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The 7ft x 5ft Salta Pink Rectangular Comfort Trampoline and Enclosure

The 7ft x 5ft Salta Pink Rectangular Comfort Trampoline

The Salta Pink 7ft x 5ft Rectangular Trampoline Comfort Edition Main Image showing the zipped entrance

Rectangular trampolines such as this Pink Rectangular trampoline have grown in popularity, usually used by those practising gymnastic and acrobatic moves.

Here we have trampoline with a superb price range for customers with a specific requirement in mind.

A large trampoline with a total jump area of 15 (Sq. ft.) or 1.3 (Sq. m), this Pink Salta comes with a heavy duty polypropylene material for the bedding which will keep its durability under sunlight. With a maximum user weigh of 15 ½ stone (100kg) this is suitable for any children but also many adults so the whole family can enjoy outdoor play.

Please bear in mind, this is the maximum weight for one person so not to be confused with combining multiple bounces as this can easily cause collisions or damage to the trampoline if the maximum weight is exceeded.

Safety is at the top of Salta’s mind when it comes to designing and manufacturing their trampolines, this Pink Comfort EditionOpens in a new tab. will fit very nicely in any medium to large sized gardens. Abiding by the very strict safety regulations required for all new trampolines in the UK this has a range of features and a great bounce performance.

Firstly, the frame is made from galvanised steel so immense strength when you compare this to a standard steel frame. This also helps to reduce or even prevent the build-up of rust which can in time easily reduce the strength but with galvanised steel this is not the case.

A sleek design, the frame has been completed with a glossy black coating which looks very stylish and modem and will assist in giving the frame a long life.

At the top you have a steel top ring which helps to hold the enclosure and safety netting in place, this also gives the overall elegant shape you can see in the images provided on this page. The netting itself is actually a soft fine mesh that gives a good tightness and stays this way when children run into the net and helped to not just stay on the trampoline but rebounded back to onto the bounce area.

Safety continues with a 2cm thick and 2.9cm wide safety pad around the edge, this keeps children away from the galvanised frame but also shields the springs away from little fingers or toes. There are a huge number of trampoline injuries per year so anything a trampoline brand does to help reduce these is always a great thing.

Finally, to help keep children on the trampoline and not fall off when bouncing the netting has a double sided zip which when closed seals the netting but still gives easy access on and off the trampoline when unzipped.

This is the pink version as you but you can also find this available with black of green padding.

Size7ft x 5ft
Jump Area15 (Sq. ft.) or 1.3 (Sq. m)
Ladder Included?No
Cover Included?No
Shoe Store Included?No
Number of Springs44
Spring Length5.5" or 14cm
Pad Thickness2cm
Frame Diameter3.4cm
Top Rail Height62cm
Maximum User Weight15 1/2 stone or 100kg
Frame Warranty2 Years
Spring Warranty1 Year
Pad Warranty1 Year
Net Warranty2 Years
Bed Warranty2 Years


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