward and you are ready to ride. You simply reverse to fold down this scooter with no tools required. You can easily carry it wherever you go.

Easy Riding – This BELEEV kick scooter comes with fantastic 200mm high-rebound PU extra-large wheels along with their high quality Shock Absorption Mechanism for a smoother and more comfortable ride. To us, this is a brilliant addition in this price range of scooter as lower price scooters can have a rough ride over concrete. Their Shock Absorption makes a significant difference over hard and uneven surfaces such as pavements. The deck has been textured and given a anti-slip surface so your footing will stay in place and not slip which could cause issues.

Extra Wide and Low Deck – As mentioned above, the desk is a good width and comes with an anti-slip surface. This gives a good balance with the low height allowing you to step on and off the scooter. Additionally, it also allows you to comfortably move your weight and foot position when in motion. Lastly, due to the low height it gives an excellent level to be able to push off from the scooter without needing to bend your knee.

BELEEV Scooter Mission

The brand have aimed their scooters at a range of children’s ages and for their sports requirements. This diversification gives children the opportunity to grow their life skills including coordination and balance but also grow socially orientated skills to.

BELEEV not just provide scooters to children and families, but also Skateboards and Kids helmets for a range of sportsOpens in a new tab. for kids, teenagers and adults to provide safety when having fun.

Comes Fully Assembled

This BELEEV scooter comes fully assembled and easy to ride out of the box. You maybe looking to use it to make the short trip to work easier and more fun or out and about at the weekend, whichever it is this scooter is a joy to ride.

Looking stylish with its great design, we can say this is a great scooter to invest in and fun to ride.

Once you have finished riding, this scooter can easily be stored away with its compact body or just carry around as it is very portable and light to carry. We all love to have fun so if scootering is something that interests you then this comes highly recommended. Age wise, both teenagers and adults are suitable and will enjoy the smooth ride it provides.

Suitable for Everyone

There are 4 different handlebar height variations to cater for teenagers and adults of different ages and heights. These heights include (31.9/35.2/38.6/40.9 inch) with a maximum rider weight of 100kg which equates to 220lb.

Durable and Stable

A high quality scooter, the design and construction is superb with only high quality materials used in its manufacturing and can take on abuse for years. Stability is exceedingly good and overall provides a comfortable ride.

Smooth and Speedy Scootering

The BELEEV adult scooter comprises of wear-resistance PU Extra-large wheels which is great to hear as children’s scooter wheels made of plastic can deteriorate very quickly but with this scooter this is not the case.

Front suspension assists over different types of terrain with this kick scooter great for pavements and streets (at the time of writing, this is not legal in the UK). The high quality bearings give the wheels a lovely glides while you ride along.

Age RangeTeenagers and Adults
Frame MaterialAluminium
Material TypeAluminium
Wheel Size200mm
Batteries Included?No
Maximum User Weight100kg
Package Dimensions89.5 x 34 x 15.5 cm; 4.6 Kilograms

Where to Buy –

Amazon.co.ukOpens in a new tab.


Why the Beleev 3 Wheel Scooter for Boys and Girls?

There are many life skills riding a 3 wheeles scooter can establish and grow. These include balance, coordination as well as motor and reflex skills. As the height is adjustable the Beleev kick scooter can be used for a wide age range, we did find it suited younger ages due to it being steered to turn rather than a standard handlebar steering system.

The height itself for the T bar spans from 23.4 to 30.3 inches and easy movable via the button to be pressed in the handlebar stem itself. As kids ride this, the wheels light up which aren’t very bright in sunlight but will show up better on a more chilled evening as the sun is going down but still light enough for outdoor play. The lights themselves do get brighter then faster the scooter is moving.

Beleev have included a deck which has very good grip and an anti-slip surface with the height being low to the ground and as above, use their bodyweight to turn rather than a handlebar that turns the wheel itself. The lean-to steer is aimed at children who go to preschool or kindergarten even though it is advertised up to the age of 9 which we do think is rather high and better for younger ages.

BELEEV Scooter for Kids, 3 Wheel Scooter for Toddlers with Steering Lock

The BELEEV scooterOpens in a new tab. comes in one of many colours which include Black, Blue, Purple, Rose Pink or Teal.

As with many other scooters for girls and boys we have reviewed at Simplyfun.co.uk, the handlebars are adjustable to suit children of different age. Talking of ages, this is designed to cater for ages from 3 to 8 years.

Features and Specifications

Fantastic Fun – This scooterOpens in a new tab. comes already assembled and ready to ride. As you can see from the stunning images, it has 3 wheels that all light up using LED lights and do not require any batteries. The faster the rider goes, the brighter the LED lights go with the Magnetic Core Wheels themselves looking amazing and totally stands out to children and adults nearby.

Magnetic Core LED Wheels – As we talked about above, the awesome looking LED wheels look amazing and light up as children ride this scooter and get brighter the faster they are going. Ride this at dusk and they look even more fun and stunning and completely stand out making this kick scooter the talk of their friends.

Easy to Ride – This uses lean-to-steer technology which is very popular with other 3 wheeled scootersOpens in a new tab. such as this one and many like it. It has an extra wide deck so children’s feet will not slip off and gives extra stability in balancing and control when turning the scooter. Additionally it has a locking and unlocking steering system which produces an excellent safe riding experience.

