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12ft TP Genius Round Blue Trampoline

12ft TP Genius Round Blue Trampoline

Very simply but quirky 12ft TP Genius TrampolineOpens in a new tab. again with included safety enclosure as this is standard with all brand new trampoline sold in the UK.

As you can see from the images provided, this has a different stylish look with a blue shade on both the foam and padding. TP have added a unique IGLOO entry door which is zip free as well as this trampoline also coming with an included ladder, cover as well as a shoe store.

A complete package as the ladder is very important so children can climb onto their new trampoline with ease with less risk of falling backwards to the ground. The included cover adds value and a longer life to this Genius trampoline, protecting the bounce surface from all kinds of weather as well as animals both domestic and wild but also showing children the trampoline is out of use if adults have the cover on.

Providing a total jump area of 78.5 (Sq. ft.) or 7.3 (Sq. m) this 12ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. gives significant space for all sorts of bouncing, acrobatics and gymnastic moves. As we move up to larger trampolines you tend to have a higher maximum weight which is why you will be pleased to hear this has a max weight of 20 stone or 130kg which means many adults can bounce on this trampoline and enjoy outdoor play along with children.

A little added fun has been included with the IGLOO entrance but safety at a premium with the included enclosure included TPs own feature called the Genius SurroundSafe which they have a patent for so no other trampoline brand can copy.

This feature encases the metal springs which could cause injury, inside the trampoline itself. This means they are out of the way when bouncing and minimal injuries as a result. Padding has been added throughout the trampoline including the top rail for any high jumpers.

The design itself is simple but very eye catching, finished off with a black paint finish to contrast the blue overall look.

TP are very confident in their 12ft garden trampolineOpens in a new tab. they have included a 10 year warranty on the frame which is huge. All other parts have a one year’s warranty but 10 years on the frame is outstanding, add in the cover and you have a trampoline which should last you many years.

Jump Area78.5 (Sq. ft.) or 7.3 (Sq. m)
Ladder Included?Yes
Cover Included?Yes
Shoe Store Included?Yes
Number of Springs72
Spring Length7" or 17.8cm
Trampoline BedQuality Permatron
Frame Diameter4.2cm
Top Rail Height89cm
Maximum User Weight130kg or 20 Stone
Frame Warranty10 Years
Spring Warranty1 Year
Bed Warranty1 Year
Padding Warranty1 Year
Netting Warranty1 Year

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