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17ft x 11ft 4” BERG Grey Oval Grand Favorit 520 Trampoline

17ft x 11ft 4” BERG Grey Oval Grand Favorit 520 Trampoline with Comfort Enclosure

The very large 17ft x 11ft 4” BERG Oval Trampoline as you can tell is for large gardens and will require at least 23ft x 17ft of space to allow for stretching of the comfort enclosure netting so away from any hazards children may collide into when bouncing into the net.

When entering this BERG Trampoline, you have a self-closing entrance for safety and peace of mind with BERG’s Solo Gold Spring system which provides a fantastic combination of both flexibility, durability and strength. The springs themselves are connected to the jumping mat via triangular eyes that have been stitched 8 times which gives a solid, long lasting and safe bounce.

The frame itself has been given a coating of zinc to provide a long life and aim to be rust proof. Added around the frame this has a 20mm thick padding which tampers to 10mm with the maximum user weight capacity of this trampoline being an excellent 18stone which is the same as 120kg in weight.

As this maximum weight means all members of the family both children and adults can enjoy the fun of a trampoline in their garden, please make sure only one jumper at a time and certainly no children mixed with adults to eliminate the possibility of any collisions resulting in injuries.

The bounce is produced by a total of 96 springs each of which are 7.5” (19cm) in length and connect to the woven trampoline bed. This whole trampoline package has an excellent set of warranties with the frame and springs both having a great 5 years’ worth of warranty with the bed, padding and net all having 2 years of warranty.

Being an Oval shaped trampoline, this gives a magnificent bounce and does not result in bounce back which you get with a round trampolineOpens in a new tab. which guides you back to the centre. This trampoline comes with a number of jump spots along with a significant total jump area and a lovely shape to fit in your garden.

The trampolines frame has been galvanised giving it protection from corrosion and rust as mentioned above unlike lower cost trampolines that do not have a galvanised frame which can limit the life of the frame. Its worth noting that the InGround versions of this trampoline have been designed to be sunk into the ground a come with short legs.

Around the edge of this Favorit trampoline you have a 38 cm wide protective edge which overlaps the springs and keeps them covered and out of harm’s way to avoid injuries. The InGround version comes with a net that attaches to the protective edge to prevent children, animals or even toys from getting under the trampoline.

As you can see this is a fantastic trampoline option and comes with some of the best warranties seen in the trampoline market.

Size17ft x 11ft 4"
Number of Springs96
Spring Length7.5" (19cm)
Pad Thickness20mm Tapering to 10mm
Frame Diameter42mm
Top Rail Height95cm
Maximum User Weight18 Stone or 120kg
Frame Warranty5 Years
Spring Warranty5 Years
Bed Warranty2 Years
Pad Warranty2 Years
Net Warranty2 Years

The BERG Comfort Safety Net

The stylish BERG safety enclosure includes the netting and includes clean lines which are connected to the straight frame poles and finished off by being covered by a smart black sleeve.

This black sleeve has foam included inside which helps to prolong its life by minimising the impact of children picking away at the foam. At the top of the enclosure is where the netting attaches via BERG’s click system and bungee which produces increased flexibility.

At the bottom of the straight poles is where they slot into the trampolines frame and held in place by a U bolt giving it even more strength.

Children can enter the enclosure via the self-closing entrance which has been given a white trim to make it very visible where the entrance and exit it. Using this gives safety so whoever is bouncing can get in and out with ease.

Who Are BERG Trampolines?

BERG are a trampolineOpens in a new tab. brand with over 20 years of experience in many ways from development, manufacturing to selling and exceedingly good customer service. Their range of trampolines within the Outdoor Toys scene have been designed by engineers and designers who are very passionate in what they achieve.

Each day they look at, study and improve and look to enhance their trampoline range using the latest technology in both quality, safety and just overall fun in what can be had with a garden trampoline from the BERG range.

With this experience their range has grown to be easy to assemble, use and overall appearance giving a pleasing to the eye product.

BERG who are based in Holland spend a considerable amount of time on their latest trampoline, building a prototype then thoroughly testing before being added to the trampoline market in not just the UK but throughout Europe to.

This testing is submitted via a very strict product control which means each trampoline has to pass a range of European safety standards before being allowed to go on sale to you and other families. These qualifications come from independent bodies and giving the relevant certifications according to the European and International standards for trampolines and outdoor toys.

Why Chose BERG Trampolines?

All of BERGs trampolines which include the accessories have been well thought out and designed to be as safe as possible with this being their core value. Each of the trampolines in their range is tested thoroughly before being released on sale to families through the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Every model of their trampoline range comes fitted with a protective edge which overlaps the springs and eliminates the likely hood of catching on the springs but also covers the frame to.

All of BERGS trampolines include strong protective pins which have been designed to connect all of the trampolines parts together. Additionally and very important, these pins make sure the legs of the trampoline do not fall off if you are moving it from one location to another.

There are several types of safety netting as BERG belief is to provide the best safety when using their trampoline in your garden.

Exceedingly high quality materials are used in their trampolines, you will see this especially in models such as their Elite+ option which includes their well respected protective edge, thick wire used in their own design called Goldspring+ range of springs and the thick steel frame in all of their trampolines.

All springs used in the BERG range are elastic, supple and finished off in manufacturing by applying a coating of zinc which results in each spring being thick and rustproof. This also extends the life of each spring which is now significantly longer than a standard non treated spring.

Strict laws are abided when ordering and using materials which require legal requirements in use and to not exceed to.

The jumpmat is a woven mat and attached to the zinc coated springs via triangular eyes which each of which have been stitched eight times for strength, safety and a long life.

Each of the joint of the frame has a welded seam, a thick rustproof later of zinc inside and out but also a large diameter and the steel being a thick to produce a sturdy and sturdy solid frame.

Where to Buy –

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