Smooth and Safe Riding – The wheels have been designed to be PU Extra Wide and run in conjunction to the fibreglass reinforced deck for their feet. This overall provides excellent shock absorption which in turn gives a very good smooth a stable ride. To reduce speed, the BELEEV scooter has a built in reinforced steel braking system which slows down and stops the scooter very quickly so as a parent you will have peace of mind children will stop right away. Along with the anti-slip deck, this scooter gives excellent stability so children hold their position while riding around indoors or out.

Easy to Carry around and Store Away – This isn’t a foldable scooterOpens in a new tab. but the handlebars are removable and an overall lightweight design. This means you can pull up the T-Bar and off the deck and tie it underneath for easy storage or carrying it from school, the park of a friend’s house. A Great space saver indeed.

Why the Beleev 3 Wheel Scooter for Boys and Girls?

There are many life skills riding a 3 wheeled scooter can help establish and grow. These include balance, coordination as well as motor and reflex skills. As the height is adjustable the Beleev scooter can be used for a wide age range, we did find it suited younger ages due to it being steered to turn rather than a standard handlebar steering system.

The height itself for the T bar spans from 23.4 to 30.3 inches and easy movable via the button to be pressed in the handlebar stem itself. As kids ride this, the wheels light up which aren’t very bright in sunlight but will show up better on a more chilled evening as the sun is going down but still light enough for outdoor play. The lights themselves do get brighter then faster the scooter is moving.

Beleev have included a deck which has very good grip and an anti-slip surface with the height being low to the ground and as above, use their bodyweight to turn rather than a handlebar that turns the wheel itself. The lean-to steer is aimed at children who go to preschool or kindergarten even though it is advertised up to the age of 9 which we do think is rather high and better for younger ages.




  • Easy to assemble
  • Very durable
  • Great price
  • Wide foot deck
  • Good height adjustment
  • Perfect for a 3 year old and upwards
  • Easy to pop it in the car or carry


  • Have to lean to turn corners
  • Can’t see the wheel lights in daylight
  • Too short for a 6 year old – Best for younger ages
  • Poorly made
Age Range3-8 Years
Frame MaterialPlastic
Batteries Included?No
Package DimensionsBELEEV Scooter for Kids, 3 Wheel Scooter
Date ReleasedDecember 2020

Where to Buy –

Amazon.co.ukOpens in a new tab.


The EVO Inline Boys Scooter in Red and Blue



Amazing for young children, this EVO 2 Wheel Scooter is an inline scooter with easy push back break on the back wheel. As with any scooter and any age of children, a helmet is highly recommended.

When unboxed, this is easy to assemble and also store away when not in use. With a vibrant design, this would be a fantastic present for birthdays or Christmas and be the envy of their friends.

EVO have done a great job in bringing this to the toy market, with its sturdy but lightweight frame and easy grip handles. These are made from foam and can be adjusted for different ages from 61cm to 77cm.

The footplate comes as non-slip with maximum grip but also a rear wheel brake which allows for easy stopping. As mentioned, it’s easily to pack away as this is a folding 2 wheel scooter.

As with all toys for children in the UK, safety and certifications is extremely important. This EVO scooter has been made from a non-toxic ingredient and conforms to the very stringent UK CE Standards. This means that safety has been taken extremely seriously so your children can ride this scooter with peace of mind.

We have our own review as you can see but we have studies the 245+ reviews at Amazon and created and in-depth summary of this scooter for you –


  • Good Scooter for the price
    6 Year old can use it on the first and second handlebar height


  • Customer had a back wheel buckled so disappointment
  • Handlebars are safe but feel a little rickety so could be a little more snug
  • Handlebar was slightly bent
  • Cheaply made but works, 5 year old prefers his used Micro scooter
  • Good for grandparents house or vacation but not for every day use
  • Wheels are awful and both were buckled
  • Lasted 2 weeks and then it broke, waste of sons pocket money
  • Son fell off because the steering went stiff
  • Pin was easily removed
  • Wheels didn’t turn
  • Looks good but broke after being used twice
  • No response from seller page, awaiting Amazon’s response

We love this scooter, it’s so low cost and look amazing with such vibrant fun colours. Aimed at over 5 year olds upwards this two wheel scooter is great for learning how to ride and steer a scooter and advancing life skills such as coordination and balance. When it comes to handling, it’s referred to as the titling steering system and then you have a great folding mechanism so it can be folded up and carried as well as easily stored away.

Even though this is advertised as a boy’s scooter online, it can easily be for both boys and girls so don’t let that put you off as is so colourful it’s great for either gender.

The EVO Inline Scooter itself has adjustable handles which can be moved up and down to heights of 67-77cm with EVA handles and a steel and allow frame.

Each of the two wheels are 125mm in diameter with ABEC 5 bearings with the braking system at the rear. When ridden by over 5 year olds, they can steer and accelerate using strength to kick up to a good speed that actually assists in keeping the scooter stable and upright.


  • Adjustable Handle Height – 67-77cm
  • Maximum Rider Weight – 50kg
  • Scooter Dimensions – H77cm x W32cm x D67cm
  • Age – Over 5 Years of Age and over

A great little scooter than weights only 2kg and foldable so it can easily be carrier on school runs, park or other short journeys by hand or just stored in the car. Due to its light weight, its easy to pick up from the ground so be able to transport and store easily.


EVO are a very popular brand of scooter that cater for over 2 years of age to teenagers in a multiple range of scooters of colours and specifications. With their wheeled product range they have fantastic cool and stylish designs with new features added frequently. They also have their electric ride on range for children which are one of the most popular in the UK being very high quality, safety a priority but also their range of ride on cars, quads, trikes that will last many years of use.

Where to Buy –

Amazon.co.ukOpens in a new tab.

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