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12 Foot Trampolines with Enclosures

12 Foot Trampolines with Enclosures

The Fantastic 12ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure

Looking to buy a 12 foot trampolineOpens in a new tab. for your kids? Are you still wondering which size would be best suited?

Well, investing in outdoor toys like a trampoline can be daunting. At Simplyfun we can guide you so you can make a good decision regarding what trampoline to invest in.

Trampolines are an exciting outdoor toy, mainly for children but adults to depending on the size of the garden trampoline you decide on.

It does not just serve as great entertainment, but also aids in keeping children fitter and healthier.

Before you chose a particular 12ft trampolineOpens in a new tab., it’s beneficial to consider certain aspects such as its safety, usage, quality and other specifications.

1.              Is a 12 ft Trampoline Big Enough?

Trampolines come in range of various sizes, with a 12 ft trampoline being a good all round choice to make when it comes to its overall size.

It’s a very popular size and can easily be placed it in a small area such as your back garden or play area. Although it is smaller than the 14ft. and 16ft trampoline, one can still perform fun activities easily and for hours at a time.

Overall considering all the specifications and features, deciding on this size of trampoline is a great choice to buy for children of any age as long as they are over 6 years old.

2.              Is A 12 Foot Trampoline Big Enough for Two Kids?

12 ft trampolines is a good size for two children, however most trampoline brands (and the team at Simplyfun) do not recommend more than one child or adult on any sized trampoline at the same time for safety reasons.

However, if you do wish for more than one child to be on the trampoline then feel free to read on.

Two children can easily play together at the same time on their trampoline. However, these are to small for adults and do not generally cater for adult maximum weights but are totally fine for any age of children to bounce on for fun and exercise.

However, depending on your age of children then a 14ft trampoline can also be a good idea if you feel your children may outgrow a 12 ft trampoline within a year or so. Please allow for 3 foot of space all around any size of trampoline to allow for the netting to stretch and avoid any hazards.

3.              How Much Weight Can A 12 ft Trampoline Hold?

No one wants to buy a thing that causes trouble later on. Knowing the weight of the participants, a trampoline choice can be made The 12 ft trampoline can hold up to the weight of 15 stone to 20 stone (100kg to 150kg) depending on the brand and model of trampoline.

Please look to always invest in a high quality trampoline and not used due to safety from torn netting to rusty frame, which a new trampoline will not have. This gives you peace of mind so children play without being anxious about chances of injury.

4.              What Age Is A 12ft Trampoline For?

The children aged 7 to 13 years are suitable for playing on a 12 ft trampoline due to children of the age of 6 of younger are still in particular development stage.

1.    Choosing The Right Trampoline

The following key points are important to consider before buying any trampoline.

  • Security
  • Quality
  • Construction
  • User Experience
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Size

12ft JumpPRO™ Xcite Green Round Trampoline

12 ft JumpPro trampoline come in a round shape and green in color. This 12ft JumpPro includes a bounce area of 95 square ft. and comes in with a one year warranty. The frame provides additional steadiness and toughness due to galvanization which significantly reduces the likelihood of rust to take hold.

Jump Pro is a trampoline brand which has outstanding quality and safety features and very well respected in not just the UK, but worldwide. This trampoline has been made efficiently with the experience of over fifty years combined within their team. The quality of the trampoline of Jump Pro is exceedingly high, with a very strong focus given on safety. All of the JumpPro range are up to date and manufactured to comply in accordance with European Safety standards.

Jump Area95.90 (Sq.ft) or 8.91 (Sq.m)
Ladder IncludedNo
Cover IncludedNo
Number of Springs72
Maximum User Weight23 Stone or 150kg
Frame Warranty1 Year
Spring Warranty1 Year
Pad Warranty1 Year
Net Warranty1 Years
Bed Warranty1 Year

Where to Buy –

Madfun.co.ukOpens in a new tab.

