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Do You Need Insurance for an Electric Scooter?

You can ride an electric scooter as long as it is not on pavements or roads as e-scooters are classed as powered vehicles (Personal Light Electric Vehicles – PLEVs) and not currently classed by the UK Government as road legal. This means that they cannot be insured at the present time, however many different cities and councils have a scooter scheme where these are allowed on roads in their specific area.

Can I Make My Electric Scooter Road Legal?

If you have a personal scooter then you currently cannot make this road legal as they are laws which prohibit any electric scooter for being road legal. Current UK Law states that no e-scooter is road legal, unless they are run by Council schemes in particular UK Towns and Cities such as Bristol where you can rent an electric scooter to move about the city.

Are e-scooters legal 2022?

As we have talked about above, at the time of writing which is April 2022 no electric scooter that you may own is or can be road legal. However as you may have learnt above, exceptions to this are areas of the country that have schemes where members of the public can rent a e-scooter for a particular time or journey across their local area run by their local council.

At the moment you can only ride an electric scooter if it’s within a trial area and you are 18 years old or over and also hold a provisional driving licence or full licence. Due to safety, electric scooters using a trial scheme are limited to 12.5mph which will also slow down automatically within “go slow” areas down to 9mph.

You cannot ride an electric scooter of your own with or without a licence on a public road or pathway, this includes both adults and children. This may change in the future as the Government are aware electric scooters are now extremely popular so there maybe guidelines brought in in the future so riders abide by safety laws to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Will Electric Scooters change the Law?

The UK is the last European country where electric scooters are still illegal apart from on private land. This means neither adults or children are allowed to ride an electric scooter on the pavement or road. Within most of European, the public are using e-scooters in a very similar way to jumping on a bus or cycling to and from their destinations so hopefully the UK will follow their lead in time and the law will change.

However, even if the law does change then we do not think e-scooters will be allowed on pavements even if they are allowed on the road. This still leaves safety concerns with collisions with cars, stationary objects but also pedestrians crossing streets.

This is course is very similar to cycling which was an idea to push via Covid in reducing the cars on the road and the country becoming more eco friendly. Of course, the power requirements for a electric scooter is much less than a road car in comparison.

We all have most likely been out locally and see at least one person zipping about on an electric scooter as well as cyclists.

SwiftyScooters recently wrote on law changes they may think happens which include –

  • Scooter riders to be over the age of 16 or 18 upwards
  • No more than one person per scooter
  • The only motor being the scooter motor which can produce a maximum continuous power of 500w
  • Maximum speed of 15.5mph (Cycling as we know has to abide by road speed limits)
  • No Insurance or tax needed – We think insurance would be required due to possible accidents.
  • No Helmet – We think a helmet would be required
  • Fitted with a bell – Good point but you do not find cyclists use one very often
  • Front and rear lists – Indeed
  • Front and Rear Side reflectors – Indeed
  • Two Independent Brakes – Absolutely
  • Share the road with cyclists and cycle lanes – This could be interesting

You can read their full article hereOpens in a new tab..

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