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Plum 14ft Space Zone 2 Trampoline and Enclosure

Plum 14ft Space Zone 2 Trampoline and Enclosure

A superb size, this is the 14ft Plum Space Zone 2 trampoline that has a maximum jump space of 113.1 (Sq. ft.) or 10.5 (Sq. m) with an high maximum weight limit of 20 stone or 127kg.

As you can tell, this means any children can bounce on this Plum Trampoline for hours at a time but also adults to. This maximum weight limit is there for a reason so please do not exceed this as this could lead to injuries due to the bedding bottoming out but also damage to your trampoline.

Plum are so proud of their trampolineOpens in a new tab. range that they offer a very long 5 year warranty on the frame itself with 2 years on the bed and padding around the edge.

The bed itself is made from the increasingly popular heavy duty polypropylene which will keep its strength, durability and wonderful bounce for years to come. This heavy duty bed is connected to the springs which are a long 80 x 7” in length (17.8cm).

Padding has been provided around the edge and also protect children away from the springs with its 20mm thickness. This padding is weatherproof and overall cushions any collisions with the frame itself and away from the springs as we have mentioned.

Outdoor play is an amazing way for children to keep on top of their health in both their cardiovascular capacity but also strength increases to other skills including balance, coordination but also just overall acrobatic and possible gymnastic moves.

Plum had their original Space Zone, so you now have this Space Zone 2 14 foot trampoline which comes with a strong galvanised steel frame for prevention of rust and to keep its strength over its years of use. The springs have also been giving a high quality coating of zinc which again adds to durability and bounce.

Plum have provided excellent safety with this model as well as all of their models with a high quality enclosure and netting as it’s by law in the UK that all new trampolines are to come with its own enclosure and some kind of netting or mesh.

The frame which is galvanised comes with Plums patent Tramp Klamp encasing of the joints which adds to the protection or rust so giving a longer life and integrity to the frame.

When you are assembling this trampoline you will find the included spring loading tool they have included to pull the 7” springs from the bed to the frame with ease.

When it comes to testing before going on sale, every trampoline in the UK has to go through vigorous testing and this is also the case with this Plum Space Zone 2.

Plum ran this design through over 1,000,000 bouncing cycles which is more than the requirements ask for and it passed easily.

Added Strength with a Galvanised Frame
We can't of any the features are that good.
The above provides rust free protection
Zinc coated springs for added bounce reponse
Patent 3G design to protect children from the springs
Easy to use spring loading tool provided
Excellent 20 stone - 127kg maximum user weight
Amazing 5 year frame warranty

Where to Buy –

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