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The 7ft x 5ft Salta Black Rectangular Trampoline Comfort Edition and Enclosure

7ft x 5ft Salta Black Rectangular Trampoline Comfort Edition and Enclosure

A growing in popularity brand, this rectangular trampolines comes as 7ft x 5ft in size with a total jumping space area of 15 (Sq. ft.) or 1.3 (Sq. m). With a large maximum weight of 15 stone 7lb (100kg) this enables all children to bounce on this trampoline but includes many adults up to the mentioned max weight.

Please do not exceed the weight as this could damage the trampoline but more importantly, cause injury to the jumper if the bed and springs were to bottom out and hit the solid ground.

The bed which is made from a high quality Heavy Duty Polypropylene material which will not deteriorate under sunlight. This attaches to the 44 x 5.5” springs to provide an excellent bounce for years to come.

The frame is a galvanised frame which you will notice many quality trampolines come with, this assists in providing protection to rusting but also to give extra strength and durability to. Due to the galvanisation, Salta offer a 2 year warranty on their frame and this is the same for all colours so black, green and pink trampolinesOpens in a new tab..

To finish off the frame itself, a black coating has been applied to the frame to also help protect it and give it a long life.

With this Salta trampolineOpens in a new tab. comes a free ladder, this is of high importance as it enables children especially younger ages to mount up onto the trampoline with ease with less likelihood to fall backwards to the ground.

A design that is pleasing to the eyes and will fit and blend into your garden with ease, with safety standards incorporated to enable safe play but please do still make sure you have a 3 foot space around all sides of this trampolineOpens in a new tab..


At the top of the trampoline you have the top ring which is also made of steel, this keeps the enclosure net in place and provides the pleasing to the eye shape. This uses a soft fine meshed mesh which gives a good tightness and provides safety from children from falling off the trampolineOpens in a new tab..

With any trampoline brand, safety is of course extremely important with this trampoline included with 20mm thick and 29cm wide padding to protect children from the frame and the springs, these have also been galvanised.

Finally, Salta have provided a double sided zip netting which provides the entrance and exit and when sealed closes the netting.

Where to Buy –

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