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Best Trampolines in the UK

What are the Best Garden Trampoline Brands?

When looking for the best trampoline there many factors to take into consideration such as what shape of trampoline, size, inground of above ground down to even what trampoline brand to choose.

Do I buy an Inground or Above Ground Trampoline

Above ground trampolines are what you are used to, they stand in your garden and come with a safety enclosure and netting as standard in the UK. This is law when new and a very important part of the trampoline. They are even better when they come with an included ladder, cover and tie down kit but this is not always the case with some brands.

With a standard trampoline, there likelihood of injury is higher compared to an inground trampoline. Frames come with different warranties and those using galvanised steel tend to be much stronger and last longer than lower cost and lower quality frames without this galvanisation.

An inground trampoline requires a large hole to be dug in your garden and sits level with the ground when complete. This means it’s more discreet and less obvious it’s there at first glance and must less likely to cause injury as there is no height to fall from.

An inground trampoline will require proper drainage and more maintenance to help prevent rusting.

What Shape Trampoline is Best?

This is more dependent on the shape and size of your garden. Round are the most common and popular shape but can be hard to fit into a more rectangular garden where a rectangular or even an Oval trampoline with fit better.

Round trampolines when jumping on, guide the jumper back to the centre of the trampoline due to how the springs work together. On a rectangular trampoline similar to what gymnastics use, these can give a much more professional bounce and the bounce jump and land near to where they originally jumped from.

A rectangular trampoline tends to provide a higher bounce and not gravitate the user back to the middle of the trampoline.

However, round as we mentioned are the most popular and unless there are significant gymnastics and acrobatics to be performed a round or circular trampoline will serve your children and family well for many years.

What’s the Best Garden Trampoline Size for my Children?

The size of trampoline to look for mainly depends on two factors, how old your children are and the size of your garden.

Ideally no matter what size of trampoline you go for, you should allocate a 3 foot or 1 meter space all around the trampoline away from any obstacles that could cause a collision and injury.

So an a couple of examples –

An easy way to measure this is, especially on a grass garden is to push a stick into the ground with string half the length of the required space for the trampoline. Then walk around and make sure the spring has ample space, giving you the total area your trampoline will require when assembled.

However for a rectangular or Oval trampoline you will need to measure using a standard process but for round, the above works well.

The actual jump surface on a trampoline is usually slightly less than the stated size so for example an 8ft trampoline will give you 7ft of jumping space.

Additionally when it comes to allocating space around the trampoline for safety, this also applies for height. Therefore, please do not have the top of the trampoline near trees, washing lines, powerlines or anything over hanging the area. Finally, the larger the trampoline the higher the safety netting and enclosure will be.

Trampoline Features to look for when looking for a Trampoline

Many trampoline brands have their own features they have patents for but in general there are several items to look out for when researching what’s the best trampoline for your children.

Frame quality

Is the frame made from standard steel or galvanised steel. If its standard steel then rust can effect it over time and reduce its strength and possible become a safety issue. Galvanised steel has been introduced on many trampoline to help eliminate rust but also give it superb strength and durability.

Safety Padding Thickness

The padding protects children from the metal frame but more importantly, the metal springs. Designs can also be found where the spring are on the outside of the netting so also out of reach of little fingers so not catching or pinching will occur.

Foam Protection

Many trampoline frames incorporate foam to cover the frame and the enclosure uprights. Additionally, some companies provide a PVC sheath to keep the foam from being picked away by children and keep it looking good for years.

What’s the Maximum User Weight?

Every trampoline is designed to accommodate up to a certain weight or a child or an adult to when the maximum weight is high enough.

On  a low priced 8ft trampoline for example, you may find the max user weight is around 75kg or 11stone 8lb such as the Zero Gravity or the JumpPRO 8ft Excite with its 50kg or 8 stone.

