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Are E-Scooters Legal in the UK?

Are e-scooters legal in the United Kingdom?

What are the latest laws on e-scooters, can you own one, where and when you can ride one and what safety to they provide?

What rules are there on electric scootersOpens in a new tab., do you need a licence and if so, what happens when you get caught riding one without one?

Yes, it is legal to own and ride an e-scooter in the UK but there are important rules and considerations to take into mind before investing in one of these powered vehicles.

Electric scooters are growing in popularity at a dramatic rate, it is very important to understand their safety and the number of fatal accidents that do occur involving these vehicles before proceeding.

Even though these scooters have grown in demand there is still a lack of understanding from owners or pre owners on what the laws and rules are.

It is currently illegal to ride a e-scooter in public unless it has been rented via a recognised scheme such as transport around a city using these within their trail scheme such as Bristol, UK.

However, you can ride an e-scooter on private land but when in the public domain they are classed by law as a powered device so come under the same laws as cars and other motor vehicles.

As you can tell, at the present time it is legal to own a e-scooter but illegal to ride it on a public pavement, footpath, cycle lanes of pedestrianised areas.

This may have led to confusion as you do see many people riding these in public but this is absolutely against the rules if they are not on a trial scheme as mentioned above.

For an electric scooter to be legalOpens in a new tab. for public use, you would require the same rules as your family car. This includes, licence plates, tax and insurance, indicators including rear lights but at the present time these areas are available on sale but to not comply with the current laws.

We mentioned Bristol as a city with a trial scheme, this is one of 32 cities around the United Kingdom who are currently trailing e-scooters within their location. When you hire one of these powered vehicles, you can ride it on the roads and cycle paths as you are insured by the provider of the scooter in your city.

Safety is paramount so at the present time, these scooters have been limited to 15.5 mph which is still an impressive speed.

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