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Which 8ft Trampoline and Enclosure has the Best Price?

Which 8ft Trampoline and Enclosure has the Best Price?

Best Priced 8ft Trampoline and Enclosure

There so many options when it comes to an 8ft trampoline and enclosure but which is best and the best price to?

We think the 8ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 is a fantastic option when you are looking for a trampoline with an enclosure and the best price. Even better, this make and style of trampoline comes with a FREE ladder which when you look at the complete range of trampolines available, is pretty rare.

Technology has come a long way so each trampoline company has its own designs and ideas on safety features. This is the same with Zero Gravity as a company, they have used high quality materials and parts but have kept the cost low at under £250, and price can vary depending on the retailer you are looking at.

So let’s take about the features of this low cost 8ft trampoline

Firstly, it comes with a high grade “A” Permatron bounce mat to give a great bounce compared to low cost alternatives from inferior trampolines. This by being excellent in quality helps absorb the pressure on children’s feet, ankles and knees.

When it comes to packing the trampoline away, ease and speed is always going to be a great idea which is why this Zero Gravity trampoline has their state of the art easy to drop feature they are very proud of.

You also have the free safety ladder which allows children to climb onto the trampoline with ease which reduces the likelihood of falling backwards onto the ground if you didn’t have a ladder. Of course, this can also be used for children who are still learning to balance and their coordination to exit off of the trampoline.

Zero Gravity themselves have decades of experience and in that time have become a very respected company in the UK and known by many families who are happy owners of one of the Zero Gravity range of trampolines.

We have already mentioned companies who have their own features, this is the case with this 8ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. with their patented weldless trampoline frame which provides strong and easy to assemble joints when assembling the frame.

Design wise but also a safety feature, the netting is connected to the edge of the bounce mat rather than a few inches inwards as some older style trampolines may well be. The netting is then held in place by the arced uprights which gives it the curved shape and helps in preventing children from falling to the ground.

Even small children when you had the height of a trampoline can result in a good few feet to the ground so a safety netting is a must. Do not worry though, by law in the United Kingdom all trampoline manufactures are to include a safety enclosureOpens in a new tab. and netting by default.

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How to Build The Ultima 4 Trampoline

Free LadderCover not included
Grand A Permatron Bounce Mat

None that we can think of
Modern Deisng Safety Enclosure

Company has decades of experience
Weldless frame to eliminate rust

Arc uprights and netting on the edge for safety
20mm thick EPE foam protection
Tested with a 500g user weight

75kg Maximum user weight

Who are Zero Gravity?

Zero Gravity have been supplying trampolines to the UK and Worldwide for over a decade. Their range of trampolines are indeed high quality, high specification and exceptional designs. Many companies have stayed at the lower end of the market but not Zero Gravity, they have moved away from the cheaper low cost and low quality outdoor toys to a much higher status and excellent safety standards range of outdoor trampolines.

Safety is paramount for a trampoline so Zero Gravity have spent a significant investment in time and money producing some of the safest trampolines on the market. With technology changing, this has led to an efficient production which enables them to sell great quality trampolines at an affordable price for your wallet.

Their hard work has paid off with their patent weldless frame which you can see an example of above in the range of images we have provided.

So here we have the Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline…

By law, every new trampoline sold in the UK has to come with a safety enclosureOpens in a new tab., so this as you can tell includes the excellent 8ft Ultima 4. What ZG have done is place the netting on the far edge of the trampoline area giving a larger bounce area, whereas some other trampoline styles have the enclosure sitting a few inches in from the edge.

The enclosure itself is held in place by the arced uprights and will assist in help preventing children from falling to the ground from the trampoline. The top ring finishes off the structure with Zero Gravity having another design of theirs, this being the quick release system of the enclosure so it can be removed with ease and speed.

The safety padding is extremely high quality to, produced using PVC which will not reduce in quality under UV and cause tears and deteriorate. If you find trampolines using PE, then please bear this in mind that this material is far inferior and best to be avoided.

The padding itself is a sufficient 20mm and using thick EPE foam so if children were to collide, this should help cushion the collision when striking the steel trampoline frame.

Even though we have left the EU, safety standards are still in please with this passing the EN71 Safety Standards with ease. When testing this trampoline, Zero Gravity placed it under a stress test of continuous cycles using a 500kg user weight and passed with ease. The weldless frame stood the tests and was completely fine after 2.5 million cycles where as standard steel would have at least started to crack under 1 million cycles, if not buckle under the strain.

There are many reviews for this Zero Gravity 8ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. with Customer Service receiving exceptionally good reviews and feedback. Assembling the trampoline can take time, look for around 2 hours but this is easy with the very well received and written instruction guide.

For any queries you can contact Zero Gravity on (01264 771247)





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