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The 14ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline and Safety Enclosure and FREE ladder

The 14ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline and Safety Enclosure and FREE ladder

Here is a side image of the 14ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline

Review of the 14ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline

Zero Gravity are a very well-known brand of trampoline in the UK, their trampolines are pleasing to the eye as they sit in your garden. The company are very proud of their range with the Ultima 4 being very popular and comes with a FREE Ladder.

It’s a little odd not more trampoline companies do not provide one but some do. We believe as they are a low cost item, adding them into the price and including them would be a great idea but still, to date not all trampoline manufactures to provide one but Zero GravityOpens in a new tab. do.

Their range of trampolines use high quality materials so even though these are lower in price than other makes, the quality does not suffer what so ever. They have decades of experience in the trampoline and Outdoor Toy arena and here is a Zero Gravity 14 ft trampoline that’s ideal for medium to large gardens.

What you get with this trampoline is a range of features along with one particular that has been registered as a patent. Zero Gravity’s weldless frame provides a strong connection and encompasses throughout their range.

With their safety enclosure which is included by law in the UK as all new trampolines are, the netting itself sits on the very edge of the bounce mat. This means it provides the maximum amount of jump space but at the same time helps to eliminate children falling from height to the ground.

This safety structure is held in shape by the arc uprights which hangs from the top rail and gives it the curved shape. For ease and speed the safety enclosure has a quick release system so it can be taken down in a short space of time.

There are many materials that disintegrate or at least get weaker in sunlight due to the Ultraviolet rays. This is not the case with the very durable Permatron jumping area which provides a constant smooth surface over its lifetime.

Similarly, the safety padding is made from 20mm thick EPE which will protect children if they were to run into the arc uprights and made from PVC rather than PE which is a cheaper and inferior material so make sure you check this if you are looking at a range of trampolines.

All new trampolines have to go through a rigorous safety process using the European EN71 standards. This fantastic 14ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. passed all the safety requirements using a cycle of 2.5 million cycles compared to the required 1 million and passed very easily using a 500kg weight.

Where to Buy –

ZeroGravityTrampolines.comOpens in a new tab.


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