Aowei Yama Buggy Review – Petrol Ranges

One of the most popular brands of RC Cars is Aowei. They produce the Aowei Yama Buggy’s which comes in a number of different models. Here I want to look at Yama Petrol RC Buggy Models in a little more detail including models, where to buy them, parts and accessories.

Please Note: If you are looking to either buy the vehicles, require replacement parts or a manual then please go to Nitrotek who stock them all. 

Aowei Yama Models

AOWEI Yama Petrol RC Buggy

Review of the Aowei Petrol RC BuggyThe first of our four Aowei Yama Buggy’s is this superb looking vehicle. It is a relatively cheap petrol buggy making it a great choice for most especially those new to the hobby. With a 26cc engine it is capeble of speeds up to around 80 kph. It is off road, 2WD and to a 1:5th scale as all four models are. It is 785 mm in length, 450 mm in width and 31 mm in height. This is a fantastic model for those looking to buy their first petrol powered buggy and are not sure they want to spend a fortune. It looks good, its performance is great, what more could you want?

AOWEI Yama Petrol RC  Truggy

I must be honest – the Yama Truggy is my least favourite of the four on this article. That is simple though down to the way it looks. Its performance is excellent with a maximum speed of over 80 Kph. It is a 1:5th scale ‘truggy’ with dimensions of 785 mm in length, 510 mm in width and 340 mm in height. With its 26cc engine it is no surprise it can reach such speeds. It is delivered in a ready to run condition (RTR) and uses 2WD in the rear wheels. It is officially an off road vehicle although it can also race around on road.

YAMA Petrol RC Buggy- Pro Carbon Version

This is the Pro 30cc Carbon version which is upgraded and packed with features. With a 30cc engine this buggy is capable of speeds up to 90 kph. It is 1:5th scale with dimensions of 785 mm in length, 450 mm in width and 310 mm in height. Designed for off road it can travel on road using its 2WD to power it. It looks really mean with its silver shell and is no doubt to get some comments at the track. This Yama Buggy combines a sleek look with real performance and is well worth the investment to anyone interested in vehicles that travel at real speeds.


YAMA Petrol RC Buggy – Pro Road Runner Version

If the truggy was my least favourite then this is most definitely my favourite. This is again sadly because of its looks. It has a striking body shell which makes it look truly awesome. It is an upgraded version so you know it will perform. This model comes with tyres that can perform well on any road surface which is just what you want from an off road vehicle. Delivered ready to run it is a two wheel drive, 1:5th scale monster that can produce speeds in excess of 90 kph. This is down to its 30cc engine. It’s dimensions are 785 mm in length, 450 mm in width and 310 mm in height. Last but not least like all the Aowei Yama Vehicles mentioned here it uses a 2.4 GHz radio.


Where to Buy Aowei Yama RC Buggy’s?

The four models shown and described above are available to buy from Nitrotek a leading online retailer. These vehicles are all excellent models with some really impressive features. Most importantly they are affordable to most budgets. You can buy them online and have them delivered to your door. Nitrotek have been around for many years and have a large stock of RC cars, planes, helicopters, tanks and an even larger stock of spare parts and upgrades.

User Manual for Yama

One of the reasons I like Nitrotek is that they stock so many items you cannot fail to find what you are looking for. They even stock a manual for a Yama Petrol RC Buggy / Truggy.

Parts and Upgrades

As well as buying Aowei Yama RC Cars you can also buy a number of parts and upgrades. You can get all sorts of accessories to not only repair your Yama but also to upgrade it and turn it into a unique vehicle that your friends will envy.

This is the obvious benefit of a hobby grade car. No-one will spend a fortune on a vehicle like this only to throw it away when damaged. Oh no you simply order the replacement part and repair it. You can also upgrade it with accessories that make your vehicle a one of a kind. An original that all your friends will envy. All it takes is a few spare parts and accessories.

What Now?

If you want any further details about any of the vehicles mentioned here, want to buy parts or accessories or any other technical query please go to Nitrotek who sell these vehicles and parts. They are our recommended retailer and they will be able to help you further. If you would like to ask any questions of myself please use the contact me page.

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