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12ft 5” BERG Grey Round 380 Large Trampoline

12ft 5” BERG Round Champion Large Trampoline with Enclosure

Looking for a large trampoline? Then take a look at this 12ft 5” BERG Round Trampoline with its Twinspring system for a lovely bouncing experience. BERG have included a self-closing entrance which still provides excellent and easy access and still providing the very important safety factor.

As you can see this large BERG trampoline has an extremely stylish look and will look fantastic in your garden. What they have done is finish off the frame with a black coating which gives even more protection and enhances the look.

The bounce is produced by the 112 springs each of which are 7.5” (19cm) in length and attach to the frame and the bed.

The total jump area of this trampoline is 78.5 (sq .ft) or 7.3 (sq. m) so very significant and can take a maximum weight of the jumper of 17 stone or 110kg. This should be the maximum weigh of one person and not combined into two or more jumpers as more than one on the trampoline can be a safety hazard and possible collisions and injuries to occur.

Warranty is very important as you do not want to have to invest in a new trampoline very often so BERG have given this 12ft trampolineOpens in a new tab. an amazingly long 10 year warranty.

Also –

  • Springs – 5 Year Warranty
  • Padding – 2 Years
  • Netting – 2 Years
  • Bed – 2 Years

When it comes to the actual design, BERG have their Airflow bounce mat which comes with their Champion range of trampolines. This gives a higher jump so even more fun and amazing exercise to for all the family.

The Airflow on the bounce mat has been improved to provide a higher jump than many other trampoline brands and their designs. The mat itself gives 50% more air permeation in relation to a normal jumpking mat for example.

The airflow through the mat means overall you have a significant difference in the resistance so its not much less, allowing for the higher jumping.

Safety is always so important to any trampoline brand and to our familes of course, so you will be pleased to hear that the padding included completely covers the 7” springs and the frame as well. When it comes to the strong sturdy legs, they have been given a double coating to give added protection from the weather and also give a stylish smart look.

When assembling this trampoline you will find the Comfort safety enclosureOpens in a new tab. has its self-closing entrance which provides whoever is jumping, safety and easy of entering and climbing down to the ground.

The closing is accomplished via the Velcro which seals the netting and protects whoever is using it.

The BERG Comfort Safety Net

The netting itself is a extremely high quality material, having lovely clean lines with the enclosure poles being covered by smart black sleeves which give it a striking and stylish look. The sleeves provided help prevent children from picking away at the foam that’s used to cushion and collisions.

At the top of the enclosures frame you have the netting attached to the BERG click system which adds flexibility. The legs themselves at the bottom connect to the trampolining using strong U shaped bolts for great strength.

Why Choose a BERG Trampoline?

BERG are a brand with over 20 years of experience in trampolines and other outdoor toys in designing, producing and selling to families like yours and a great range of retailers in the UK and around the world.

Their team are professional and consist of designers and engineers who work each day on each of their trampolines to consciously improve each of the products they sell. Technology is advancing fast in every industry which means they can incorporate technology, quality and safety giving a trampoline that’s incredibly fun to play on and looks fantastic in your garden.

When BERG’s expert team produce a new trampoline they begin with a prototype which is then given intense and vigorous testing in Holland to make sure it passes all of the certifications required to be sold in the UK and many other countries.

BERG themselves have a very good reputation for high quality and excellence in safety. The actual testing is performed and qualified by independent organisations who abide by the international standards required for each trampoline to go on sale.

When testing is performed they of course include children to try their trampolines who also give feedback on how features can be improved.

All of BERGS trampolines come from a team with years of experience in design and safety being their core values. All safety criteria has bene covered by their testing procedures and by an independent body.

Every BERG Trampoline comes with a protective edge that covers over the springs and steel frame.

Each of the frames from BERG come with strong pin connections. The Pins themselves connect all of the parts together. When it comes to the legs, these pins prevent the legs falling off if you were to move the trampoline from one location to another.

BERG have several types of safety netting due to BERG wishing to have the best safety in their range whilst each of their trampolines are being used.

High quality materials used for each trampoline, carefully selected to produce the quality you would expect from their brand. You can certainly see this high quality in their BERG Elite+ range’s protective edge, the thick wire they use and the Goldspring+ springs and finally their thick steel frame used on all of their trampolines.

Each of the strong springs used in the BERG range are elastic, supple and finished off with a protective thick layer of zinc to make each one of the springs rustproof. This also means the life of the springs is enhanced and will last longer.

All materials chosen for each of their trampoline options meets the requirements by law in the UK and in some of the materials, exceeds these legal requirements to.

The bouncing mat which connects to the frame via the springs is connected with strong, triangular eyes and stitched via eight times to produce strength and safety.

The BERG trampoline frames are finished with welding seams along with a rustproof layer of zinc both inside and out of the frame with the frame overall being very strong, sturdy which relates to the long warranty period provided by BERG.

Bounce Area78.5 (sq .ft) or 7.3 (sq. m)
Number of Springs112
Spring Length7.5" - 19cm
Pad Thickness30mm
Frame Diameter42mm
Top Rail Height90cm
Maximum User Weight17 Stone or 110kg
Frame Warranty10 Years
Spring Warranty5 Years
Pad Warranty2 Years
Net Warranty2 Years
Bed Warranty2 Years

Where to Buy –

Madfun.co.ukOpens in a new tab.

BERG.co.ukOpens in a new tab.


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