 12ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline

Here is the 12ft Zero Gravity with its vibrant color scheme and comes in a round shape with a low cost but high quality range of specifications and features, an ideal first 12 trampoline option. The bounce area includes as 79 square feet and comes with a one year warranty on the frame, springs, bed, padding and netting.

For over ten years, Zero Gravity has been working on their trampoline’s quality, specifications, and safety. If you tend to buy a high-performance trampoline but still incorporates the highest safety protocols for a low price, then take a look at this Zero Gravity garden trampoline as a consideration.

With its safety features, the net has placed directly on the trampoline’s edge so that children do not fall outside of the trampoline which could cause injury. The jumping area is made from the material Permatron, which is now used by many high quality trampoline brands and is very durable, smooth, and flexible. The quality remains the same even under UV light and will not deteriorate over time.

Zero Gravity
12ft Round
Yellow and Blue
Jumping Area
79 (Sq. ft.) or 7.3 (Sq. m)
Is a Ladder Included?
Number of Springs
Bed Material
Grade 'A' Permatron
Pad Thickness
Maximum User Weight
100kg / 15 stone 7lb
Frame Warranty
1 Year
Spring Warranty
1 Year
Bed Warranty
1 Year
Pad Warranty
1 Year
Net Warranty
1 Year

Where to Buy –

Madfun.co.ukOpens in a new tab.

12ft Salta Green Round Comfort Trampoline

This 12ft Salta trampoline comes round in shape with an eye pleasing green color scheme. The bounce area has a total of 79 square feet with the frame coming with a two year warranty, all other parts have a one year warranty.

The trampolines top right produces support for the enclosure and keeps the safety netting tight and in place but also keeping its eye pleasing elegant sleek shape. The netting itself is sort and made from a fine meshed mesh which holds its shape very well, please allow 3 feet of space all around this trampoline to allow for the netting to stretch and for hazards to be out of reach of any collisions.

Likewise, the trampoline has a 20mm thick and 29cm wide padding which completely covers the double galvanized springs so totally out of reach of little fingers and toes. The double sided zip gives smooth entrance and exit from the trampoline.

Jump Area79 (Sq. ft.) or 7.3 (Sq. m)
Ladder Included?No
Cover Included?No
Shoe Store Included?No
Number of Springs64
Spring Length5.5" (14cm)
BedHeavy Duty Polypropylene
Safety Pad Thickness20mm
Frame Diameter38mm
Top Rail Height75cm
Maximum User Weight18-19 Stone or 120kg
Frame Warranty2 Years
Sprung Warranty1 Year
Pad Warranty1 Year
Net Warranty2 Years
Bed Warranty2 Years

Where to Buy –

Madfun.co.ukOpens in a new tab.

12ft TP Genius Round Blue Trampoline


The 12ft TP Genius Round Surround Safe trampoline from TP has a high quality framework designed to encase the springs inside the trampoline, making them difficult to reach and shielding children from any possible spring-related injuries. For added safety, the top rail of the trampoline has significant padding as well including a fun IGLOO door entry for additional fun before evening jumping on this TP trampoline.

The frame itself has a lovely color scheme, blue with a stylish black paint finish which looks fantastic. TP have their patent system called the Genius Surroundsafe which as mentioned above, encases the springs in the trampoline away from children. Additionally, the top rail has been given a good amount of padding which intends to reduce the likelihood of injury when children bounce high and may impact the frame.

European Safety standards have easily been passed with this performing 1 million bounces with this also coming in 10ft or 14ft sizes.

Jump Area78.5 (Sq. ft.) or 7.3 (Sq. m)
Ladder Included?Yes
Cover Included?Yes
Shoe Store Included?Yes
Number of Springs72
Spring Length7" or 17.8cm
Trampoline BedQuality Permatron
Frame Diameter4.2cm
Top Rail Height89cm
Maximum User Weight130kg or 20 Stone
Frame Warranty10 Years
Spring Warranty1 Year
Bed Warranty1 Year
Padding Warranty1 Year
Netting Warranty1 Year

Where to Buy –


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