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The 9ft x 6ft JumpPRO Xcite Green Rectangular Trampoline and Enclosure

The 9ft x 6ft JumpPRO Xcite Green Rectangular Trampoline and Enclosure

The Rectangular JumpPRO 9ft x 6ft Trampoline

The 9ft x 6ft JumpPRO Rectangular trampolineOpens in a new tab. tends to be on the lower price range of rectangular trampolines so great for families on a budget but would still like the functional benefits of a rectangular trampoline over a round shaped variety.

Ideally when measuring your garden as significant buffer space around each side is recommended incase children were to collide with any nearby hazards or objects. These could span from anything such as your home, large trees, sheds, greenhouses or even any overhanging clothes lines or even low powerlines from your home to a conservatory maybe.

This means the total size we recommend in your garden to give this space would be 15ft x 12ft so your trampoline can be stood in the middle. When standing any trampoline, its recommended to be on grass or if this is not possible, lay down softer materials such as tree bark to cushion any possible falls.

So onto the JumpPRO Xcite rectangular trampolineOpens in a new tab. itself. Once assembled it provides a total of 8ft x 5ft jumping space and has been designed for the UK market with a sleek design, a silver coloured strong galvanised steel frame with the padding given a grassy green to fit in with your garden and surroundings.

Steel frames are strong but the galvanised steel used for a trampoline not only provides this extra strength but lengthens its life but even more importantly, helps to reduce the issue of rust which can get completely out of hand on a standard steel frame in a short space of time and ruin a trampolines ability to hold weight and for it to become unsafe and unstable.

Whereas on a round trampoline you are thrown back into the middle of the trampoline bed by how the springs work, on a rectangular trampolineOpens in a new tab. the springs work very differently. The springs work together so you tend to bounce into the air and land in a very similar position to where you started.

However the JumpPRO gives the closest response and features a sweet spot which you will find in the middle to give the highest experience for the user. You still find though as with a rectangular trampoline, you don’t have the same response as a round trampoline but instead find your weight is evenly distributed and you land where you began.

For safety and protection to children, JumpPRO have decided to place the safety netting further inward compared to the springs. This means the springs are out of reach of the jumper and minimal injuries in relation to the metal springs themselves.

Finally, the safety netting has a great zipped entrance which zips up when children have climbed onto the trampoline.

What we found disappointing is even though the maximum weight is an awesome 150kg which is immense, the frame only has a 1 year warranty which we feel should be more when it comes with a galvanised frame.

Additionally, the springs, padding, net and trampoline bed all have a 1 year warranty which is fair enough but it’s disappointing on the frame itself.

We need to stress, even though the maximum user weight is a huge 150kg this does not mean its an advertised number to have multiple children on at one time. This can easily cause collisions an injuries which there are 1000s each year with a trampoline in the UK.

However, the maximum weigh being so high means that most adults can use this JumpPRO trampolineOpens in a new tab. and join in with the family fun of bouncing in the back garden.

Who are JumpPRO?

JumpPRO are a trampoline company that aim to provide value for money for their UK customers as well as abroad. They have a long 40 year experience in the making of trampolines and pass on designs from listening to previous customers. They offer a range of shapes and sizes with all models being compliant with the range of safety requirements all trampoline brands are to abide by with all their products they sell to families.

To date these safety requires for trampolines encompasses – EN 71-1: 2014+A1: 2018, EN71-2:2011+AI:2014, EN 71-3: 2019, EN 71-14: 2018

By combining the price and performance you have a trampoline that will last your family without the safety features being compromised. With the decades of experience they have a trampoline that will fit in pretty much any garden due to the multitude of shapes and sizes.

Their customer service is dedicated to a high level of support and will provide answers to any questions and the buying process if required.

Lastly, due to safety being an extremely important part of the design process of a trampoline, Jumpy PRO have their trampolines keeping the jumper away from the metal springs.

Size 9ft x 6ft Rectangular
Jumping Area
38.92 (Sq.ft) or 3.62 (Sq.m)
Is a Ladder Included?
Is a Cover Included?
Number of Springs
Max User Weight
150kg or 23 stone
Frame Warranty
1 Year
Spring Warranty
1 Year
Padding Warranty
1 Year
Safety Net Warranty
1 Year
Bed Warranty
1 Year


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