However as you go upwards in size the maximum user weight tends to rise to. As a couple of examples, the 12ft JumpPRO trade black round trampolineOpens in a new tab. has a max weight of 23 stone or 150kg.

This as you can tell, allows adults as well as children to bounce on this trampoline in your garden but of course, not at the same time for safety reasons.

We have looked at many trampolines and any you find reviewed on Simplyfun, we have specified the maximum user weight for each trampoline.

So let’s go over what we see as the best trampolines –

The 8ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline with FREE Ladder

We have briefly mention this but we think the 8ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 trampoline is fantastic, it comes with a FREE ladder at Madfun.co.uk and a reasonable maximum user weight and great stylish yellow, blue and black colour scheme.

The Zero Gravity is great value and has become a well-known Brand new in the UK, designed and built with good quality materials from a trampoline brand that have decades of experience.

Staying away from the low quality market, Zero Gravity have this to offer you using the latest technology with its patent weldless frame.

The safety enclosure included is state of the art, includes the netting and designed to sit on the edge of the jumping surface keeping children away from the metal springs. The arced uprights hold the netting in place and give it its great looking curved shape. The top ring finishes off the enclosures shape.

When you have finished with the trampoline, the enclosure has a quick release system so the enclosure can be taken down within minutes.

Long life of the bed is important, so Zero Gravity have used the high quality and very durable Permatron which will hold its structure under Ultra Violet light. This means it keeps its shape and will not tear of disintegrate but instead, keep its smooth surface for years to come.

Padding has been included to cover the springs and enclosure, giving a cushion of children were to collide with anything metal be it the frame or springs. This is made from PVC and not lower quality PE and comes with 20mm thick EPE covering it.

Even though we have left the EU, trampolines sold as new still abide at the time of writing to the EN71 certification. With this trampoline variety, it was tested with a 500kg user weight and tested with 2.5 million cycles and passed very easily, whereas the minimum is 1 million cycles so it easily outperformed the requirements of this safety law.

12ft Plum Magnitude Trampoline with Enclosure

Plum are one of the most popular and well known trampoline brands in not just the UK but Worldwide with their Magnitude range highly respected.

With its outward bow shaped enclosure, the Plum Magnitude gives illusion of extra space even though a 12ft trampoline is a superb size for children of all ages in your family.

The total jump area of this trampoline is 78.5 (Sq. ft.) or 7.3 (Sq. m) with a great bounce produced by the 72 springs each of which are 7” in length, connected to a heavy duty polypropylene material for the bed.

Hours of outdoor play can be had with its curved 3G enclosure that they have a patent for, the safety incorporated into this trampoline means the springs are out of reach of the children and hidden away.

The frame itself uses galvanised steel which gives it much stronger than standard steel used on lower quality trampoline but also helps to minimise rust occurring all year round.

Additionally, Plum have their own Tramp Klamp system which takes the joints of the trampoline frame and encases them away from rusting. Rust on any metal would cause weakness so anything trampoline brands can accomplish in minimising this is always going to be a good thing indeed.

This 12ft Magnitude has a maximum weight limit of 20stone or 127kg so this means many adults can also use this trampoline and join in the immense fun to be had bouncing in the garden.

Please note this is a maximum limit in total and not per person so please only one jumper on the trampoline at one time. This will then eliminate any collisions, with 1000s of trampoline injuries occurring in gardens throughout the UK itself.

Plum are so confident and happy with their MagnitudeOpens in a new tab. that they have a huge 5 year warranty on the frame.

Features –

  • Galvanised steel frame for rust protection, long life and durability
  • Well-designed 3G safety enclosure keeping the springs away from children fingers but also maximising the jumping space available.
  • Plums Tramp Klamp system encasing the frame’s joints protecting them from rust.
  • Spring coated with a high quality zinc layer making them more durable and a better bounce.
  • Push button leg locking system
  • Supplied with an easy to use spring loading tool for easy assembling
  • Comes flat packed from Madfun.co.uk

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