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Should I Get a 12 or 15 Foot Trampoline?

Should I get a 12 or 15 foot trampoline?

You may already have a trampoline and be looking to upgrade to a 12ft or 15 trampoline? Maybe this Is the first trampoline for your family and not sure what size to get?

Trampolines offer fantastic cardiovascular and health benefits aside from the immense fun they bring. In time, children’s (and adults) heart health is stronger, their bone density improves, muscle strength and overall coordination and balance skills.

All by just simply jumping on a trampoline, landing and controlling themselves all combined into hours of fun in the fresh air and away from that games console. Outdoor Play is incredibly important for not just fun and health but for life skills and social interactions with family and friends.

Let’s go into some considerations and specifications of a 12ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. compared to a 15st trampoline, both round in shape.

Garden Size

Firstly you want to make sure your garden is big enough for either. Make sure you measure in every direction, the diameter of the trampoline and give it an extra 1.5-2 meters of space on every angle so away from obstacles and hazards.

This includes your home, garage, shed, trees and bushes, cars or anything else a child could collide into if the netting was to stretch too far. Also when children get on and off a trampoline, you don’t want them to slip and fall onto any hazards.

Whichever size of trampoline you chose, please try and make sure it is going to stand on grass. If not, you can buy wood bark or softer materials to place at the base of your trampoline.

Garden Trampoline Use

A 12ft trampoline is generally used in the back garden for general fun, bouncing up and down, sideways, flips and all sorts of fun. A 15ft trampoline is more steered to more gymnastics type activities due to the increase bounce.

A bounce on a larger trampoline such as a 15ft trampoline is going to have a much higher bounce than a 12ft trampoline due to the increased surface area.

Children’s Age

Many trampolines stand from the ground and are over 1 ½ feet (0.45 meters) from the ground. This means if children were to fall, the distance to the ground can add up. This is why trampoline manufacturers as well as Simplyfun do not recommended children under the age of 6 play on a garden trampoline.

As well as the height and the possible injuries, overall their body is still developing a considerable amount more than children over the age of 6 and their bones are much softer.

There are 1000s of trampoline injuries each year in the UK from sprains, broken bones and worse. You yourself have an idea on how big your children for their age and how they are growing up quick. It can be beneficial to invest in a trampoline that is larger than you need rather than them outgrowing a 10ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. for example so a 12ft or 15ft trampoline could be a very good idea.

Every new trampoline sold in the UK should come with a safety enclosure by law so please if you are going to purchase 2nd hand, make sure you look for trampolines that have one and avoid those that do not.

Children’s Weight

It is not just their age to take into consideration but their weight to. Even though only one child should play on a trampoline at once, of course many families allow more than one, maybe friends bouncing away for outdoor play.

Each trampoline has a specified maximum weight stated in KG. This for example on a Zero Gravity 12ft trampoline is 100kg whereas a 12ft JumpPRO has a maximum weight of 150kg.

Now this is not really an issue if it’s one child bouncing as they are most likely to be under the specified weight, but when you are two or more children which is not advised, this maximum user weight can be near or over its limit.

This of course could cause damage to the trampoline and in turn, possible injury to children so please make sure you are aware of the maximum weight of the trampoline and the weight of any children using the trampoline alone or with friends.

Additionally, even if the trampoline does not break either the frame, bouncemat or springs the trampoline bouncemat can easily ground it which means it stretches so far it hits the ground underneath. This can cause shock to children’s feet, ankles, leg and knees as well as their hips and moving up their body, sounds dangerous doesn’t it?

Trampoline Safety

The NHS quoted The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents that there are 13,000 trampoline accidents each year in the UK –

NHS England » NHS urges public to take care over the weekend, but get help if they need it

Many of these are when two or more children are on a trampoline at the same time which limits the safety and hightens the likelihood or collisions. Of course the larger the trampoline the better but this is only the case if the number bouncing does not also increase.

No matter what age of your children, it’s a good idea to have adult supervision nearby at all times. Always make sure there safety enclosure is installed.

So is a 12ft Trampoline Big Enough?

Overall, the decision is up to you but let’s collate the points for you to consider a 12ft vs 15ft

  • What’s your overall garden Size?
  • 12ft TrampolineOpens in a new tab. Space Required – 22ft
  • 15ft Trampoline Space Required – 25ft
  • How old are your children?
  • What weight are your children?
  • One child at a time on the trampoline vs more than one (not recommended)
  • Maximum user weight of the trampoline you are looking at buyingOpens in a new tab.

Either size is going to be sufficient for one child to use at one time, a 12ft or 15ft would become more beneficial when more than one child using it at one time.

However, if it’s going to be one child alone and they would like to practise gymnastic and acrobatic moves then a rectangular trampolineOpens in a new tab. could be more beneficial. A rectangular trampoline is build different and the springs work in a more independent way which gives a more stable and precise bounce.

Overall it’s down to your budget, garden size and the age and weight of your children. We hope the points have helped give you food for thought on if a 12ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. Is big enough or a 15ft would be more beneficial.

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