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Are Oval Trampolines Better?

Are Oval Trampolines Better?

Is a UK Oval Trampoline better than Rectangular?


The 10ft  x 7ft JumpPRO Xcite Oval Trampoline and Enclosure

This is a fantastic Oval trampoline from JumpPROOpens in a new tab., 10ft x 7ft which gives you a total jump area of 9ft x 6ft once you take into consideration the safety enclosure and padding – 41.44 (Sq.ft) or 3.85 (Sq.m)

A very high maximum user weight coming in at 150kg which equates to 23 stone so this means parents and other adults can bounce on this trampoline, but only one adult or child is recommended at one time to avoid collisions, injuries and to not exceed the maximum user weight.

If the maximum user weight is exceeded, this can cause the bounce pad to bottom out and hit the ground which could injure the bounce as well as damage the bounce mat itself or further damage to the trampoline.

Oval trampolines were introduced a good few  years ago now and a cross between a round and rectangular trampoline. The aim is for this style to fit in not so standard shaped gardens but also it’s a great shape trampoline to look at to.

Incase you are not aware, every brand of new trampoline includes a safety enclosure and netting supplied as this is law. The enclosure on this oval trampolineOpens in a new tab. has a zipped entrance which means when its zipped closed when in use, it seals the netting and helps to reduce any falls from the trampoline.

The design is very sleek as you can see, with a very strong galvanised steel frame which adds strength as well as becoming very resistance to rust which if allowed, would weaken a trampoline frame. The galvanised frame also provides durability so when weight is applied, it holds its own very well and will give you years of stable enjoyment.

With an Oval trampoline you have a series of jump zones which work how you would expect a rectangular trampoline to work in not producing bounce back which leads you to the centre of the trampoline.  On a round trampoline when you jump, you are guided back to the centre of the trampoline but this does not happen on a rectangular trampoline.

So on this Oval trampoline, using these zones means that when you jump into the air, you will land in the same area as you started.

JumpPRO have spent considerable time on safety and have designed their Xcite trampoline to incorporate the springs onside of the netting so out of reach of children and adult when bouncing.

As well as the Oval range from JumpPRO they do still provide round and rectangular trampolines with a range of different sizes. When assembled by two adult and you have the finished product, you have a great looking trampoline that will look amazing in your garden for all sorts of outdoor play, exercise and fun for many years.


The BERG 17ft x 11ft 4” Grey Oval Trampoline Favorit 520 and Comfort Enclosure

Oval trampolines have been growing in size, here we have the BERG 11ft x 11ft 4” trampolineOpens in a new tab. that is as you can tell, for large gardens but children of all ages. However, it has a maximum user weight of 18 stone or 120kg so there will be many adults who can also bounce on this trampoline for both fun and outdoor exercise.

As a very large oval trampoline, you have significant features included as standard from BERG. Their popular Grand Favorit oval shape which you can find in frame version as seen her but also their inground variation to.

Oval trampolines such as this BERG model have a number of jump spots all within a shape that will work for convenience in your garden due to the curved edge.

Strength is paramount with its safe design, durability and at a very affordable price to that will last your family years.

Different to many different brands, BERG have their GoldSpring Solo springs which give a fantastic combination of both strength and flexibility but also produce a strong but light bounce any day of the year.

When you assemble this trampoline you will notice that the springs themselves attach to the bounce mat via triangular eyes that have been stitched 8 times. When designed like this, this produces a trampoline that will be solid, strong and long many years indeed.

As with many other quality brands of trampoline, BERG have given their frame a layer of galvanisation with again improves strength, durability but keeping rust at bay which is incredibly important to avoid weakness over time due to corrosion.

This above is for the framed version whereas the inground variety are sunk into the ground and come with short legs for stability.

The edge all around this Favorit trampoline has 38mm padding, this means the springs are covered up for safety and out of reach of whoever is enjoying the fun to be had while bouncing. Not only does this cover the springs to avoid catching and leading to possible injury but it also softens any falls onto the frame.

When it comes to the inground version, this has its own net which connects to the edge and prevents animals, children or even toys from being able to get under the trampoline.

The warranty on this BERG Oval Trampoline is one of the longest in the industry with a 5 years warranty on the frame and springs with an excellent 2 years warranty on the bed, padding and enclosure.

The BERG Comfort Safety Net

A safety net is very important on any trampoline, please do not use a trampoline without one. The BERG netting has nice clean lines and straight enclosure upright poles which are covered by a high standard black sleeve. This inside has foam to provide a cushion but the sleeve is there to help to the trampoline in good condition if children decide to pick the foam.

BERG have their own enclosure fitting system with their click system when the netting attaches to the top rail. The upright poles then connect to the frames legs which use a U bolt for increased strength.

As with many other trampolines, the netting closes to add even more safety however on the BERG netting it has a self-closing entrance which ha white trim. This easily shows users where the entrance is and also easier to gain entrance and exit the trampoline.

Size17ft x 11ft 4"
Number of Springs96
Spring Length7.5" (19cm)
Trampoline BedWoven
Pad Thickness20mm tapering to 10mm
Frame Diameter42mm
Top Rail Height95cm
Maximum User Weight18 Stone or 120kg
Frame Warranty5 Years
Spring Warranty5 Years
Bed Warranty2 Years
Pad Warranty2 Years
Netting Warranty2 Years


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