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11ft 5” x 8ft 2” BERG Green Oval Grand Champion Regular 350 Trampoline with Deluxe Enclosure

11ft 5” x 8ft 2” BERG Green Oval Grand Champion Regular 350 Trampoline with Deluxe Enclosure

Here’s the very large extremely high quality 11ft 5” x 8ft 2” Oval trampoline from BERG with a total of 80 springs each being 7.5” (19cm) in length.

This excellent trampoline can take a maximum weight of 17 stone so 110kg which should be the max weight of one person and not the combination of two or more children for safety reasons.

Many trampoline brands have their own designed and patents for these designs and BERG are no different. BERG have included their TwinSpring system which delivers a smooth jump along with their Airflow bed which provides excellent airflow and an increase bounce height which is due to less air resistance compared to standard trampoline beds.

When it comes to the finish, this BERG Oval trampolineOpens in a new tab. is pleasing to the eye with a black coating having been applied to the frame which makes it not just look great but also adds an extra layer of protection from the range of weather in the UK.

The Grand Champion trampoline seen here is available in three different sizes and has all the advantages you would find in an oval trampoline from other brands. This includes having more than one jump spot as well as a significant jumping area which overall will fit well in most medium to large garden shapes.

As mentioned, this comes with the BERG Airflow bounce mat which delivers a higher jump which has been delivered by BERG themselves. This Airflow design allows 50% more air permeation compared to standard bounce mats producing the higher jump all due to there being less air resistance.

It’s pretty standard these days to have a galvanised frame so you will be pleased to hear that BERG have included a galvanised frame which has then been finished off with the black coating mentioned above.

This galvanisation and coating means the frame itself will last much longer than a standard frame so they have given the frame an excellent 10 years warranty.

Additionally, BERG have included their TwinSpring system which consists of a large number of obliquely places springs. These give the bouncer a different jumping thrill but still provide the safety, comfort and bouncing experience you would expect.

When it comes to the legs and the frame, these are connected together by BERGs unique special click system which provides excellent stability and firmly in place when this trampoline is either in use or if you are moving it in your garden.

They are well known for their protective edge in their Champion range, this has a 39cm wide edge and they have used a non-absorbent waterproof foam. This in turn covers the springs so they are out of reach and out of harm’s way to avoid possibly injury, but this also softens any collisions with the tubular frame.

When you unpack this trampoline you will find their deluxe safety netting which comes with a self-closing entrance which allows easy access to the trampoline and also dismounting back o the ground safely.

The actual self-sealing door is made from Velcro so children are protected from falling off as soon as they have climbed on and entered the trampoline. The actual overall shape of this model is an arched shape and gives it extra strength and assists in keeping its shape.

Size11.5ft x 8ft 2"
Number of Springs80
Spring Length7.5" (19cm)
Pad Thickness30mm
Frame Diameter42mm
Top Rail Heigh95cm
Maximum User Weight17 Stone or 110kg
Frame Warranty10 Years
Spring Warranty5 Years
Bed Warranty2 Years
Pad Warranty2 Years
Net Warranty2 Years

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