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14ft Plum Magnitude Trampoline with Enclosure

14ft Plum Magnitude Trampoline with Enclosure

Side image of the 14ft Plum Magnitude Trampoline, Enclosure, netting and zipped enterance


This 14ft Plum Trampoline is very large and ideal for large gardens and has an excellent maximum user weight of 20 stone 127kg. As you can appreciate, this means the whole family can enjoy the Plum Magnitude with both children and adults bouncing for hours for fun and great exercise to.

As you can see from the imaged provided, the Plum Magnitude has an outward bowed frame and netting. This gives not just the illusion of more space but also maximises the space already available along with their 3G system incorporated into the enclosure itself.

Their 3G system means the jumper is separated away from the trampoline springs so no spring related injuries are likely to occur.

With a total jump area of 113.1 (Sq. ft.) or 10.5 (Sq. m), this trampoline produces its bounce with an impressive 80 springs which are all 7” in length (17.8cm) so can take the weight already specified above.

The bed is made from a heavy duty material called Polypropylene which will last your family years and will not result in deterioration under sunlight or UV rays. With an impressive 5 year warranty, Plum have pulled out all the stops to give you this fantastic Plum Magnitude Trampoline that at 14ftOpens in a new tab. in diameter requires a recommended total of 20ft in all directions in your garden.

This is for safety reasons, so when the enclosures netting is stretched when the jumper runs into it, they do not collide with any nearby objects or hazards. These could include walls, garages, sheds, greenhouses and trees.

The actual construction of the trampoline users PlumsOpens in a new tab. Tramp Klamp system which encases all of the frames joints and keeps them not just strong but protects them from rusting which could cause rusting to occur.

As seen below, the Plum Mangitude’s safety netting comes with a zipped enterance which when sealed and in use, will help prevent anyone from falling from the trampoline to the ground.

However due to the frame being galvanised, this rusting is limited or hopefully non-existent but with the added Tramp Klamp system this is minimised even more.

Features –

  • A galvanised steel frame with included Tramp Klamp brackets encasing the joints and protecting them from rust for a longer life.
  • Curved outward bowed enclosure and netting maximising the jumping area.
  • Plums patent 3G system protecting the jumper from the springs and frame
  • High quality zinc coated 7” springs again for durability and a superb bounce
  • Trampoline legs secured with PlumsOpens in a new tab. leg locking push button system.
  • Spring loading tool supplies for easy connecting of the bed and springs to the frame
  • Comes flat packed with easy to follow assembly instructions.
Galvanised Steel Frame for strength
We can't find any, let us know yours?
Zinc Coated high quality springs
Patent 3G Curved Safety enclosure
20 stone - 127kg maximum weight
Heavy Duty Polypropylene
Huge 5 year frame warranty
Zipped Entrance
Push Button Locking Leg locking

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