How Fast do RC Cars go?

There are many benefits to driving radio controlled cars and many reasons why people enjoy racing them. One of the top reasons is speed. So just how fast do RC Cars go and what cars are the fastest? Well in this article I want to look at some of the fastest and co-incidentally they also happen to be some of the best looking vehicles out there – Traxxas Super Cars.

Short Answer:

A top end radio control car such as Traxxas Super Cars can travel up to and often beyond 100 mph depending on the road surface and conditions.

Longer Answer: 

There are a number of different types of vehicle such as buggies and trucks. There are different scales and sizes from 1:24 through to 1:5th as well as a number of different power sources. There are brushed and brushless motors. All are factors in how fast a radio controlled car can go.

While the fastest may well be the Traxxas Super Cars different categories of vehicle have different tops speeds. Below I want to go through a few particularly looking at the wonderful Traxxas Super Car which is an awesome model.

Factors in RC Car Speed

Surface / Terrain


Brushed vs Brushless


LiPo vs NiMH



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