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The 12ft x 8ft JumpPRO Xcel Black Oval Trampoline and Enclosure

The 12ft x 8ft JumpPRO Xcel Black Oval Trampoline

We have here the 12ft x 8ft JumpPRO Black Oval trampolineOpens in a new tab. with included Ladder which you do not find with all new trampolines available in the UK but JumpPRO do. With a fantastic looking trending sleek design, this will look amazing in your garden.

Part of this sleek look is thanks to the black powder coating JumpPRO have given the frame then completed with the black safety padding to reduce the impact when anyone collides with the frame itself.

Moving on with the frame, this has been galvanised before the power coating was applied. The galvanised steel means it has added strength and long life durability which is helped by the likelihood of rust compared to a standard steel frame.

What JumpPRO excel in is their maximum user weight with this taking a maximum weight of 23 stone or 150kg. This of course means that this trampoline can be enjoyed by all the family both children and adults.

With a total jump space of 59.30 (Sq. ft.) or 5.51 (Sq. m) available and a total of 70 springs this trampoline produces an auto standing bounce.

As you have read, this is an oval shaped trampolineOpens in a new tab. compared to a round or rectangular shape. The Oval shape itself means it works similar to a rectangular trampoline in that you do not experience the same bounce back as with a round trampoline.

With this Oval shape, you have multiple jump zones where you can bounce and not be guided back to the centre of the trampoline. This is what happens on a professional rectangular option whereas a round trampolineOpens in a new tab. will guide you back to the centre but this is not the case with this JumpPRO Oval.

Why the JumpPRO Range?

JumpPRO one of the highest maximum user weights compared to other trampoline brands in the UK. They have a range of trampolines spanning three shapes which are roundOpens in a new tab., rectangular and oval such as the one above.

Each trampoline comes with a ladder for children to climb up on the trampoline itself. We did not mention above but the safety enclosure foams are covered by a PVC sleeve to help protect the foam from children picking it away. JumpPRO worked very hard to make sure this was on their range available as this is usually found on more expensive options without breaking your wallet.

Size12ft x 8ft
Jump Area59.30 (Sq. ft.) or 5.51 (Sq. m)
Ladder Included?Yes
Cover Included?No
Number of Springs70
Maximum User Weight23 Stone or 150kg
Frame Warranty1 Year
Spring Warranty2 Years
Pad Warranty1 Year
Net Warranty1 Year
Bed Warranty2 Years

The Trampoline Manufacturer – JumpPRO

JumpPRO as you can see above as a fantastic trampoline brand with some of the highest maximum weight holding trampolines available in the UK. Their range provides you with not just excellent quality but very good value for money to.

JumpPRO understand the trampoline market very well and have a combined experience of over 50 years in their team in both design and selling throughout the UK. They listened to what customers wanted and incorporated these features and specifications into their complete range and all three shapes available.

This gives you the best choice at an affordable price and a trampoline that not just looks stylish but will look great in your garden. All new trampolines sold in the UK have to pass very stringent safety tests which the JumpPRO range completed very successfully.

All options available have passed and awarded the following Europeans certifications at the time of writing – EN 71-1: 2014+A1: 2018, EN71-2:2011+AI:2014, EN 71-3: 2019, EN 71-14: 2018

This gives you peace of mind your children (and adults) can enjoy hours of fun and exercise knowing the trampoline you have has been fully tested for safety.

JumpPRO as a brand offer –

Value for Money – When you combine their experience, design, safety, materials and the cost you pay you have the best prices trampolines without comprising the safety itself.

Trampoline Knowledge –

JumpPRO have taken their 50+ years of experience and combined this knowledge and skill into a superb range of garden trampolines. These cover round, rectangular and oval shaped trampolinesOpens in a new tab. that have the size available to fit any size garden.

UK Customer Service

Their customer service is very helpful and happy to help with queries in both researching what trampoline to invest in and the buyingOpens in a new tab. process at any stage. Once order they will ship to you and overall making the buying process smooth and easy.


As mentioned above, all JumpPRO trampolines have passed a wide range of certifications for safety and thus keeping any jumper safe as possible. This mainly is via the included safety enclosure and netting whilst keeping the springs out of reach.

Each item is made from the highest quality materielas with the JumpPRO Xcel and Xtra models coming with a ladder included so children can easily climb up and down from the trampoline.

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