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The 14ft JumpPRO Xcite Green Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

The 14ft JumpPRO Xcite Green Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

The 14ft JumpPRO Round Green Trampoline with Enclosure

JumpPRO have aimed to provide this 14ft Trampoline at a low price but still with excellent features and an attractive design. The maximum weight has a 23 stone so the equivalent to 150kg, this means many adults can use this trampoline for the incredible fun they provide in your garden so not just limited to children in your family or social circle.

With a total jump area of 133.76 (Sq.ft) or 12.43 (Sq.m) so around 13ft of jumping space, this offers a huge amount of space which when we first learnt about trampolines we didn’t realise how big a 14ft trampoline was, they are bigger than you think.

We do advise you measure the maximum space in your garden to allow a space all around the trampoline so there is space to move around it and for the safety netting to stretch so children do not come into contact with any hazardous objects which could cause injury. Please allow a minimum of 3 foot around your trampolineOpens in a new tab. so ideally the maximum area in your garden you want to be 20ft in total.

When it comes to the design, JumpPRO have pulled out all the stops to offer a sleek design which will fit in with any gardens colour scheme. The trampoline frame is the very popular galvanised steel which offers significant strength and rust free benefits over conventional steel trampoline frames.

Standard steel frames can easily rust and buckle within the trampolines lifetime and could be hazardous, this is not the case with the strength of a galvanised frame.

Additionally, galvanised frame produced consistent durability however this 14ft JumpPRO trampolineOpens in a new tab. has a 1 year frame warranty which we feel is a little low considering the strength benefits of the galvanisation applied to the frame.

Round trampolinesOpens in a new tab. when you are jumping on them, will pull the jumper back into he middle of the trampoline. This actually is beneficial as you are less likely to fall off as a round trampoline has a sweet spot which is where you will tend to be pulled towards when jumping rather than further outwards and fall off the trampoline.

What JumpPRO have done with their designs is to incorporate the springs on the outside of the safety netting so out of harms away. This means children (or adults) and less likely to come into contact with them when bouncing which could cause hard.

The netting which we just mentioned has a zipped entrance which allows safe and easy entering and exciting the trampoline.

ColourGreen and Black
Bounce Area Dimensions133.76 (Sq.ft) or 12.43 (Sq.m)
Ladder Included?No
Cover Included?No
Number of Springs88
Maximum Weight Limit23 stone or 150kg
Frame Warranty1 Year
Spring Warranty1 Year
Safety Pad Warranty1 Year
Bounce Mat Warranty1 Year
Safety Net Warranty 1 Year

Who are JumpPRO?

JumpPRO are a very well known, highly respected trampoline Brand in the UK and known for their excellent maximum weight limits in their trampoline specifications. Many have a 150kg maximum weight which is significantly higher than many trampoline designs from other manufactures. This means their range can encompass the whole family into having fun in the back ground in the jumping and bouncing on their range of high quality, safe trampolines.

Their range are made with great through and the price of each trampoline are very cost effective and will not break the bank and empty your wallet. The team work very hard to provide excellent customer service and have an overall 40 years of experience combined working with trampolines in the United Kingdom.

Many of the design ideas come from feedback from customers over the years and from listening to the market and what people are looking for in a trampoline. Their range cover a great range of not just different shapes but many different sizes to, so you should easily be able to find a trampoline that will easily fit in your garden.

As you can appreciate, there are many stringent safety standards and they still to date follow the EU Safety standards including and not limited to EN 71-1: 2014+A1: 2018, EN71-2:2011+AI:2014, EN 71-3: 2019, EN 71-14: 2018.

This means all adults and children on a JumpPRO trampoline can bounce to their hearts content in safety of their own garden. They provides some of the best trampolinesOpens in a new tab. available and at a great price, that’s very low when you realise the knowledge and experience they encompass in each trampoline in their range.

If you have any queries or need assistance in ordering then JumpPRO are always more than happy to guide you through the buying and ordering process.

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