Where to Buy Radio Control Cars

If you have just read through my guide to radio controlled cars for beginners you may be excited and raring to go. At least I hope you would be. Whether you have read it or not let us assume you are raring to go. There is just one problem – you need to buy a car.

Well if that is the case then this is the post for you. Here I want to go into a little detail about the best places to buy particular types of car. For example you are not going to buy a remote control car for a 5 year old from the same place you would buy a super fast Traxxas Super car for a 40 year old adult.

Where to Buy RC Cars?

The short answer is it depends. It depends on what age you are, what your budget is and what type of car you are after. That is the short answer.

Now for the long answer…..

There are currently three different online retailers that I recommend when looking to buy a radio controlled car – or any RC vehicle for that matter. Each one has its pros and cons but each one is recommended because they are a good option for a certain buyer or for a certain product.


When looking to buy a RC Car for a child for maybe a birthday or Christmas what you want is to look through as many models as possible and then buy as easily as possible without a load of hassle. This is where Amazon comes in.

Chances are for a child particularly a young child you will be buying a toy grade model which means you won’t have any major technical questions. My major criticism of Amazon is that it is very faceless. It isn’t so good for niche specialist areas like radio control vehicles.

Amazon is fine for buying cheaper models of toy grade cars for children. You do not need to ask questions you just need to find one that is within your price range and looks good.


For those looking to buy hobby grade electric, nitro or petrol powered cars need to avoid Amazon in my opinion. As I said above you often want to ask a question and that is hard to do with Amazon.

One place I have known of for many years is Nitrotek. They are known for selling slightly more affordable models although they do not sell any of the well known brands.

This is not necessarily a bad thing as it offers cars that other enthusiasts may not have and at a more affordable price. Of course the more you pay the higher the quality of car.

At Nitrotek the cars prices range from £50 up to £500 including Electric, Nitro and Petrol Powered cars.

Brands Available

  • Acme-Tech
  • AoWei
  • FS Racing
  • GS Racing
  • HiSpeed
  • WL Toys

Sizes range from 1:24 in the electric category right through to 1:5 in the petrol powered section. There are on road and off road, two wheel and four wheel drive, buggy’s, truggy’s, trucks and monster trucks, cars, desert trucks and crawlers. Most are ready to run although there are a couple of self build kits available.

Al’s Hobbies

Following on from my investigation into the best RC car brands I discovered Al’s Hobbies.

Based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Al’s Hobbies are a specialist in the RC world (All RC Vehicles). They sell all of the best brands I discovered including Traxxas which I believe to be the best brand.

If you are looking for a truly top of the range vehicle then there online store. The cars in particular are top notch and they stock numerous spare parts and accessories.

Model prices range from £15 for something like a Carson Nano Racer right through to £1500 (ish) for the Losi 5IVE 2.0 4WD SCT BND.

In Summary

Where you go to shop will depend very much on what you are looking to buy. If you are looking for a cheap car perhaps for a child or a beginner then Amazon may well be your best bet. If your budget is slightly higher and you are buying for a teenager or an adult you may wish to visit Nitrotek. If you are looking for a really top model that costs a lot more but which performs at a much higher level then Als Hobbies or some place like it is a better bet. At the end of the day the choice is yours. You get what you pay for so spend wisely.

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