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15ft 5” x 10ft 2” BERG Green Oval Grand Trampoline with Deluxe Enclosure

15ft 5” x 10ft 2” BERG Green Oval Grand Champion Regular 470 Trampoline with Deluxe Enclosure

BERG have brought you here the very large 15ft 5” x 10ft 2” Oval Trampoline with their patent TwinSpring system as well as their Airflow Bed which work together to produce a high jumping experience.

This trampoline is part of their Grand Champion range which comes in three different sizes and finished off with a black coating on top of the galvanised frame for even more strength, durability and the aim to being completely rust proof.

Due to this being an Oval trampoline, this means it provides more than one jump spot location on the bed instead of producing bounceback which a round trampoline would produce. The Oval shape also means this is easier to position in your garden compared to a rectangular or even a round trampolineOpens in a new tab. come to that.

BERG as mentioned above have their AirFlow bounce mat which has been designed to provide an excellent 50% more air permeation in comparison so a standard trampoline mat. This extra air flow reduces the resistance and provides a significant higher jump than a standard oval trampoline.

Also mentioned above, the frame here has been completely galvanised with the black coating added on top. This provides excellent protection to rust and much less likely to corrode like lower cost trampolines so prolongs the life of the frame and trampoline overall.

Next you have BERG’s TwinSpring system which consists of a number of obliquely places springs and completely covered to keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

The frame stands on strong legs which are held in place by BERGs special click system so keeps the trampoline in place but also prevents the legs from falling off if you were to move it.

Each trampoline brand have their own names for certain areas of a trampoline. BERG have what’s called their protective edge on their Chamption range, which consists of a 39cm wide protective foam which is non-absorbent to water.

This protective foam overlaps the springs are covered but also that no one can’t get in between the springs but also protects falls onto the tubular frame.

When delivered you will find inside the package, the deluxe safety net which includes a self-closing entrance to give extra safety when the trampoline is in use but also leaving the trampoline. This self-closing door in the netting uses Velcro so closes once they are on the trampoline.

Finally, this BERG Champion Oval trampolineOpens in a new tab. has been designed with an eye pleasing arched construction which gives it added strength and keeps its shape over its lifetime.

Bounce Area85 (sq .ft) or 7.9 (sq. m)
Number of Springs112
Spring Length7.5" (19cm)
Pad Thickness30mm
Frame Diameter38mm
Top Rail Height95cm
Maximum User Weight19 Stone or 120kg
Spring Warranty2 Years
Pad Warranty2 Years
Net Warranty2 Years
Bed Warranty2 Years

BERG are a trampoline brand that have over 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and selling a wide range of high standard trampolines in the UK as well as worldwide. Their range of trampolines and outdoor toys allow children to add extra joy and also exercise to outdoor play with the latest technology used to produce exceedingly good, safety and quality trampolines.

Their engineers and designers spend each day in looking on how to improve and enhance their range of trampolines and other outdoor toys they sell to families for the garden. They all have the benefit of ease of use, safe and eye pleasing to great on appearance and a thrill for children to play on or with.

When it comes to designing a trampoline, each time they produce a prototype which is then tested very throughout for the highest standard of safety, quality with children being very involved in the testing process before going on sale to yourselves and other families.

The testing procedures BERG use to test their products are internal but then they also submit each product to a quality control testing procedure performed by independent evaluators.

This results in achieving well respected certifications which align with the EU Health and Safety and other international safety standards and legal obligations, again with children being a very important part of these processes.

Why Chose BERG Trampolines?

All of their trampolines include accessories and have been designed to be very safe and their core value. Each is tested thoroughly internally and by independent certification awarding bodies.

BERG Trampolines each come with their own designed protective edge which covers all of the springs and the steel frame

Each BERG trampoline frame comes with strong connection pins. These keep each part of the trampoline connected together but are also used to keep the legs connected. This means the trampoline has a strong study structure but also means the legs do not fall off if the trampoline is moves of lifted up.

BERG have a range of safety netting which allows safe play when each child is using their trampoline.

All materials used to produce their range are of the highest quality. Very high quality materials are used for their BERG Elite+ protective edge. This is also apparent with their Goldspring+ springs and the thick steel galvanised frame.

The numerous springs are all elastic, supple and complete with a zinc coating which produces extra durability and a longer life due to being rust proof.

Every material uses meets the UK, EU and International standards of safety and legal requirements and with many materials, exceeds these recommendations.

BERGs woven jumping mat is attached to the frame using springs via triangular eyes which have been stitches 8 times for excellent strength and safety.

The frame has been finished with welding seams, a layer of rustproof zinc inside and out as well as a large diameter and a steel frame which is both solid and very thick.

Where to Buy –

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