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6ft Trampoline with Enclosure Reviews

6ft Trampolines with Enclosure

6ft Trampoline Reviews

Welcome to our page at Simplyfun on the range of 6ft Trampolines and their included safety enclosure and netting. We have reviews from Plum, Sportspower and Smythtoys who all have experience in providing high quality, 6ft garden trampolines to families throughout the UK and Worldwide.

The 6ft Plum Magnitude Garden Trampoline and Enclosure

An image of the Plumplay 6ft Magnitude Trampoline and its included safety enclosure

The Plum 6ft Magnitude trampolineOpens in a new tab. is a great way for children to start their trampoline journey, receiving both important exercise but just simply fun with outdoor play.

With the bouncing on a trampoline, children gain skills in coordination, balance, improved strength and bone density and an excellent cardiovascular exercise.

As you can see, this is a great looking trampoline and comes with the important safety enclosure and netting as standard as all new trampolines should in the UK by law. This not only helps prevent children from falling to the ground but also assists in rebounding them back into the middle of the trampoline when the push against the netting.

What we love is the frame comes with galvanised steel which you usually find on higher priced or larger trampolines. This gives the frame a significant gain in strength and helps resist rust which when present would weaken standard steel frames.

Plum as a company have a range of patents in their design, with this 6ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. they include their Tramp Klamp system which encases the frame joints and again resists against rust but also increases the life of this trampoline.

When assembling and noticing this design you will also find the legs have a push button locking system so resulting in a very sturdy frame.

Again, their design is just superb with their own 3G enclosure which gives a curved finish but also results in the springs out of reach of children but still maximising the jump space available.

Accessories include –

  • Comes flat packed – Packaged in 1 box.
  • Safety Enclosure Included
  • Folded size H35, W195, D195cm.
  • Largest box size H21, W50, D104cm.
Safety Matting?Yes
SizeH200, W196, D196cm
Maximum User Weight60kg
Maximum Number of Users1
Leg Height35cm
Recommended Safety Perimeter3m
Minimum Age3 Years of Age
Warranty1 Year

SmythsToys 6ft Trampoline and Enclosure

This 6ft Trampoline with safety net enclosureOpens in a new tab. is from Smythstoys and under £100.

Included in this trampoline deal is a 6 no contact enclosureOpens in a new tab. bar system for safe and strong support. You also have the increasingly popular galvanised steel frame again for added strength but also to help resist rust which can easily reduce the strength of the frame and become a safety concern. A strong galvanised frame will last years of use and withstand all kinds of weather wear and tear.

The legs on this trampoline are wide to give stability with a 15mm padding that has been added to protect children from the metal springs.

To keep children safe, the springs have been covered with a 15mm padding around the perimeter. There are thousands of trampoline injuries in the United Kingdom each year so features like this pay dividends in helping to keep children safe while having fun on a trampoline.

Additionally, the springs themselves have been given a coating of protective zinc which also helps give a superb bounce.

When placing your trampoline, please look to stand it on grass and avoid concrete or asphalt incase a child falls from the trampoline either when bouncing or when climbing on. As well as this, please make sure you have a 3 foot gap between the trampoline and surrounding hazards such as fences, walls, garage, sheds, greenhouses and even trees and washing lines.

This allows for the included safety netting to stretch and children to not collide with any of these obstacles.

As this is a 6ft trampoline and not too big, the maximum weight this can take is 50kg which works out as 7.87 stone for this is ideally for small children.

Unfortunately a ladder, cover and tie down kit are not supplied with this trampoline but can be purchased separately.

Moving on, jumping on a trampoline is incredibly exercise for children of all ages for both cardiovascular, weight control, improvements in coordination, balance and increase in strength.

Features –

  • One 6ft fun trampoline
  • Safety enclosure consisting of 6 upright bars
  • Strong 38 x 1.2mm galvanised steel frame for reducing rust and a long frame life
  • Wide legs for increased stability and sturdiness
  • 15mm safety padding covering the springs to keep them out of reach of children
  • Added zinc coating to the springs for longer life and durability
  • Not to be placed on concrete of asphalt
  • Maximum user weight of 50kg


This trampoline is not suitable for children under the age of 3 which is due to the small parts used which could become a choking hazard. Also, its for outdoors only and requires an adult to assemble as the weight of the trampoline itself is 50kg.

For safety reasons the safety netting should be replaced yearly.

The 6ft Sportspower Trampoline and Enclosure available at ASDA

At the time of writing, this Sportspower trampolineOpens in a new tab. is under £90 so easy on your wallet and still a superb outdoor trampoline for the garden, Asda also give you the option to pay via instalments using Paypal.

Ideal for smaller children and smaller gardens, this stylish trampoline is a great starter option and will still last you years of use. This is down to the strong galvanised steel frame which is now very popular in the design of many trampolines from many brands and different size variations.

The galvanised steel used means it will withstand most rust and continue to be durable throughout the many months of the year. Sportspower include their Pro-Flex Ring which assists in preventing the enclosure from being damaged. They have designed this trampoline so that the netting is fixed internally so protects children from the frame as well as the metal springs.

This comes with the safety enclosure seen in the image provided and a great all year round option for outdoor plan and fun activities.

A 6ft trampoline with a bounce mat which is 4ft in diameter, with an overall area 28ft2 (2.6m2). A think 20mm safety padding has been provided as well as zinc coated springs, again for extra durability compared to standard non covered steel. The springs themselves are connected to the bouncemat which will not disintegrate under UV light and will continue to be smooth and give a great bounce.

The maximum user weight for this is a little lower than some at 45kg which equates to 7 stone in weight. Please only allow one child at a time, for both safety in avoiding collisions as well as not going over the stated maximum weight which could lead to grounding as well as breaking the trampoline.

Ideally due to the size and max weight limit, this is a trampoline aimed at 3-6 year old children and for outdoor use only.

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