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12ft x 8ft JumpPRO™ Xcite Green Rectangular Trampoline with Enclosure

12ft x 8ft JumpPRO™ Xcite Green Rectangular Trampoline with Enclosure

We have here the 12ft x 8ft Xcite Rectangular Trampoline in Green and black, great for outdoor play but also concentrating on most gymnastic based moves due to how a rectangular trampolines springs work compared to a round garden trampoline.

Great for those families on a budget, this JumpPRO trampoline gives you 11ft x 7ft of jumping space  75.51 (Sq. ft.) or 7.01 (Sq. m) with a strong galvanised frame for a longer life that has a silver look and overall sleek design. The safety padding is a green shade and will fit well in small to medium sized gardens.

With a maximum weight of 150kg or 23 stone this is a trampoline that can be used by children as well as adults so the whole family can join in on the fun. Please though, even though this has a high maximum weight its highly recommended only one person to bounce on a trampoline at one time.

You should have years of fun with this rectangular trampolineOpens in a new tab., via the galvanised frame which many trampoline brands now use to help reduce the rust that can accumulate which if not dealt with can cause weakness in the frame.

Rectangular trampolines on sale in the UK generally give a higher bounce than a round trampoline, in the middle of the bounce bed you have a sweet spot which will give you the highest bounce. On a round trampoline you are driven back into the centre of the trampoline but on a rectangular shaped model this is not the case and you should overall stay more or less where you jumped in the air.

This is due to the energy distribution whereas on a round trampolineOpens in a new tab. it is called bounce back which is highly reduced on this JumpPRO.

Safety is a very important factor so JumpPRO have placed their springs on the outside of the enclosure to keep children away from the metal. There are 1000s of trampoline accidents each year in the UK so this feature is very important to keep hands and fingers away from the metal springs.

Following out talk on safety, the safety netting included with the enclosure as default has a zipped entrance. When children have climbed onto the trampoline, zipped the netting shut and this will easily prevent children from falling to the ground.

JumpPRO have a great range of trampolinesOpens in a new tab. in three different shapes and a number of sizes. Each of their trampoline have a very significant maximum weight which means on the majority of their range, adults can bounce on the trampoline and not just limited to children.

Size12ft x 8ft
Jump Area75.51 (Sq. ft.) or 7.01 (Sq. m)
Ladder Included?No
Cover Included?No
Number of Springs64
Maximum Weight Limit23 Stone or 150kg
Frame Warranty1 Year
Spring Warranty1 Year
Bed Warranty1 Year
Netting Warranty1 Year
Padding Warranty1 Year

Is a 12ft Trampoline Big Enough?

A 12ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. be it a rectangular, round or even Oval will give you much more bounce space that you may think. In meters, 12ft equates to 3.65 meters so it can be a good idea to measure your garden to not just make sure a 12ft trampoline fits but to get a general idea on how big they are.

Any child no matter what their age will be able to use a 12ft trampolineOpens in a new tab., especially as the minimum maximum weight limit in the UK seems to be 100kg which this equates to 15 ½ stone. However, rectangular trampolines can tend to be on the higher side when it comes to the maximum weight a trampoline is designed for.

A trampoline of this size will easily allow children to be able to bounce around to their hearts content and perform so many acrobatics with the peace of mind of the safety net keeping them safe.

When planning for a trampoline no matter what size, please allow a space buffer all around the edge of a minimum of three feet so just under 1 meter. This will give space for the netting to stretch and look to eliminate children colliding.

The only real point to bear in mind is if your children are on the older age range of children then it could actually be more beneficial to opt for a 15ft or 16ft trampoline be it round or rectangularOpens in a new tab..

Can Adults use 12 foot Trampoline?

When it comes to adults on a trampoline, this is not normally viable on smaller sized trampolines for it’s actually possible on many ranges of 12ft trampoline available in the UK.

Take this 12ft x 8ft JumpPRO Rectangular trampolineOpens in a new tab., this particular model has a maximum weight limit of 23 stone or 150kg. As you can tell, this weight limit is ideal for adults who wish to use this rectangular trampolineOpens in a new tab..

Saying that, please only one adult or child at a time not just to max sure the maximum weight limit is not surpassed but to also avoid any collisions.

However, a 12ft is a good sized trampoline but if you are going to have adults using this trampoline on a regular basis then it may be useful to invest in a 14ft or 16ft size of this particular model.

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