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Is it Worth Buying a 8ft Trampoline?

Is it Worth Buying a 8ft Trampoline?

This is a big Yes, however lets talk about why its worth buying a 8ft trampoline before you do decide.

The Pros

Trampolines are an outdoor toy for the garden than provides immense fun and laughter but also exceedingly good exercise. This doesn’t just cover cardiovascular fitness but also an increase in all over body strength, additional life skills such as coordination and balance.

The Cons

However, there are still risk factors in enjoying the fun of a trampoline as there were 2.9 million children injured in the UK within a 12 month period of 2020 according to the DirectlineGroup.

2.9 million children injured on home trampolines – Direct Line Group

There are so many ways to minimise the accidents that occur on a trampoline. Trampoline brands and the team at Simplyfun recommend 1 child (or adult depending on the size of the trampolineOpens in a new tab.) to be on the trampoline at one time.

Its totally understand children would like to bounce around together, fun, laughter and joy in their garden but more than one on a trampoline at one time significantly increases the likelihood of any collisions.

We do recommend purchasing new when it comes to investing in a garden trampoline as you will have the fill safety pad range it comes with, safety enclosure and netting with no holes or tears. No rust on the frame which can easily occur on used trampoline especially if it has not had added galvanisation.

Rust on a trampoline can cause injury if a child was to catch themselves on not just the rust on the frame but also the springs. On a new trampoline, many designs actually hide the springs to make them out of reach.

Even though you may do your best to make sure your trampoline is new, safe the statistics show that in the UK around 37 percent of trampoline accidents occur in a neighbours or friends’ trampoline and not their own.

Types of Trampoline Injury

Even though the 2.9 million injuries sounds a large number, many of the recorded injuries are minor. Here is a run down of the types of injuries –

  • Bruises – 42%
  • Springs – 17%
  • Lacerations – 16%
  • Broken Limbs – 10%
  • Head Injuries – 9%
  • Other – 6%

Of course we don’t know the full reasons but the lack of safety padding and equipment could easily be a factor in these numbers. It’s important to place your trampoline on grass if this is possible, otherwise many other types of surfaces are harder if children were to fall.

At the end of the day, a trampoline is a fantastic Outdoor Toy and has been for decades. As you know yourself, it’s easily to spot a family enjoying a trampoline and many of us know someone who already has a trampoline.

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